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Morden talking');

  • Talking - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "I hear voices but there's no one there, You speak to me in another language. Computer says it's a binary code, It's such a pity I can't understand it. It's not me talking, It's not me talking. I see a"
  • Talking - Annuals
    "The answer is useless As the question is obvious It's so senseless To never comprehend and just get stuck Love, nothing waits for us I was never one for talking You of anyone should know That I could never"
  • Talking talking - Moody Blues
    "Talking, Talking It doesn't really matter If you know my name It doesn't really matter If you see things the same As I do It doesn't even matter If I'm tired and tense It doesn't even matter If I'm still"
  • Talking, Talking - New Young Pony Club
    "You're darkest at midnight What's as black as your insides The dark is, the dark is, the dark is Why you clawing at your insides Where instinct is waiting Why dya wanna wear it so tight Why dya wanna wear"
  • Jack Talking - Eurythmics
    "Jack talking, this is Jack talking he said I'm coming to London I'm sick and tired of the sun he said I'm coming to London I'm gonna have some fun I says Jack talking (Jack talking to you) Jack talking"
  • Who's Talking - J.J. Cale
    "(Tim Drummond, Tarczon, J.J. Cale) Who's talking, ain't no friend of mine Who's talking, stirred it up Who's talking, who's lying Hard rumours, hard rumours, pay no mind When you abuse and you spread"
  • Talking Goodbye - Holly Dunn
    "I heard you saying you're thinking bout getting out Leaving him and your old life behind Well if you want to go without any doubts You'd better know what you're talking about You're talking tears you're"
  • Keep Talking - John Farnham
    "Every time you speak Every time you say the things you say All the pain you put me through Starts to melt away You say "forgive me" And you say your sorry now Keep talking, I'm listening Tell"
  • Talking Ernest - Kimya Dawson
    "shoulda heard what my talking ernest said to your talking pee-wee he said "last night that furby it was talkin to me talking in the language of love" and then my talking ernest said to your talking pee-wee he"
  • Talking Book - Lou Reed
    "I wish I had a talking book that told me how to act and look A talking book that contained keys to past and present memories A talking book that said your name so if you were gone, you'd still remain More"
  • Buzzcity Talking - XTC
    "What makes you wander far Don't know who you are Now if the vibe is right I'll go out tonight Cause it's Buzzcity talking it's Buzzcity talking Go and find a late night bar If I'm not back, leave the"
  • Silent Talking - Yes
    "(Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Bill Bruford, Jonathan Elias) Does it matter if He broke His spell? So unreal is the future life along the way (day to day) To turn around, it all comes through"
  • Sleep talking - Level 42
    "You gone and told me bout the Hollywood Hills The thrills and chills The passion and the pills Keep talking You told me all about the men you met The come and get The kiss that you regret Keep talking"
  • Noisy Talking - Ganggajang
    "Sick and tired every day, they make me mad and it's always the same Yapping at me here, yapping at me there, noisy people everywhere Noisy talking, Oh Yeah they're noisy talking Every time I go to parties,"
  • Pimp Talking - Deacon Blue
    "There are words that will make you Make you angry,happy all at once All at once everything changes Changes over the whole wide world This is not the worst thing Its not the only thing Its not the real"
  • Talking Snake - Iggy Pop
    "Look what you have done, Ruined every single one. See what fools they are, Jealous of a simple star. Feel the 4 winds blow, Let the sword hang low (baby) Life's to take, Says the talking snake, Everybody"
  • "Terry Talking" - The Toy Dolls
    "Terry is a recluse, he's a misfit Terry never goes out, he's a hermit A lonely lonely dude Terry won't answer the phone or the door & we don't see Terry no more No-one can contact Terry anymore A life"
  • Talking Backwards - Real Estate
    "We can talk for hours And the line is still in gear We’re not getting any closer You're too many miles away. And I might as well be talking backwards Am I making any sense to you? And they only thing"
  • Tequila Talking - Lonestar
    "I called about that conversation That I had with you last night It must have been a combination Of shooters and neon lights And I didn't really mean to say I've been losing it since you left Yeah, I may"
  • Talking Head - Motorhead
    "Don't touch that dial! Television screams, your face turning green, Don't listen to the news, Don't know what you hear, they never make it clear, They like to keep your state confused, Propaganda time,"

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