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More than
  • Hillsong Church More Than
    "Your eternal Word Formed the universe And You speak to me Whisper I'm Your greatest love You're the saving Lord Beauty in a storm Everything I need More than I could ever want You are my heart's desire I"
  • Hillsong United More Than
    "Your eternal Word Formed the universe And You speak to me Whisper I'm Your greatest love You're the saving Lord Beauty in a storm Everything I need More than I could ever want You are my heart's desire I"
  • Perry Como More Than
    "My love and devotion will always be true Now and forever I live for you My love and devotion are yours, yours alone Kiss me beloved say you're my own I kiss your lips sweet and tender They open Heaven's"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki More than
    "Taishita kotoba wa mitsukaranain da Dakedo mo wakatta koto ga arunda Sugata wo kazareba kazaru hodo Kokoro ga munashii deshou Hitsuyou nai deshou Sou iu koto deshou la la la- Sakende kure la la la- Ima"
  • Switchfoot More Than Fine
    "When I wake in the morning I want to blow into pieces I want more than just OK, more than just OK When I'm up with the sunrise I want more than just the blue skies I want more than just OK, more than just"
  • Jan Wayne More than feeling
    "More than a feeling,More than my heart could reason,More than a feeling,Out of the blue it was such a surprise,More than a feeling,Life found a brand new meaning,More than a feeling,Out of the blue it"
  • Vanessa Carlton More Than Wanted
    "I have wandered far and wide For something real something to die for But I have found you and you do not see All that is me, all that is true And I am more than you will see And I am more than you"
  • Sweetbox More Than Love
    "Verse 1: I know your dreams I know your cries Each breath I've memorized And I would do anything To help you win your fight But it's not enough to make you smile It's never enough But what more can I"
  • Dogwood More Than Conquerors
    "We have a certain calling To rise above the rest Even when our human nature says We're not the best And when trials and tribulations Can put you to the test God is for us, none's against us Don't be stressed Have"
  • Eden's Bridge More Than This
    "Silence and moonlight Treetops, the breeze Morning and snowflakes Coldness, the freeze Autumn and laughter Raindrops and smiles Tall mountains, deep canyons Beginnings, the extra mile What do you thinks"
  • Perry Como More than likely
    "More than likely you're leading me on, More than likely I'll fall, More than likely, I'll hear the music, Where there's no music at all! And, more than likely you'll ask for the stars, And I'll reach for"
  • Tom Waits More Than Rain
    "It's more than rain that falls on our parade tonight it's more than thunder it's more than thunder And its more than a bad dream, now that i'm sober it's more than a swindle this crooked card game Nothing"
  • Point Of Grace More Than Anything
    "God loves people more than anything God loves people more than anything And more than anything, He wants them to know He'd rather die than let them go Cause God loves people more than anything God loves"
  • Ruth Ann More Than Ordinary
    "I saw the storm to come, before I felt the rain But we've been through it all and the end's always the same Lightning and thunder could never break you and I apart There's no mountain high enough to stop"
  • Glay More Than Love
    "More than love Toge no aru machikado no tenshitachi More than love Koi mo are mo kore mo zenbu More than love Romansu no naifu wo kubisuji ni More than love Demo lonliness Its just a modern love Shichiji"
  • Norah Jones More Than This
    "I could feel at the time There was no way of knowing Fallen leaves in the night Who can say where theyre blowing As free as the wind And hopefully learning Why the sea on the tide Has no way of turning More"
  • Travis More Than Us
    "More than us And we are them But they don't know What's in their hands It's more than you And it's more than I But it's more And everybody calls it love But I'm not really sure if it's love At all No,"
  • Jane Monheit More Than You
    "More than you know More than you know Man of my heart I love you so Lately I find you're on my mind More than you know Whether you're right Whether you're wrong Man of my heart I'll string along You need"
  • Krezip More Than This
    "I should be able I should have tried, justified We could be nothing We cant deny But I still got pride Could we be loved, could this be real Cause we ought to be just fine chorus Theres got to be more"
  • Sofie More Than Anything
    "Your love is like sunshine Through my window Throwing me a life line Showing me the way Your love is like a new dawn After the night time Simple words can not describe How you move me deep inside It's"

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