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  • Se Fue (ft. Mohombi) - Arash
    "Say something This silence is killing me I know that true is gonna get my heart broken Can’t believe that you don’t really fell nothing Se Fue Se Fue I will never leave us So per que Se Fue Se Fue Mira"
  • Baddest Girl In Town (feat. Mohombi & Wisin) - Pitbull
    "Cuando Tin Tiene Tin Vale Cuando Tin No Tiene Vale, Ni Tin Vale Estas Mujeres Dicen Si, Si Si Tienes El Bling Bling Y Dinero Ching Ching Mr. Worldwide, Mohombi And Wisin This Is For All The Baddest Girls"
  • Addicted (ft. Mohombi, David Craig & Greg Parys) - DJ Assad
    "I'm so addicted to you baby Hey hey hey Now I'm addicted to your touch I'm so excited I'm addicted to you baby ohhh Now, I'm addicted to your love I can't deny it My my heart beat Greg Parys Hit in the"
  • In Your Head - Mohombi
    "She's waiting for her man to go to work Then calls me on the phone saying he's such a jerk I feel like a thief in the day and a thief in the night But it's just a fight Why why why don't he treat you right He"
  • Habibi (I need Your love) - Shaggy Mohombi Faydee Costi
    "Yeah, luv, it's party time Mohombi, Costi, Shaggy (rude boy) Faydee Habibi lei, Habibi lei, Habibi lei lei lei lei-lei Habibi lei, Habibi lei, Habibi I need your love, I need your love, I need your lalalalalala Let"
  • Radio - Mohombi
    "I got a secret and it;s about you come a little closer I’mma tell you what it is you are my weakness but you’re my strength too I’m moving mountains with the power of your kiss when you put your arms"

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