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Modern Talking - I

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Modern Talking - I

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Modern Talking - I
  • donGuralesko Modern Talking
    "Rycerz smętnego oblicza podczas długiej podróży zdziczał biegać w kółka – dola Chomicza chcą roboczogodziny zaliczać pora odpocząć dzisiaj pora byś usłyszał jak chrobocze cisza czas strzelił z bicza wielka"
  • Modern Talking The Modern Talking Space Mix
    "Roger, roger. Calling, calling, roger, roger, can you read me? 78-78-9, 78-78-9, do you read me? Roger, major! This is Modern Talking spaceship 1998, we need authorization to land. Major, major? Landing"
  • James Blake Modern Soul
    "I know a crossroads where I see him, see them I want to be a lover, I want it to be over So I swim to you while I'm sleeping Through sage green rivers of England I see the scenery changes, changes I want"
  • Peter Hammill Modern
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • Waylon Jennings Just Talking
    "Verse 1: D We got a lot of politicians Up there on Capitol Hill Ain't it funny how they prosper A While the country stands still Maybe i should run for office But i just like to talk I ain't about"
  • A Flock Of Seagulls Talking
    "I hear voices but there's no one there, You speak to me in another language. Computer says it's a binary code, It's such a pity I can't understand it. It's not me talking, It's not me talking. I see a"
  • Annuals Talking
    "The answer is useless As the question is obvious It's so senseless To never comprehend and just get stuck Love, nothing waits for us I was never one for talking You of anyone should know That I could never"
  • Moody Blues Talking talking
    "Talking, Talking It doesn't really matter If you know my name It doesn't really matter If you see things the same As I do It doesn't even matter If I'm tired and tense It doesn't even matter If I'm still"
  • New Young Pony Club Talking, Talking
    "You're darkest at midnight What's as black as your insides The dark is, the dark is, the dark is Why you clawing at your insides Where instinct is waiting Why dya wanna wear it so tight Why dya wanna wear"
  • The Modern Lovers Modern World
    "Well there's sex in the sunny day That shines down on Bolyston Street And I love the USA So share the modern world with me 'Cuz I'm in love with the USA now (I love the USA) I'm in love with the modern"
  • Pain Of Salvation Mrs modern mother Mary
    "We'll cut you down to sizeThere is a woman burning at the center squareRaven black eyes and long let out hairScreaming, while cloaked vultures holier-than-thouCircle and glare at sweat drops on pale skin"
  • Black Flag Modern Man
    "** He's too straight and you can wait Modern man I've only got time for a few, and not you Modern man I'll push you hard, I can't know you Modern man 'Cause"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Modern Romance
    "Don't hold on Go get strong or don't you know there's no modern romance Time, time is gone it stops stops who it was well i was wrong it never lasts there is no this is no modern romance in time,"
  • Wolf Parade Modern World
    "I'm not in love with the modern world I'm not in love with the modern world It was a torch driving the savages back to the trees Modern world has more ways And I don't mention it since it's changed While"
  • Bad Religion Modern Man
    "I'm with attitude I've got nothing to say I've got nothing to do All of my neurons are functioning smoothly Yet still I'm a cyborg just like you I'm one big myoma that thinks My planet supports only me I've"
  • Mango Modern Love
    "Modern love is the cause Of the pain im in Modern love is the cause of the pain pain ain ain ain ain I need a love that is a passion Dont need a love Without a soul or any possession In the beginning"
  • TV On The Radio Modern Romance
    "Don't hold on Go get strong Don't you know There is no Modern romance Time, time is gone It stops, stops who it was I was wrong It never lasts There is no This is no Modern romance In time, time is gone It"
  • Roisin Murphy Modern Timing
    "Got to be a modern girl To live inside a modern world Oh this is super real You need to find a lot of energy For me No it don't come free Cause it's the crme-de-la-crme And it's all right Let's take"
  • Yvonne Modern Love
    "I'm here to keep your lonely nights away cheek to cheek I dance with you today And the closer I get, the more I'm obsessed by you And the further I go, the more I'm obsessed by you You know that I meant"
  • Less Than Jake Modern World
    "This is the modern world this is the modern world What kind of fool do you think I am (whoa) to think I know nothin' 'bout the modern world (whoa) all my life is spent on spite I won't turn my head in"

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