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Morioh Peters

  • Yes Mr. Peters - Roy Drusky
    "Hello (hello dear will the same place be alright) Yes indeed Mr Peters I can work late tonight (Dear is she near can't she hear what you say) You're right Mr Peters and I'm leaving right away (Are you"
  • St. Peters Keys All Bloody - Current 93
    "hello darkness my old friend i've come to talk to you again because a vision softly in-creeping crushed my mind while i was sleeping and the vision like silent cancers stay through nights and days and"
  • I Make Him Feel Good - Bernadette Peters
    "I got big red lips I got big brown eyes If i treat him right, its a big suprise i never do anything that i said i would, i make him feel good i make him feel good he says come here baby i say no he"
  • No One Is Alone - Bernadette Peters
    "No one here to guide you Now you're on your own Only me beside you Still your not alone No one is alone Truley No one is alone Sometimes people leave you Half-way through the wood Others may decieve you You"
  • He's Got A Way - Bernadette Peters
    "he's got a way about him I don't know what it is But I know that I can't live without him he's got a way of pleasin' I don't know why it is But there doesn't have to be a reason anyway he's got a smile"
  • Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) - Bernadette Peters
    "Anything you could do, I could do better I can do anything better than you! No you can't! Yes I can! No you can't! Yes I can! No you can't! Yes I can! Yes I can! Anything you can be, I can be greater Sooner"
  • Falling In Love With Love (Cinderella) - Bernadette Peters
    ""This isn't about love, its about marriage! Have I thought you girls nothing!" Stepmother (Bernadette): Falling in love with love is falling for make believe Falling in love with love is playing a fool Caring"
  • I Got Lost In His Arms - Bernadette Peters
    "Annie: Don't ask me just how it happened I wish I knew, I can't believe that it's happened And still it's true I got lost in his arms,and I had to stay, It was dark in his arms,and I lost my way From"
  • I Got The Sun In The Morning And The Moon At Night - Bernadette Peters
    "Taking stock of what I have and what I haven't What do I find? The things I've got will keep me satisfied Checking up on what I have and what I haven't What do I find? A healthy balance on the credit"
  • They Say It's Wonderful - Bernadette Peters
    "ANNIE Rumors fly and you don't know where to start 'Specially when it concerns a person's heart I've heard tales that could set my heart a glow Wish I knew if the things i heard are so. They say that"
  • I Can Do Anything - Caleigh Peters
    "A brand new morning has just begun, I walk outside and I touch the sun. I can't wait to start the day today. There may be blocks on the road ahead, But I'll just go right 'round instead. I won't let"
  • I Won't Cry - Caleigh Peters
    "You got up and left again wouldn't listen now wouldn't listen then When I'm gone you realize Should've thought before you told your lies You still think its ok But your too hard for me to take And"
  • Reach - Caleigh Peters
    "Sometimes it seems like you're falling Falling out of the sky Sometimes it feels like you're slipping And running out of time And that's when you've gotta throw it all away All of the things that"
  • Tomorrow Morning - Gretchen Peters
    "Baby you just slipped right through my fingers Baby took the words out of my mouth I could start all over but the thing is You were never something I could live without You were always looking for the"
  • Fun Fun Fun - Caleigh Peters
    "Well, she got her daddy's car and she cruised through the hamburger stand now. Seems she forgot all about the library like she told her old man now. And with the radio blastin', goes cruisin' just as fast"
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya - Keith Peters, Sapna Awasti, Sukhwinder Singh
    "Jinke Sar Ho Ishq Ki Chaaon Paanv Ke Neeche Jannat Hogi Jinke Sar Ho Ishq Ki Chaaon Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chal Chaiyya"
  • Peter Is Riding His Horse - Fool's Garden
    "I do not like the disco I dont like the video All I wanna do is ride Life can be so pretty And it would be a pity If you were not by my side Lady Chambermaid Wont you follow me ? Dont you hesitate The"
  • It's Not Fair - The Bass Plays Wrong
    "Sally said:"It's cold outside." Sally said:"I'm cold at night, I need a light, that warms me up, a blancet and perhaps som grub." Mrs. Peters said:"It's cold in the kitchen." Mrs. Peters said:"I'm cold"
  • Bild am sonntag - Nits
    "(Peters) Houses, tattoed by warfare Holes in houses that once were homes Silence, trees stand in silence As usual, they speak of different times Time's passing by, they know Time's passing by Streets are"
  • Buildings - Nits
    "(Peters) The buildings was always One step ahead of me Gonna beat it at its own game I'm always looking Up at my building And the shadow that is hanging over me Jump to conclusions From the eighty-second"

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