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Modern talking no fance, no name

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Modern talking no fance, no name

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Modern talking no fance, no name
  • Modern Talking The Modern Talking Space Mix
    "Roger, roger. Calling, calling, roger, roger, can you read me? 78-78-9, 78-78-9, do you read me? Roger, major! This is Modern Talking spaceship 1998, we need authorization to land. Major, major? Landing"
  • Modern Talking No Face, No Name, No Number
    "Love is like the ocean, burning in devotion When you go, go, go, oh no Feel my heart is burning, when the night is turning I will go, go, go, oh no Baby I will love you Every night and day Baby I will"
  • Peter Hammill Modern
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • Glay Kanojo no Modern
    "Daisu de kimeru ichinichi no yotei wa toriaezu mushishite Sabishigari yano asa hido imemai no KISS de omezame Tokubetsu na ai tokanchigai mayonaka ni TEL de tashikameru Rusuden ni KICK! Hiniku na mekanizumu WOW"
  • Motograter No name
    "I'm writing a letter to say... That I'm leaving you It's always been hard to maintain! No 1 believed when they needed 2! Sometimes... Some things, are better left alone When the seasons change.... The"
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation No Name
    "na mo naki koe no shoutai tsurezure mebuku haru no hibiku ao wo ienai boku no koukai juugen juugen mebuku haru no hibiku ao wo fuyu ga owaru machikado toke dasu shimobashira mo tsunagu sekai magaranai"
  • The Better World No Name
    "No Name (Matt Coban) I can understand the way you thought of me when I was in your head You could take my hand and lead me through the walls you built to stand I can be your friend, help you out in need"
  • Andy Griggs -No Name-
    "Way before I was born The lord had thought of me Before I knew about Heartaches My whole life he could see Before I knew about Him He called me by my name And he did all of that For someone like me I"
  • Elliot Smith No Name
    "for a change she got outbefore he hurt her bad took her records and clothes and pictures of her boy it really made her sad packed it up and didn't look back I'm okay let's just forget all about him the"
  • Kittie No name
    "Indeed I will condescend Exhausting every trace, to give you what you asked for Everything you demanded you bleed right from me At last, I will be free ... And the Phoenix rises ... Invasion of my last"
  • Vix.N No name
    "premiera 9.04.2019 r."
  • Lady Saw No Long Talking
    "Some Bwoy Cyan Please Me Dem Jus Na Ready Na Know Fi Flag Me If U Sturdy Check Me! Baby Are You Up For Dis Give Me All Dat Slammin So Dat I Can Turn And Twist Me Na In A No Long Talkin I Am"
  • James Blake Modern Soul
    "I know a crossroads where I see him, see them I want to be a lover, I want it to be over So I swim to you while I'm sleeping Through sage green rivers of England I see the scenery changes, changes I want"
  • Ghost Modern Restless
    "The movement is dead, we need a resurrection Erase the market and erase the labels Counter culture in designer jeans Rebellion in the high beams Revolution isn't so obvious This art has no name Take"
  • A Flock Of Seagulls Talking
    "I hear voices but there's no one there, You speak to me in another language. Computer says it's a binary code, It's such a pity I can't understand it. It's not me talking, It's not me talking. I see a"
  • New Young Pony Club Talking, Talking
    "You're darkest at midnight What's as black as your insides The dark is, the dark is, the dark is Why you clawing at your insides Where instinct is waiting Why dya wanna wear it so tight Why dya wanna wear"
  • donGuralesko Modern Talking
    "Rycerz smętnego oblicza podczas długiej podróży zdziczał biegać w kółka – dola Chomicza chcą roboczogodziny zaliczać pora odpocząć dzisiaj pora byś usłyszał jak chrobocze cisza czas strzelił z bicza wielka"
  • Soulwax E-Talking
    "Names that sound familiar Secret wounds from failure Try and look into their eyes A part of the weekend never dies There's no tension in your dance As you try and hold my hand chorus: It's not you"
  • Prefab Sprout Talking Scarlet
    "Carry no bright torches for me... You hide under the eiderdown all you can't sweep underneath the carpet When you cover your neighbour's wife scalding marks appear you're talking scarlet Kid yourself that"
  • Acid Horse No Name, No Slogan
    "Unquestioning, undaunting The silence of language Anonymous hands With a nameless device No name, no slogan No name, no slogan It's safe to say The attention span is intact Undivided, oblivious eyes outside Shall"

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