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Motionless In White - Wasp

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Motionless In White - Wasp

  • Motionless - Emo Side Project
    "me and you, sitting motionless under the sun. motionless in our love, in our love. then you moved slowly, towards me but i didn't hold back my smile no, i never hold back my smile. i was still motionless,"
  • Motionless - Osker
    "I'm bleeding misery. Oh, eternal discontent- how consistent. The only thing stable in my life is how I try... To still this beating mind, so that I can finally rest. The essence of my character is that"
  • Wasp - Utopia
    "Hey, hey cowboy, hey cowboy Ain't I seen you hanging around the nashville? Didn't you used to be a packy back in the west end? Is that right, is that right? Well I see you been through so many changes Heavy"
  • Motionless And White - Eighteen Visions
    "sit down and shut up so i can sing you your fucking love song. yeah so sit down and listen to me. i've got something to say. you took that line with too much pride. so sit down and listen to me i've got"
  • Wasp nest - The National
    "Youre cussing a stone in a cocktail dress your mother wore when she was young;red sun saint around your neck; a wet martini in a paper cup;youre a wasp nest, youre a wasp nest.Your eyes are broken bottlesand"
  • Queen Wasp - Misfits
    "go, go, go, go vampire girl's gonna strike to kill gonna kiss your vertebrae with the kiss of poisoned love well, i'm a king and you're a queen queen wasp go dive in warrior wasps queen wasp go go, go,"
  • The wasp - The Doors
    "I wanna tell you 'Bout Texas Radio and the Big Beat Comes out of the Virginia swamps Cool and slow with plenty of precision With a back beat narrow and hard to master Some call it heavenly in it's brilliance"
  • Motionless - Waco Jesus
    "Your fucking suffering is what I crave your naked body will not be buried the dead remains I save motionless your body lays you keep moving so I kept stabbing you are dead but you keep bleeding the dead"
  • Motionless - Name Taken
    "This is not how I need to remember you My dreams lie outloud but they pull me through As I, wonder how im breathing My eyes have failed to find you with me Well here I lay motionless standing still Holding"
  • Digital Bullets ft. Chris Motionless - NITA STRAUSS
    "From your refuge you're a warrior in mind Throwing stones behind the glass You couldn't cut it so your only goal in life Is tearing down and paying back Never knowing what it's like To chase a dream,"
  • Dance Of The Wasp - Magica
    "I know what you fear But from me youll never get away You hear my song in your ear now No one can save you I do the dance of the Wasp I know its a trap But my wings are too tired to fly Im caught in a"
  • Wasted White Boys - WASP
    "GIVE ME A LINE And pour me wine I'll do the Devil's daughter Fill my glass and kick your ass I'll do it any time Oh, I don't want no Holy rollers On you knees There's no time to waste tonight No don't"
  • Werewolf - Motionless In White
    "I can feel you, I can hear you, howling in my bones There’s an evil lurking in the dark (there’s an evil lurkin’ in the dark) Ever shifting, skin is ripping, as you take control I can’t tell where"
  • Sign of Life - Motionless In White
    "It’s starting again, cause I let you in This seed I’ve sown Create to condemn, replace to relive, despite its growth Am I unknown? I’m spinning out of control I bury it till I choke On ashes scarring"
  • Hollow Points - Motionless In White
    "Put a bullet in my head, blow it out with your hollow points Nothin’ that you say is any help, it’s just fuckin’ noise Get down upon your knees, thank the lord for your blessed life Looking down your"
  • Fool's Gold - Motionless In White
    "I won’t let you burn me Cheat and destroy me Bleed and exploit me Then preach of your loyalty If only, you’re heart was as honest As your lust for a profit You’d see what you threw away You’re selling"
  • Behind The Wall Of Sleep/wasp - Black Sabbath
    "Precious cups within the flower deadly petals with strange power faces shine a deadly smile back up on you at your trial Chill and numbs from head to toe icy sun with frosty glow Why'd you go reaching"
  • Behind The Wall Of Sleep Wasp - Black Sabbath
    "Precious cups within the flower deadly petals with strange power faces shine a deadly smile back up on you at your trial Chill and numbs from head to toe icy sun with frosty glow Why'd you go reaching"
  • White Noise - Someday Never
    "White Noise hold on, we're letting go and taking in a little more than just air motionless, a breath of "ready or not" let's once more pretend that we care about every word we say so dry your eyes this"
  • White - The Cult
    "White Shining Shining brightly Pure crystal snow White Oh, virgin White White Shining Shining brightly White Yeah, white Shining Shining bright Snow is crystal, the fire is cold I sit back, watch the"

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