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Motionless in white - Immaculate Misconception

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Motionless in white - Immaculate Misconception

  • Immaculate - Dimension Zero
    "Out here there are no stars No heroes to be sung This infinity has no smell This heaven has no hell THAT'S WHAT WE ARE- IMMACULATE GOD IS REACHING OUT FOR YOU- IMMACULATE Riding fast without the speed Sleeping"
  • Misconception - Ace Troubleshooter
    "Ace Troubleshooter Miscellaneous Misconception Day after day after day You live in your misconceptions Cuz our actions don't speak as loud as your words It hurts, my friend Can I help you understand? Can"
  • Motionless - Emo Side Project
    "me and you, sitting motionless under the sun. motionless in our love, in our love. then you moved slowly, towards me but i didn't hold back my smile no, i never hold back my smile. i was still motionless,"
  • Motionless - Osker
    "I'm bleeding misery. Oh, eternal discontent- how consistent. The only thing stable in my life is how I try... To still this beating mind, so that I can finally rest. The essence of my character is that"
  • Immaculate - Walkabouts
    "Said this was our town The joke it was on us We were just passin thru' On the way to givin' up Joked this was our town That someday we'd be thrilled By anything we loved And everything we killed But the"
  • Immaculate - Kemet
    "Remember... A last present, will you care about it Take it in memory of our broken romance For you what only remains is diamond dust Blown in the air... immaculate Nothing else than nothing Just a candle"
  • Immaculate - Unholy
    "Love built this passion Wrath wrought it strong Know your place, noble one Go harvest Babylon Can't hold down this cardinal pain cannot bear this searing flame Hate myself raging mad fear myself as my"
  • Motionless And White - Eighteen Visions
    "sit down and shut up so i can sing you your fucking love song. yeah so sit down and listen to me. i've got something to say. you took that line with too much pride. so sit down and listen to me i've got"
  • Immaculate Deception - Black Sabbath
    "In The Daylight, Comes Darkness, On The Verge Of Night A Fear Is Born, Sweeter Than The Dream, The Reality Of You, Immaculate, Deception. From The Spirit Runs Poison, And The Wheel Of Fortune Is Ever"
  • Stoned Immaculate - The Doors
    "I'll tell you this... No eternal reward will forgive us now For wasting the dawn. Back in those days everything was simpler and more confused One summer night, going to the pier I ran into two young girls The"
  • Immaculate Murder - MyChildren MyBride
    "To look across the haords The throngs of intolerance Mans fate realized in hate The day love was hanged. Of all great sins salvation in paradox Salvation of sins by sacrificing God Thirty nine stripes"
  • Immaculate Deception - The Agonist
    "If you look at the face of evil Evil will look right back at you They raise their pitchforks to the sky Summoning the moon as their guide Their dragging feet march on the slab To the beat of an absent"
  • Misconception - Useless ID
    "Shout. Make them hear us out. Haven't we seen enough? Rights? What it's all about They won't let us be a part. Our lives, one minefield There's more to this than two nations burning up. No one can"
  • Misconception - Burst
    "A legacy of pain Born into suffering Bound by some spiritual chain Cowering under The weight of a cross-shaped shadow Your definition of sin Leaves mankind crippled and cold I pity this mindless dependency Confess"
  • Motionless - Waco Jesus
    "Your fucking suffering is what I crave your naked body will not be buried the dead remains I save motionless your body lays you keep moving so I kept stabbing you are dead but you keep bleeding the dead"
  • Motionless - Name Taken
    "This is not how I need to remember you My dreams lie outloud but they pull me through As I, wonder how im breathing My eyes have failed to find you with me Well here I lay motionless standing still Holding"
  • The Immaculate Conception - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "Famke Janssen (Lord of Illusions): Flesh is a trap. That's what he used to say. Flesh is a trap. And magic sets us free. The War of Gods and Men, I condemn them who believe In ancient fallacies and"
  • Immaculate pinetreeroad 930 - Bathory
    "Sixteen years of age. The suburb sets the scene.Sixteen years of rage withheld and concealed.Doors locked. Curtains drawn. Rehearsals begins.Preparations made. The axe gets a final trim.Shadowed figures"
  • Digital Bullets ft. Chris Motionless - NITA STRAUSS
    "From your refuge you're a warrior in mind Throwing stones behind the glass You couldn't cut it so your only goal in life Is tearing down and paying back Never knowing what it's like To chase a dream,"
  • The Most Immaculate Haircut - Metronomy
    "He's got the most immaculate haircut but with the right dye and shampoo maybe I could too and he's got the most desirable friendship group but boy when you got that hairdo, they're not gonna call you now"

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