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Morcheeba Be Yourself

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Morcheeba Be Yourself

  • Be Yourself - Morcheeba
    "Too much of a good thing Has really burnt me out I'm sick of satisfaction And living in a drought Just be yourself Anyway that you want to Just be yourself Anyway that you can Just be yourself Anyway"
  • The Mediterranean (Morcheeba Mix) - The Beautiful South
    "Little seas can be big seas To the wrong or long of sights But the Mediterranean Looks like aspirin tonight The Doctor told me the chemist He had nothing for my plights But the Mediterranean Looks like"
  • Be Yourself - Graham Nash
    "How does it feel When life doesn't seem real And you're floating about on your own Your life is uncertain So you draw the curtain Pretending there's nobody home But gon't theorize Look in your eyes They"
  • Be yourself - Chris Cornell
    "Someone falls to piecesSleeping all aloneSomeone kills the painSpinning in the silenceShe finally drifts awaySomeone gets excitedIn a chapel-yardand catches a bouquetAnother lays a dozenwhite roses on"
  • Be yourself - Papa Roach
    "Fed up and tired...I'm sick and twisted...For my one man army...I am enlisted...So trust in yourself...And trust no one else...And fuck a hero...Be yourself...I don't need your lousy hand-out...Yeah!!!"
  • Be Yourself - Fred Avril
    "Jenny : chaussures Nike, srie limite Vuitton, se sent exister quand elle se brule volontairement avec une cigarette, T-shirt imprim : Be Yourself ! Comme tout le monde ! tlphone mobile : 85 grammes. mode"
  • Be Yourself - Enrique Iglesias
    "Well I am what I am could be what you are. Is your pain when you smile cos you feel alone? And are you strong enough to be yourself?? Papa used to say "You're just a loser and you're never gonna have what"
  • Be Yourself - Audioslave
    "Someone falls to pieces Sleepin all alone Someone kills the pain Spinning in the silence To finally drift away Someone gets excited In a chapel yard Catches a bouquet Another lays a dozen White roses on"
  • Be yourself - Mad'House
    "It goes round in circles It goes round in circles, automatically (2x) It goes round in circles, (2x) I`s spinnin`round in my head now This world is turnin`like mad now And what is good for you baby Is"
  • Be Yourself - V6
    "Kousaten ga ao ni kawaru sono shunkan Afureru hitogomi no naka ki zuita no sa Kauntodaun kikoete kuru Atarashii jibun e no Hajimari wo nogasanai Zero kara kimini nareba ii To be yourself, babe Sekai ga"
  • Be Yourself - Lennie Moreno
    "Chorus: Why you gotta live your life Through the look of others' eyes? When you gonna realize what's good on you? So... No attention to those lies, Twisted bodies advertised, Be yourself and recognize It's"
  • Be yourself - Fugees
    "Can you tell me how to get......how to get to Sesame Street? (Check it out, here we go!) - Wyclef Be yourself (Just be yourself) Easy as A-B-C (A-B-C) Can't be no one else ( No one else!) Just happy"
  • Be Yourself - Manafest
    "Be yourself man Be your own girl What you want huh? Why you concerned Want to be a super star Like you got hot It don't rain Just rock Why not let's talk Of the days growing up things got tuff Grade 9"
  • Be Yourself - Gentleman
    "You got to be yourself And no one else Yes you got to be yourself Every man got intention And every man got his own potential A cool head is essential Cause babylon will put on a sentece You got what"
  • Be Yourself - Supernova
    "Be Yourself And Not Somebody Else It Might Take Some Little Effort Or Maybe Just A Little Help But You Can Figure It Out If Not, Just Do What Everybody Else Does Keep It On The Level If That's What Im"
  • Be yourself - Rock Star Supernova
    "(And 5 Other Cliches)Be yourselfand not somebody elseit might take some, a little effortand maybe just a little helpbut you can figure it outif notjust do what everbody else does....Oh, keep it on the"
  • Yourself - Faktion
    "If everything turns into nothing, will you have anything to show Will you be left alone If this day were just a memory, how would you view it How would you view yourself Chorus: We should live our"
  • Yourself - Timbaland
    "Get out..Get out! You can't be in here! You have to get out! I implore you...Please? Please? You're all going to die down here.. '''Timbaland''' It's life or death Either one The king is back Take heed"
  • Yourself - Line Life
    "1: This day was terrible! I thought, that I extrabeat all! You was bad, must you be always such? You laughed at my bad sense of humor. You are identical as my former boy, it did not accept this idiot too"
  • Yourself - Our Lady Peace
    "Unreleased rarity played live Yourself Are you older than your enemy self You're not big I'm not strong enough to carry you here You're there You're well I believe you are a victum of this You're so"

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