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  • Motorola - Taco Hemingway
    "lepiej żyło się ma motorolach moi ludzie nie śpią nocą w domach bez pracy, prawie 3 dychy jak nie wyjdą rapy no to po nas jak nie wyjdą rapy no to po nas jak nie wyjdą rapy no to po nas miasto wibruje"
  • We're Desperate - Pennywise
    "(feat. Exene Cervenka from X) I play too hard when i ought to go to sleep They pick on me because i really got the beat Some people give me the creeps every other week i need a new address Landlord"
  • Joy, The Mechanical Boy - Self
    "wired up to the system is the father plugging in, cueing up, making digital whoopie never before in the history of all has organic and mechanic come together so sweetly now computing in italics and write"
  • A Wannabe Darth Vader - Nephew
    "Come on, get up Get down Like Mickey Mouse On crack cocaine Around and round Like a fucked up song By a fucked up Dane I call the shots A Motorola shooting star I shoot the calls A wannabe Darth Vader A"
  • Number 1 - Eminem
    "THIS IS A NELLY SONG you betta watch out who yo' talkin' bout runnin' yo mouth like ya know me you gonna **** around and check why surely they just call me show me. why 1 on 1 ya can't hold me if"
  • Silicone On Sapphire - The Clash
    "Have you ever asked yourself Who holds the key that winds up Big Ben? Silicone on Sapphire Connection My prerogative is zero When is your start What is your data Databus Databus I'm pushing"
  • So You'd Like To Save The World - Cole Lloyd
    "ALBUM:CD-MAXI "So you'd like to save the world" This song is transcribed from an Scandinavian ear, so feel free to send me any corrections that you think are necessary! So you'd like to save the world ------------------------------- So"
  • Salvation - Citizen Cope
    "Say Judas came up to D.C. He'd been down in Georgia for a while He drove a 944 He bought with the soul Of a blonde-headed kid With a left-handed guitar Now he's lookin' for me Citizen C-O-P-E Sign the"
  • My Addiction (Interlude) - Rehab
    "My addiction makes me piss on floors and go home with these scabby whores i took to much LSD now i'm in I C U at MRE Cocaine and Coors come out my pores Pukin in the kitchen down on all 4's My heads an"
  • Licze Ten Hajs - Sentino x Diho
    "Co jest? 30 koła, 50 koła Moje szmaty ćpają one chcą zioła To stara szkoła To moja szkoła Prawdziwy oldschool Żadna motorola Przyjechał braciak z Niemiec by mi pomóc z rapem Widzisz kur* przecież ze"
  • So You'd Like To Save The World - Lloyd Cole
    "so you'd like to save the world i suggest you take one person at a time and start with me not an ordinary girl not someone that i should hit upon and ask, "hey what's your sign babe" have you been reading"
  • Turning Heads - Mike Jones
    "sheeea mike jones(jones) (chorus4x) turnin heads turin heads smokin on the best (verse1) sheeeaaa mike jones mike jones(jones jones jones) i gots to get better man its gots to move own switch from motorola"
  • On records the sound just fades away - Greg Brown
    "On records the sound just fades awayThe players they grow smaller and smallerThey return to their homes in the wiresWith one last riff and one last holler.And did you ever make it in tha big city, pal?Or"
  • Dirty Birdie - Aceyalone
    "(chorus) She's a dirty birdie, she's so flirty Coming out the house looking all nice and purty She's a whirly girly, she don't get up early She like to sleep late and party like LaVerne and Shirley (repeat) There"
  • Rolf Le Me Parole - Nag
    "Du bist ganz nasse, kleine rase in meine Benz-classe Mit bass und in hein ein glass, snaps, gas - bas jebol te pas Na Svajcar placu bacim bombe, odma spierdalają sve colombe Na Kaizerstrasse Radim gir,"
  • - Lilu
    "REFREN i znów żyję spox, choć nie stać mnie na to potrzeby rosną, kredyty płacą nowe gadżety w tv błyszczą konsumpcyjna rzeczywistość ZWROTKA ty też tego chcesz i nie mów, że nie chcesz i jeszcze najlepiej żeby"
  • Gold & Pager - The Cool Kids
    "GOLD AND A PAGER... With a little bit of gold and a pager Cool Kids Cool Kids Yup! Uh... Pedal down the foothills wheelies on the front (for real chuck?) Not for play homebro I made those in those I"
  • Perch? Mi Faccio - Mondo Marcio
    "Ho spacciatori di Afghano e Pakistano pronti a farmi fuori per il grano fotti in giro e ci muore Milano un altro tiro e brucio gli orrori nel mio cranio con una biro in mano gli intenditori sanno come"
  • Get Lonely Too - Big Moe
    "(Mike Wilson) Don't let the, money fool you The money fool you, too yeah Oh, I get lonely, lonely I guess you heard of my situation (I guess you heard) I've done my share, of putting it down (share"
  • Eastside Westside - Tony Yayo
    "(Tony Yayo) This that gangster shit (uh-huh) This that rider shit (uh-huh) This that gangster shit (uh-huh) This that rider shit (Chorus: Tony Yayo) I got killers on the Eastside.. and killers on the"

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