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Morcheeba The Sea

  • The Mediterranean (Morcheeba Mix) - The Beautiful South
    "Little seas can be big seas To the wrong or long of sights But the Mediterranean Looks like aspirin tonight The Doctor told me the chemist He had nothing for my plights But the Mediterranean Looks like"
  • The Sea - Morcheeba
    "Flocking to the sea Crowds of people wait for me Sea gulls scavenge Steal ice cream Worries vanish Within my dream I left my soul there, Down by the sea I lost control here Living free I left my soul"
  • Sea - Magic Dirt
    "Yeah I waited sitting down on the sand hill And when I see you walking down the water Down those waves Always dreaming about you See you here On the spiral sand Watching everything With me Yeah And I close"
  • Sea To Sea - Matisyahu
    "Hashem S'fasai tiftach u-fee yagid tehilasecha Hashem S'fasai tiftach u-fee yagid tehilasecha Open up my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise Open up my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise From"
  • The Sea - Final Fantasy
    "I waded out too far Lost sight of the shore Sunk beneath the surface I closed, I closed my eyes The undertow would take me down The waves take me home I will live and die like the sea, the sea he sighed Gentle"
  • The Sea - Renaissance
    "The sea Holds its many hands to me And takes me To places where I want to be My dreams Many fathoms far below Like this The pattern of my life will flow Distant horizon Melts in the sun Turn and turn"
  • The Sea - Sandy Denny
    "Do I ever wonder? You don't know. You'll never follow, and I'll never show. D'you see the water and watch it flow And float an empty shell, And you think that I'm hiding from the island. You've a fault"
  • The Sea - Custard
    "Giving life and taking life Right hand of mother nature. Bright as the sun, dark as the night. You will drown and none can help you. A loving mother - a merciless killer The sea shows you the last contrast. Find"
  • The Sea - Swim Deep
    "Go, down to the sea And tell me what it is that you wanna be I said go, down to the sea And tell me what it is that you wanna be Go take this boat and drive it out into the sea Go fly this plane so high"
  • The Sea - Shawn Mullins
    "I met him on the cliffs of twin rocks oregon he was sittin on his bedroll lookin just like richard brautigan I thought he was an old man he wasn't but 37 he said he'd been ridin trains for 15 years"
  • The Sea - Antichrisis
    "Down in the gutter of broken hearts I lie in 8 months time died the love of my life Wounds cut so deep: Will I ever forget that you crept away like a thief in the night? And I'm standing on top of a mountain Crying"
  • The Sea - Van She
    "I've found ?? A rainy day forever Bell that pings Time and loose won't last away forever And I became the tall care free In your head dreams that never ever end On to B.C To breath the air till never ??"
  • Ahead To The Sea - Ahead To The Sea
    "On our way to the bar I asked her would you come with me We could leave this town behind us and our aim could be the sea At once I scold myself a fool, but she said why not? And smiled Let us go to where"
  • Wolves Of The Sea - Pirates Of The Sea
    "With a hi hi ho and a hi hi hey We're hoisting the flag to be free We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go We are wolves of the sea Don't try to run, it's all set and done There's a treasure inside We"
  • Benighted In The Sea - Sea Of Desperation
    "The sea is vast I drift through dismal scapes Melancholia Paint black my prostrate soul Others died Shall I? In clouded autumn day Beyond the eath And sun drowned down I seized by strange sence It never"
  • Enchanted Sea - The Browns
    "There is a sea enchanted sea that only lovers know It sings a song as it flows along with waves that whisper low When love is true it will be endless and deep as the deep blue sea Your tender love brings"
  • Sea Shanty - The Pogues
    "(Shane MacGowan) Dear dirty London in the pouring rain I wish to God I was back on the sea again Though that belongs to the world of never will be There was never a wilder bastard than me on the sea I"
  • Sea Legs - The Shins
    "Of all the churning random hearts Under the sun Eventually fading into night, These two are opening now As we lie, I touch you Under fuller light. Girl, if you're a seascape I'm a listing boat, for the"
  • Sea Fever - The Kingston Trio
    "Chorus: Sea fever, my mother called it. Sea fever, she knew that I had. When the wind is blowing out of the singing South then will I be going, sea spray salty upon my mouth. (Chorus) When the tide"
  • Sea Diver - Mott The Hoople
    "(Ian Hunter) On morning shadows you were ill-spent "It's time", you said, or is it time you went I tried so hard to leave you I tried to sleep The hours you keep Oh Lord I wish I could escape this iron"

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