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Modern botss tell me the reason

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Modern botss tell me the reason

  • Tell Me What's The Reason - T-Bone Walker
    "Tell me what's the reason, you keep on teasin' me? Tell me what's the reason, you keep on teasin' me? You said that you don't want me, but you just won't let me be Tell me what's the reason, you do the"
  • Reason - Travis
    "Some people never learn Keep taking every turn A little fast Thinking nothing ever lasts Descending (?) oh so sweet Keep playing in my sleep But when I wake I can never recall a thing And the reason being Gives"
  • Reason - Mars
    "Round and round turning round, where are you tonight? Could there be a sweeter sound, then to call your name? Magic moments that we shared, melodies of life. There is nothing to compered, one thing you"
  • Reason - Ian Van Dahl
    "I think it's time to talk with you Think it's time to realize Where is the love Are we gonna stay together Or is it time to say goodbye Where is the love Give me a reason To hold on to what we've got"
  • Reason - 4 Strings
    "I think it's time to talk with you I think it's time to realize where is the love? are we gonna stay together or is it time to say goodbyee where is the love? Ref.Give me a reason...to hold on to "
  • Reason - Nas
    "I see people hating other people Tell me what's the reason That your kid is hungry, you ain't got no money What's the reason? By the time of age nine I'm already decidin' If I can protect mommy from"
  • Modern - Peter Hammill
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • Modern Lifestyle - The Twins
    "Slow down, slow down, there's no need to run around Here's a new craze, a better mode of living Think it over, make the most of your time here Let me tell you, this is my own solution. Don't care"
  • Modern man - Ian Thomas
    "In the beginning there were problemsThere was some regressBut evolution's taken care of what it thought was bestI got so much education that my head's overgrownBut my body's real small from every chemical"
  • Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs
    "I know cause I've seen it It was great and I want it There's no point in sitting Going crazy on my own Do you know what I was put here in the world for Could you tell me In three words or more? It's"
  • Modern Loneliness - Lauv
    "I’ve been thinking about my father lately the person that he made me the person I’ve become and I’ve been trying to fill of this empty but fuck I’m still so empty I could use some loe I’ve been trying"
  • Modern Misery - Architects
    "Seven billion hungry ghosts Just a parasite killing its host The emperor wears no clothes I see those brittle bones But we’re buried by modern misery there’s no enough water in the world to wash the"
  • Modern Times - Al Stewart
    "Hello old friend, what a strange coincidence to find you It's been fifteen years since we last met, but I still recognised you So call the barman over here, and let us fill our glasses And drink a toast"
  • Modern Death - Deathstars
    "So can you tell how you feel inside, the beat of that child Or is it more dead than alive, fashioned in a sinful style I don't care - No! Not at all - No! I care of nothing So can you persuade me I will"
  • Modern Chemistry - Motion City Soundtrack
    "I believe in medication and I believe in therapy And I believe in crystal light. Cause I believe in me, yeah. It's so uplifting, fuck yeah! I barely have the motivation They say I suffer from a lack of"
  • Modern Lover - Lucy Walsh
    "Dreams Are all I have to get me through Cuz all this time away from you You, know its not working anymore Wait you know I didn't hesitate Its just a little too late You know its not working anymore I'm"
  • Modern World - The Modern Lovers
    "Well there's sex in the sunny day That shines down on Bolyston Street And I love the USA So share the modern world with me 'Cuz I'm in love with the USA now (I love the USA) I'm in love with the modern"
  • The Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit
    "A cripple walks amongst you All you tired human beings He's got all the things a cripple has Not working arms and legs And vital parts fall from his system And dissolve in Scottish rain Vitally he doesn't"
  • The Reason - Novice
    "I always think of you when it's to late When everything is upside down You never let me go You wait patiently Sometimes I think that I will never learn Sometimes I think that you should just throw me away Just"
  • Post modern girls - The Strokes
    "(You were right...) Modern girls always have to go.(right on time.) Old-Fashion men always want a mistress(You were right,) Modern girls always get their way(I was wrong.) Modern men dream of what they"

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