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Modern brader luis50 cent

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Modern brader luis50 cent

  • Big Brader Lajf - Junior Stress
    "Dach kamerami obstawili mi Dach kamerami obstawili mi Dach kamerami obstawili mi, tak, tak obstawili, obstawili Dach kamerami obstawili mi Mikrofony, domofony dziś w każdych drzwiach Kłódkami zamykamy"
  • Modern - Peter Hammill
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • Een Cent - Wim Sonneveld
    "Een cent, een cent, een cent, een cent Wat waren we rijk met een cent Met die cent in je hand kon je urenlang lopen Je kon maar niet kiezen wat of je zou kopen Een spekkie of een polkabrok Een toverbal"
  • Cent Ans - Andr
    "On m'a donné jusqu'à cent ans Pour pouvoir tout imaginer Pour perdre mon temps à écouter Le son que la terre fait en tournant À essayer de décrocher La lune que tout le monde s'arrache Avant que personne"
  • Heaven Cent - Xentrix
    "You know you're fooling the people When you tell your lies. Corrupting innocent children, Through your thin disguise. You use their ignorance To try and gain some trust. How clean are your hands? Your"
  • Modern World - The Modern Lovers
    "Well there's sex in the sunny day That shines down on Bolyston Street And I love the USA So share the modern world with me 'Cuz I'm in love with the USA now (I love the USA) I'm in love with the modern"
  • 11 Cent Solution - No Assembly Required
    "it was a friend, who's life you end now its your time to lay down bullet to head, now you're dead put em to bed, you're dead now 11, 11, 11 cent solution you were once here, now you fear here comes the"
  • Ten Cent Wings - Jonatha Brooke
    "If I knew what I was after, I'd remember where I'd been If I was sure of something better, I'd go, I'd go But I am just another picture, and I watch myself like you I imagine what you're thinking, I know,"
  • Fifty cent hearts - Smoke Or Fire
    "Fuck the newspapers, forget what's on the TV screen. They'll say we're winning, but they'll never tell you what was gained. Cash in the pockets of the businessmen who call the shots While shots are fired"
  • 20 Cent goodbye - Goldfinger
    "Went out todayto try and phone youI guess you didn'trecognize my callthe lady on your endsaid you got caller I.D.but I'm feeling sorrythat you've beenwoken up so muchand I'm feeling guiltyjust talk to"
  • 50 Cent Lovin' - Sugarland
    "I'm so tired of bein' all alone So frustrated waitin' by the phone When i think of everthing i miss Wonder why i carry on like this I can't hide my love for you But i can surely deal without the shit you"
  • Vivre Cent Vies - Fredericks Goldman Jones
    "J'aimerais tant tre au pluriel Quand mon singulier me rogne les ailes Etre une star en restant anonyme Vivre la campagne mais en centre ville Effacer mes solitudes Oui mais sans famille et sans habitude Blanche"
  • 999 Pa Cent - Jeru The Damaja
    "You wanna front WHAT??Jump up and get bucked The original, Dirty Rotten's fuckin shit up Empty your clip of lyrics, in your chest and gut All punks play the floor, it's raw and hardcore Hotter than a meteor,"
  • Ten Cent Blues - Eisley
    "Dear orthodox, I can't control my feelings, And who hit me? I just might be Coming round the bush And my stilts, they began cracking Subsequently pushed And I looked to see that it was she Just some"
  • Every Red Cent - Rocky Votolato
    "we're moving on the bags are all packed I'm feeling like less of a wreck the plans for revenge have all been detailed and laid out the graves have all been dug don't let me forget one for myself I've"
  • 25 Cent Giraffes - Lifetime
    "It was too loud to hear what you were thinking And somehow I knew I would be sleeping alone tonight But I figured that's alright Could you still walk home with me? I don't wanna be wondering You couldn't"
  • Ten Cent Inquiry - Elliott
    "is this where the rain falls ever morning i wonder why sleep covered eyes talk calls the warning down from the sky if you turn the light off ill cut the line i hear its back again i hear the whole worlds"
  • Modern Man - Black Flag
    "** He's too straight and you can wait Modern man I've only got time for a few, and not you Modern man I'll push you hard, I can't know you Modern man 'Cause"
  • Modern Romance - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Don't hold on Go get strong or don't you know there's no modern romance Time, time is gone it stops stops who it was well i was wrong it never lasts there is no this is no modern romance in time,"
  • Modern World - Wolf Parade
    "I'm not in love with the modern world I'm not in love with the modern world It was a torch driving the savages back to the trees Modern world has more ways And I don't mention it since it's changed While"

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