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Muse Resistance

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Muse Resistance

  • Resistance - Muse
    "Is our secret safe tonight? And are we out of sight? Or will our world come tumbling down? Will they find our hiding place? Is this our last embrace? Or will the walls start caving in? (It could be wrong,"
  • Resistance - Scaterd Few
    "Here's a reason To plead treason In the game society Soft Porn in your advertising Kiddy's weaned on sorcety Abomination infedels Comepeting on my television Mediums and divinators Telling lies to set"
  • Resistance - Queensryche
    "Protests in New York. Listen to the call of the wild. Brother, sisters carrying signs. Breathe deep before it's too late; The sky is falling, burning your eyes. Down in New Orleans river's boiling. Nothing"
  • Muse - OCAD
    "This is for the ladies/ Don't be scared. No/ I got something you have to see/ so get your ass a drink/ you better grab a seat/ you could be my muse/ oh yeah uhhuhh/ you could be my muse/ you could be my"
  • Resistance - As We Fight
    "The fire has awaken me in the ashes of my loved ones. In evil they tear the flesh from the bone leaving no one behind. Never will I give up as long as children are enslaved. Behind your mask of greed you're"
  • Muse - Tola Szlagowska
    "I take back everything that I said to you I want you to be my muse I guess I just don't know how to let you go you keep holdin' and I keep losin' my soul But someday I will see you're toxic to me Someday"
  • Resistance - Nasum
    "Tell me what you believe in Wage your values against mine And tell me I am just some piece of shit With a fucked up mind Why can't I just shut the fuck up? Dead - but you're still breathing A consumer"
  • Resistance - Nicotine
    "We're all standing up on the street and walking every day I'm gonna jump in a crowd to see what I can do right now I don't fit in society (I don't care, I don't care) I just want to be a punk rocker"
  • Resistance - Janne Da Arc
    "Kagirinaku tooi...Hateshinai michi wo mata arukitsuzukeruTadoritsuku basho wa...Shinkirou no mukou mou michi ga mienaiDareka terashite...Jidai no nagare ni...Sakarai tsuzukeru tabibito ga mata utauMou"
  • Resistance - Vennaskond
    "All the motrbikes are racing All the firebrnds are blazing All the rock and roll are facing All the cntrol desks are glwing All the employees are lwing All the boys and girls are grwing All the street"
  • Resistance - High And Mighty Color
    "(Breaking the rules. There is no truth. You get it. You get it.) Nanimokamo keri taoshite hane tobashite yaritai kunshou to ka MORARU to ka muima na katagaki ni (Go away!) migi mo hidari mo mienai mama"
  • Resistance - Mika Nakashima
    "Shiroi tenshi no hane ga Hara hara ochite Furi tsumotteku Cry! Fu jitsu na machi to gisei no hibi ni Uchi hishi garete Ima nageki no KISS wo... Nemure basugu asa ga kuru Sore wa kowai jiyuu no kuni Orokana"
  • Muse - Will Haven
    "Today I awoke my eyes were blind to the colours of this beautiful world Which scares me because I've planned to paint a self portrait of my world Do you remember my asking your opinion of me? The answer"
  • Muse - Atomic Opera
    "There are too many painters And not enough beauty Too many hours And not enough time Too many singers And not enough music Too many reasons And not enough rhyme Will you meet me here in the light? Will"
  • Muse - Super Massive Black Hole
    "Oh baby dont you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses How long before you let me go? You set my soul alight You set my soul alight (You set my soul alight) Glaciers"
  • Native Resistance - Clandestine Blaze
    "they come to our land they told what to do with power of sword they brought us their lord native resistance! they destroyed the cultures they destroyed the true knowledge in the name of god they turned"
  • Pledge Resistance - Aiden
    "Let's show this world we can be alright, without it's sponsors word I think my mind is almost washed, America might change it's time line if the media fucked off and quit filling kids with lies. I"
  • Sweet muse - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Well I wish we knew as we sit here stewin in a Hollywood studio As we make mistakes and the bass drum breaks And we ask "Will she ever show?" Because she comes and goes but everybody knows when the lady"
  • Control & Resistance - Watchtower
  • Christian Resistance - Holy Terror
    "(Kilfelt) Guilty of a common sin Destruction marks our path Bloodshed of the fallen victor Genocide befits the wrath A reason seems so hard to find The cause obscured by clouds That blinds the violent"

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