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Mungo Jerry Shadow Of The Trees

  • Mungo City - Spacehog
    "Welcome to this empty ministry of plenty As I'm sure you know We're clearly on display here To remind you should you stray from here Or decide to roam Dossers dream of gossamer And kissing with tongues Well,"
  • Jerry - Sonya Kitchell
    "Oh sweet Jerry, the man that she would marry, He'd say Oh, darlin' don't you cry For I will always be by your side And she took Jerry for granted. In her life he was firmly planted. She'd say, Oh, I"
  • Jerry - John Mellencamp
    "Jerry's yelling at the man in the Moon He's right outside of my window He acts like a madman from time to time I hope he brings it to a crescendo soon Jerry's yelling at the man in the moon Jerry's yelling"
  • Trees - Tripod
    "The trees are dying. I'd hate to be a tree in this new century. The trees are crying. I'd hate to have whats down to a tree done to me. 'Cause they cut them down, and turn them into wood. They rape entire"
  • Trees - Curt Smith
    "It's time to brood Put up the walls of sound And practice all the finer points Of falling down I'll put aside The calculated eyes The even tempered smile Diffuse again Given time to discuss these points"
  • Trees - Odds
    "We all know she's not alone That doesn't mean she's not lonely We said goodbye I felt sick inside Leaning on a rail I watched her as she shied away To our passion her defences held no ground But by the"
  • Trees - Fiona Joyce
    "INTRO Beyond the door of your perception There lies the secret of your salvation Beyond a curtain of deception There lies the secret of your salvation First, you create Then you destroy all in God's name And"
  • Trees - Perry Como
    "I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth's sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray;"
  • Jerry Hall - Buck
    "You must be amazing All that hazing you take from day to day I know I can't be true So, I tell you "i love you", yes, I do But then I say to you.... Ba da ba ba ba ba da ba ba ba Oh yeah! would you be"
  • Jerry Lewis - Quincy Punx
    "I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon And raise big bucks for MDA Cuz Jerry raises millions every year And we'll equally divide the pay I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon With great big famous"
  • Jerry Springer - Weird Al Yankovich
    "It's been one week since we got to see Cheatin' lovers and cousins that marry Five days since they had the show With the hermaphrodite, the slut, and the crack ho Three days since we heard the tale About"
  • Mucho Mungo - Yoko Ono
    "Mucho mungo, sweet thing, Sweetest little thing I've ever seen. Must have been a sweet dream, Brought you here, Brought you through the sorrow And the tears. C'est la, c'est la, c'est la vie, Sail upon"
  • Megalomaniac Trees - Unexpect
    "Running in a cage like freak beasts on a stage to acquire the honor of dishonor. Humble idea for Machiavellian seeds to grow their old megalomaniac trees. See no evil, hear no evil ; Ellet tse erton esived. In"
  • Jerry - Alexia
    "Ma dove andiamato stasera a casa di Jerry. Sai che da Jerry si stà cosi bene puoi rimanere a parlare per ore a casa di Jerry, e se non hai proprio niente a dire é cosi bello se stai ad ascoltare a casa"
  • Jerry - Mustard Plug
    "What were you thinking when you took all these lives in your hand What were you doing, was your death considered in your plans You took so many, You took so many with you on your way You even took our"
  • The other Jerry Jeff - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Let me tell you a little story about a trip I made to Mexico, with some friends Of mine that had a pocket full of Mauis and some bad intentions.... Me and old Sue and this feller we knew went down to Mexico"
  • The Ballad Of Jerry - Quimby
    "the ballad of jerry Sad was the day and sharp was the noise when the hang out kid saw that his punishment came He spent too much time in praying for joy It's all about a boy First came the flashes followed"
  • Shadow - Theory Of A Deadman
    "Shadow Please take my body Take my state o' mind Fool me with a cheap surprise Gets me every time Please take a second to wash away the pride Don't even leave me with an emptiness inside I am nothin' Under"
  • Shadow of the seasons - Screaming Trees
    "The hour is ending, can't you see There is no way now, to get free In the shadow of the season Without a reason, to carry home Without a reason, without a reason And from the north woods Down on the valley In"
  • Shadow Song - Screaming Trees
    "Can't get back, can't remind you We're closer now than I would want to be They think it's easy if you just imagine Before the dust will trip you up again Choose the way that you want to go now I'll meet"

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