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Molly Hatchet Two Days Home


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Molly Hatchet Two Days Home

  • Two Days Home - Molly Hatchet
    "Seems like life's been good to me It's been good to you too Babe, it's not hard to see we've broken all the rules But now the time has come Just before I go If there's somethin' on your mind I really gotta"
  • Hatchet - Kash Killaz
    "(Dirty Box) Time to bury the bloody hatchet in your motherfucking back I laugh when I hear yo rib cage crack I'm breakin you down fuckin you up like sprack you always mixin up yo fiction with yo facts now"
  • Molly Smiles - Jesse Spencer
    "Daddy's little girl paints the world with her magic wand Daddy's little child breathes new life to the morning time for me Though we're apart, her thoughts follow me When I come home, Molly smiles with"
  • Molly - Sugarcult
    "Molly stop that cryin' It's gonna be alright Your mind is empty and your heart is broken I know, but it's alright We can talk for hours And I can tell little lies I'm talkin cheaper than a rock'n'roll"
  • Song For Molly - Lucy Kaplansky
    "Molly's sitting on her bed It's Sunday afternoon Radio's playing outside TV bleeds from the next room Antiseptic in the air Nurses laughing down the hall Crooked feet in crooked shoes Her wooden"
  • Molly Says - Trnqvist Rebecka
    "(Trnqvist/Svenre) Molly says forget about him, and all the things that he was or rather, you thought he was Molly says remember a time before the heartache began, before the fight and the fuss In those"
  • Molly B - Alison Krauss
    "Come all ye young fellas That handle a gun Beware of night rambling By the setting of the sun And beware of an accident That happened of late To young Molly Bn And sad was her fate She was going to her"
  • Molly Coddled - Tilt
    "Not exactly in the lap of luxury You were not quite of blue blood But you know you went to bed With a belly full of supper You were safe as a bug in a rug You were swaddled and jolly molly coddled Like"
  • Bury The Hatchet - Lagwagon
    "I can't recall the hurting words that I once said So long ago, still indignation clouds your head And it's enough to know the pain of losing friends You perpetuate certain sensless hate and I can"
  • The Hatchet Song - Sparklehorse
    "there's too much confusion today how can I assure it's to shy away and he blew his brains out with a pistol I say to cover his arse or make a point someway meet me on lonely street meet me on lonely street now stabbed"
  • Two Days - Closterkeller
    "I'd stay too close to the sun And I shine so bright... Maybe you knew that it burns the heart To be turned crystalline Among the blades of grass I, a flower hidden, waiting Exposing petals I long to Give"
  • Long Time - Molly Hatchet
    "All alone with a full moon to light my night. Been six long months since I held you tight. It's been a long time. Baby, you are my only love, Sent to me, from Heaven above. Oh, honey, times are bad. Got"
  • Heart Of The U.S.A - Molly Hatchet
    "Four decades ago an man left Mississippi To fight the war in Vietnam... Did two tours and got shot received the metal of honor When he got home he wasn,t the same man. But when you get home tonight and"
  • Heartbreak Radio - Molly Hatchet
    "Hometown sweethearts who ran in the dark Only made a move or two I was just a yung school never been to night school Did not know enough to be cool So she found another lover They went undercover Then"
  • A hatchet, a hammer, a bucket of nails - Perry Como
    "A hatchet, a hammer, a bucket of nails an' all the wood I can find I'll build me a cabin on top of the hill got all the plans in my mind . . . Where the tree tops talk to the wind where the eagle flies"
  • Two Days Short Tomorrow - Two Gallants
    "My darling, my darling are you as composed as the space you fill? you know there's little reason to demand what cant be given from the heads you fill and you aim your thoughts homeward as if you had"
  • Take Miss Lucy Home - Molly Hatchet
    "Was drivin' in my car long about Saturday night, I met a guy in a silver Trans-Am at a traffic light, He said "Hey, you want to make some dough?", Before I had a chance to say "No", He said "All you gotta"
  • Why Won't You Take Me Home - Molly Hatchet
    "Well.. I've been beatin' the bushes all week long Can't seem to save a dollar Apartments empty I'm all alone Won't you listen to a grown man hollar The boss man's dead on my case Keep your mind on the"
  • The ballad of Molly and Shelly - Terry Lee Hale
    "Here's a little song you might have heard before 'Bout two wandering gals who walked in a door With everything new and everything strange They just got into town, don't know nobody's name I met'em, in"
  • Hatchet - Low
    "You be my Charlie And I can be your George Let's bury the hatchet like the Beatles and the Stones They'll play our songs forever on the radio Let's bury the hatchet like the Beatles The Beatles and the"

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