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Molly Hatchet Sundance

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Molly Hatchet Sundance

  • Sundance - Molly Hatchet
    "It was the devil's reign that called him As he was runnin' from the law He had him in an awful strange hold It was the worst kind of them all Then he took him down below And what a wonderous sight did"
  • Sundance - Hitnhide
    "Uh uh uh uh Ah uh uh oh uh oh Sundance people, do the sundance people, Everyone is high on love desire. Sundance people, do the sundance people, Like electric fire, take me higher. Sundance, on the beach, And"
  • Sundance - Sam Roberts
    "I've been dragged from the deep Out of my restless slumber And told to fight to keep my world from going under And time won't stop when the land is torn apart If you want to run, it's too late And with"
  • Sundance - Violet Indiana
    "What's the story? Where do I go, I gave my life to you Precious reasons, expressions in your face It's written all over you Everything you say and do What was I supposed to do? What was I supposed to"
  • Sundance - Podunk
    "I watched the sun come up today It was exciting You should have seen it all go down Right in front of me It all went down in front of me From the clovers came a little song You know their numbers made"
  • Hatchet - Low
    "You be my Charlie And I can be your George Let's bury the hatchet like the Beatles and the Stones They'll play our songs forever on the radio Let's bury the hatchet like the Beatles The Beatles and the"
  • Hatchet - Archive
    "If I had a hatchet it would be yours to have 'Cause your decapitating habits feel a little bit orgasmic If I had a hatchet it would be yours to have I kind of like the feeling when you stab me in the back Every"
  • Hatchet - Kash Killaz
    "(Dirty Box) Time to bury the bloody hatchet in your motherfucking back I laugh when I hear yo rib cage crack I'm breakin you down fuckin you up like sprack you always mixin up yo fiction with yo facts now"
  • Molly - Bill Anderson
    "(Steve Karliski) The war began And Henry left his farm Left his darling Molly With a baby in her arms. Now the war was over And their life could begin Molly saw her darling Standing at the door again. It's"
  • Molly - PRO8L3M
    "10 maja 2016 roku PRO8L3M zaprezentował z kolejnym singel. Nosi tytuł "Molly" i promuje preorder albumu."
  • Molly - Garrison Starr
    "Oh Molly what in the world did you find when you looked inside? Oh golly what in the world did you find when you looked inside? When you saw it did you want it? When you held it could you help it? Oh"
  • Molly - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "molly was a good girl and she knew the reasons why so when she went back in the bathroom she would never come outside she was a good girl and it felt great to be a liar she was a good girl and it felt"
  • Molly - Nieznani
    "Przez uliczki Dublina szła raz piękna dziewczyna, Pchając wózek z rybami, słodka Molly Malone. Pierwszy raz ją ujrzałem w dali tam nad kanałem, Gdy wesoło krzyczała: "Świeże ryby dziś mam!" Ref.: "Świeże"
  • Molly - Sugarcult
    "Molly stop that cryin' It's gonna be alright Your mind is empty and your heart is broken I know, but it's alright We can talk for hours And I can tell little lies I'm talkin cheaper than a rock'n'roll"
  • Molly - Rubberman
    "Hold on bella He's the real McCoy Suburban trash Glorified boy toy Chameleon to what you're going through A cheatah's bolt And a lion's screw Knows damn well It ain't no way to be Cooks a mean old mess With"
  • Molly - Sponge
    "i see you naked in the bath cigarette stains on your hands wilted flowers in a vase and i ask how are you i see your lipstick on your glass and i think you're drunk and start to laugh and i find your"
  • MOLLY - Grey
    "polej se wina do wina se dolej tęczy wersy są na łapach ,… chowam se.. za siebie ze chowam te…"
  • A Hatchet, A Hatchet - Joy Electric
    "Butchered to be left in parts Disregard, labeled odd Brain preserved in testing jars Then forgot, typical condition Tape the arms Stitch the eyes shut All for blood, all four walls, what to follow? A"
  • Little Sundance #2 - Townes Van Zandt
    "by Townes Van Zandt When I'm with you, babe, I just can't be lonely When I'm away, babe, I think of you only What can I do, babe, to get back to you, babe, I do anything that you say The night she is"
  • Hatchet Luv - Blaze Ya Dead Homie
    "You's a bitch Trick ass, snitch mothafuca Type bitch, sleepin' with the enemy, sucka Don't let me catch ya slippin' in the darkness We ain't friends, a nigga ain't forgot shit You still a bitch, f**k your"

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