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Muse City Of Delusion

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Muse City Of Delusion

  • City Of Delusion - Muse
    "Stay away from me Build a fortress And shield your beliefs Touch the divine As we fall in line Can I believe When I don't trust All your theories Turn to dust I choose to hide From the all seeing eye Destroy"
  • Delusion - Falconer
    "Grasp your sword so blindly Time is in for holy war In the sign of a fairy tale You sacrifice your precious life Yield to the nonsense Yield to the dogmatic scheme Kneel down embrace it Indoctrination"
  • Delusion - Artrosis
    "In the old stairway In the streams of rain Your love is imprisoned It's got only one queen Golden heart You laid at its feet Had cracked before you understood It will destroy you With each step With each"
  • Muse - OCAD
    "This is for the ladies/ Don't be scared. No/ I got something you have to see/ so get your ass a drink/ you better grab a seat/ you could be my muse/ oh yeah uhhuhh/ you could be my muse/ you could be my"
  • Muse - Super Massive Black Hole
    "Oh baby dont you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses How long before you let me go? You set my soul alight You set my soul alight (You set my soul alight) Glaciers"
  • Muse - Will Haven
    "Today I awoke my eyes were blind to the colours of this beautiful world Which scares me because I've planned to paint a self portrait of my world Do you remember my asking your opinion of me? The answer"
  • Fantastic Delusion - The Tubes
    "Look around tell me what you see The sky is blue and the trees are green But what you see isn't what it seems It's all part of a cruel scheme Look closer, you can see the flaws The holes in the floor"
  • Fantastic Delusion - Tubes
    "Look around tell me what you see The sky is blue and the trees are green But what you see isn't what it seems It's all part of a cruel scheme Look closer, you can see the flaws The holes in the floor"
  • Restrictive Delusion - Absurd Minds
    "We appeared as leaders We appeared as friends We appeared as teachers But you've not got it Think about it longer It won't do any harm Please don't distort our words We came to get you Another angle of"
  • Self-Delusion - Stem
    "You cannot feel life drained from you Like leaves dried out and stepped onto Why not save yourself Not chain yourself Help yourself Stop blaming someone else You're walking along not coming out of"
  • Visual Delusion - Decapitated
    "Bastard lizard, lick my wounds! Lucid dream our world turns to chaos. Demonic shadows floating in blood waiting for me to fall asleep. Inside my head an outstanding pain! Millions of voices screaming for"
  • Delusion Of Life - Arise
    "Turn the sail after the wind, you take the easy way out. Make the trend to your believe, a follower in all needs. Your lack of independence shows your real face, a wannabe. Why do you refuse to see? "
  • Love Or Delusion - Graham Parker
    "I was right there near the goal In the information flow Where strange things come and go From despair to ecstatic glow Where the flesh meets the dust But there's nothing there to trust Where the"
  • Suburban Muse - Abandoned Pools
    "la la la la la la la la Blue sky, holding us down Theres no white, only the sound of Happy cheety lambs Cue the candle pause Side walk, fall through the cracks to china Never get back I'm nothing in these"
  • Murders Muse - GWAR
    "Why the hell are they trying to kill us? Why did they nuke my crib? Don't want to cry like a bay But somebody hand me a bib This f**king sucks, where is Sleazy? Abandoned us so long ago Where are my oceans"
  • Moon Muse - Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
    "She lived in darkness and in light For pilgrims in the deepest night For poets searching for the sign But seen seen the sense only to die She wasn't warm, she was so cold But granted warmth to every heart Of"
  • A Muse - All
    "In the night, black thoughts, alone I sit by the bed and dream I drink in memories Some make me smile Some make me scream And the music comes out And I feel so many things Searching for the word And solitude"
  • The Depth Of Self-Delusion - Riverside
    "I could be foreign forever to your otherland I could be foreign forevermore to your promiseland One life was great, but another… No, I don't want to live on the edge I won't follow you I found my own I"
  • Delusion - Suicide Commando
    "It's like a maggot Digging in a rotten brain It's like a leech Suck my blood Demented serpents Coming to infact the brain Return my mind Return my brain I see black demons Trying to disrupt my mind Mental"
  • Minds Delusion Sleeps for Creation - Grand Alchemist
    "Rows conspire of becoming, odour of a dead man. A hole in my memory firmling changing the heir I am still falling down Swimming towards the deathlike-sea Take a deep breath and I am still frozen I was"

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