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Motley Crue - Save Our Souls

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Motley Crue - Save Our Souls

  • Save Our Souls - Motley Crue
    "Black Angels laughing in the city streets Street toys scream in pain and clench their teeth The moonlight spotlights all the city crime Got no religion, Laugh while they fight Save our souls for the heavens For"
  • Save Our Souls - Lefay
  • Save Our Souls - Rhodes Happy
    "(6:12) Percussion: Kevin Bartlett Keys and Additional Percussion: H. Rhodes Fretless Bass: Ray Jung We give to you a disc of gold It represents the dreams we hold We'll tell our children what to do We'll"
  • Save Our Souls - Heavenly
    "From trashes in the rivers To nuclear devices Acid rain, hurricanes Many disquieting signs Toxic gas factories Are we living in a brave new world Here from over there It''s hell on earth So I can fell"
  • Souls - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Messages from where I used to grow Twenty thousand frames of mind This is my soul Relentless where I'm most alone Twenty thousand faceless names This is your show And, oh, I feel I am a wandering A"
  • Motley Crew - Post Malone
    "Came with the gang We made it Came with the gang We made it Came with the mot crew What you gon’ do? I am pul lup with the crew Whan i am with the troops I am rock that hand out the \roof I am rockin’"
  • Cycle Of Our Souls - Shawn Mullins
    "Let me touch you put my hands on you I'll kiss you and we'll see things through would you lay with me would you lay with me till the sun peaks through the blinds we can stay right here till our"
  • We Pray For Our Souls - Gantz
    "We pray for our souls To lie alive in this night We pray for our souls To live and not to die Today i felt that the end is near As everything became black Life and death dont have how to escape The end"
  • How Winter Killed Our Souls - Somehow Hollow
    "I waited by the side of the road kicked all these stones let all my feelings go without a soul in mind without a care in sight and nothing as my own. I waited for so long to have you here at home I waited"
  • Burning Souls - Avalon
    "Into the darkness where your journey ends in fear Annihilation of humanity can't save you here All the creations of former generations Prowess of destruction is a deadly trade Your bloodstained hands,"
  • Two Souls - Howard Jones
    "Whatever happened to the value of our love I've seen you change I've seen it coming slowly, these changes You're not the same It's not too late to start over It's not too late to turn around What are"
  • Hollow Souls - Pain Confessor
    "We must sin to sin more, swallow the tears of shame Seize the voice of unbound Something from beyond Feel without bleeding through wounds Neverending pain, take hold on the rush Exit within Make every"
  • Rebel Souls - Damnation
    "Fettered with the olden ice Blown with the gale of oblivion Masters of duration We stay in the chaos of calm Let's soar to the sky in red Lost land calls us Let's free our souls Dip them in the life's"
  • Souls unite - Darkseed
    "You're waiting for the gates to be raised when you walk through your life will change time after evil hour after fear it's the moment in life when souls unite when you close your eyes souls will unite"
  • Poisoned Souls - Tristesse De La Lune
    "Hide behind our words Trying to hurt us We don't want to see In what we don't believe Try to touch reality And try to feel the earth We are these poisoned souls Don't understand We were like Feathers"
  • Immortal Souls - Edge Of Sanity
    "The arrival of the dead, mourning souls arise. Searching for a way, to reach humanity. Couldn't stand the pain, left our world too fast. Caught in light so black, and there ain't no turning back... NO! Escaping"
  • Lost Souls - Dreamtale
    "Cry out loud, the pain you feel it's the Only way to make people see that you Live and breathe, like humans do In their hearts they know it's true From the darkness into the light Find out hope that lies"
  • Errant Souls - Poema Arcanus
    "The night pierces in your eyes This reality touches your soul Desires and fears cover your heart Those dreams that keep you alive The beauty is so fragile So little the beautiful Just a dream hidden Under"
  • Poor Souls - Owen
    "Long night. Last call. Bloodshot eyes from some drinks too tall. Breathe in deep and I swear to god I'll die if I go home alone tonight. I raise my head slow hoping to find a girl I don't know who wouldn't"
  • Winter Souls - Diary Of Dreams
    "I would not dare to blame you I wouldn't dare too much I only ask for pity So these faces feel your touch Upon their skin... My eyes see many faces Many faces made of stone I figure they are angels All"

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