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  • Motherhood - The Kelly Family
    "Lets sing our song to motherhood, lets sing our song to motherhood. Do this song through the sorrows of your life, do this song through the sorrows of your life. Its a star on earth that gave her the"
  • Motherhood - Kelly Family
    "Let's sing our song to motherhood,let's sing our song to motherhood.Do this song through the sorrows of your life,do this song through the sorrows of your life.It's a star on earth that gave her the count,it's"
  • Mindless Child Of Motherhood - The Kinks
    "I've been traveling a long time, To be just where you are. In dreams I have seen you, But you are so very far. How long must I travel on, To be just where you are? How long must I travel on, To"
  • Motherhood Applepie And The Flag - Susan Raye
    "In this country no one cares what kind of shoes you wear No one here's gonna tell you how to comb your hair You can demonstrate and march on the White House criticize if that's your bag But don't forget"
  • Creation - Spin Doctors
    "What happens as these rare strange beautiful, beautiful objects stray the ached Earth? Perhaps they whisper more readily from the shoulder of motherhood. But they are far far harder to mark from the singing"
  • Sacrifice - Rudimentary Peni
    "God is nothing more than an obsessive lie. While sunday school children are brainwashed into the line, And presented with as truth what's really just a lie, Another childs' self-belief is sacrificed. In"
  • Sacrifice - Toni Childs
    "I could be under a tree Looking for an answer today But though I cannot find some peace of mind I know that I will be fine As I find my way, to motherhood Motherhood the question of a life To be the window"
  • You Light The Fire - Bernard Butler
    "You light the fire and I'll bring home a smile And we'll probably be ok Yesterday was fine but tomorrow you'll be mine And every day will stay the same How long until you discover that the man you broke"
  • Women - Crass
    "Fuck is womens money. We pay with our bodies. There is no purity in our love. No beauty. Just bribery. It's all the fucking same. We make soldiers with our submission. Wars with our isolation. Fuck is"
  • Free - Second Coming
    "Mothers and belief will make you rich So say the doctors and priests Mother abused me when I was weak God stood behind her in line I got a line on a different point of view (As you can well imagine) I"
  • You Light The Fire - Butler Bernard
    "you light the fire and I'll bring home a smile, and we'll probably be OK. Yesterday was fine but tomorrow you'll be mine, and then every day will stay the same. How long until you discover, that the man"
  • Romeo And Juliet - Happy Campers
    "Born without a chance in hell condemned from the womb on a one way trip destination: an early tomb two kids from the hood two numbers on a chart she didn't finish high school he didn't even start mommy"
  • Happy Home - Paula Cole
    "I remember the pain in my mother's eyes, I remember the pain of her compromise years ago. I always wanted to help to make it go away, I didn't know it was her freedom that she needed so. And she said"
  • Your Majesty Gaia - Aquaria
    "The writer of this endless book Is writing her last episode But we are always living The last page A harvest of a new sunrise Is coming fast to save the world With all the prayers We have craved for Oh,"
  • Oedipus Rex - Tom Lehrer
    "From the Bible to the popular song, There's one theme that we find right along; Of all ideals they hail as good, The most sublime is motherhood. There was a man though, who it seems, Once carried this"
  • Who's Next? - Tom Lehrer
    "One of the big news items of the past year concerned the fact that China, which we called "Red China," exploded a nuclear bomb, which we called a device. Then Indonesia announced that it was going to have"
  • This Old Cabin - Agalloch
    "...Blood on my hands... I walked in the shadows 'neth an azure midnight sky I walked in the shadows to abscond a life not my own I walked in the night this life I hate Destroy this life, this life I"
  • Shopping Bag Ladies - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman The shopping bag ladies, they live in the terminal waiting room, Patiently whiling their hours away, Desperately keeping their demons at bay, Making up lies about times that were good. Extolling"
  • Cuscutlan - Frente!
    "i love my country but it wears a uniform it speaks with foreign guns in the background you can almost hear the sound of intervention and i don't know when liberty fell but we rang every mission bell we"
  • Song Song Song - Final Fantasy
    "Got a daughter who'll eat anything They like to feed her words, words, words And tell her, Watch for the plague, girl, check your stool Or we'll send you to reformatory school And make a man out of you They'll"

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