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Mustard Plug Insomnia');

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Mustard Plug Insomnia');

  • Insomnia - Mustard Plug
    "Close my eyes but I can't shake my head. Still not over those words you said, tossin' and turnin' rolling in the night. She's tying knots, seems that nothing is right. Sweat on my brow, my adrenaline's"
  • We Want The Mustard - Mustard Plug
    "We want the mustard, all over our heads...that's what he said. We want the mustard all inside our beds..yeah. We want mustard all over our feet, people want to dance to the mustard beat! We want the mustard,"
  • Insomnia - fukaJ
    "Utwór 'Insomnia' z albumu 'Preludium' fukaJ (premiera w 2022r.)."
  • Insomnia - Tyler Hilton
    "I miss the girl, and the cigarettes And the more I try, the more that I forget To think of you is a flash to find To think of you I find my light to pass the time You want me to be that better one Time"
  • Insomnia - Lunachicks
    "Pick, pick, pick, it's makin me sick I wish the sleep fairy would come do the trick Oh yeah, oh yeah Chew, chew, chew on my lip I'm gettin an ache in my left hip Uh huh, uh uhu Stare, stare, stare"
  • Insomnia - Agression
    "Ever find yourself awake In the middle of the night You've got insomnia Grab a glass of water Or a cigarette for your insomnia But I know something that's so much better yet Just grab the bong and numb"
  • Insomnia - Megadeth
    "I'm running in quicksand something's haunting me the guilty past I've buried my mind won't let me sleep I'll do anything for peace - I keep waking up a solemn oath I make cross my heart please let me"
  • Insomnia - Wishbone Ash
    "When you've done something wrong And karma has come To settle the score with you. The snake in you is crawling Pinned to the ground, Eyes open wide and blue. Insomnia Closer, but no closer. Insomnia Closer,"
  • Insomnia - Craig David
    "I never thought that I'd fall in love, love, love, love But it grew from a simple crush, crush, crush, crush Being without you girl, I was all messed up, up, up, up When you walked out, said that you'd"
  • Insomnia - Jester's Funeral
    "music by Stefan Schmidt & Bastian Emig, lyrics by Stefan Schmidt My sense to be: Sticking to a surface below my feet. And when the day is done again I am a whitness of setting suns. And then I hear"
  • Insomnia - Daya
    "cause I can’t sleep without you no I don’t want to dream about you wish I had my arms wrapped around you insomnia I’ve been down for 2 days calling or PM ain’t workin’ losing track of time baby insomnia my"
  • Insomnia - Boiler Room
    "I can't sleep. I'm grinding my teeth This is worse than anything Worse than any bad dream And I know, there's something really wrong I can't beat these symptoms in me I can't shake the ailment. Always"
  • Insomnia - Rentals
    "Well, it's five in the morning And I'm pacing down Harrow Road (Harrow Road, Harrow Road) And melatonin don't help no matter the dose (the dose, the dose) And insomnia it won't let me go Insomnia"
  • Insomnia - Feeder
    "Reading magazines and counting sheep to pass the time away Hoping that tomorrow's gonna bring a smile back home again Images of palm trees sway in the wind on south beach Takes me back to better days,"
  • Insomnia - Isole
    "Sleep, sleep no more The spell was cast, distant words Dark, a dark room But I see far too much Clear, clear my head My thoughts they haunt me still Feel, feeling cold Escape is not my path Darkness when"
  • Insomnia - Salad
    "Some say I'm ill Sick as a parrot, bone-chilled How does my face look today? Don a smart cane in a dandy way My head is full I cannot think Slip downstairs for a secret lemonade drink Lemonade drink Sleep"
  • Insomnia - Kamelot
    "When the darkness brings the cold To draw me under I am caught between The chapters of a dream Something is reaching out and My entire world is crumbling And it whispers that I am The chosen one… Can you"
  • Insomnia - Wynter Gordon
    "Don't eat, no matter how tired I can't sleep, I can't stop thinking why we can't make it work Compromise, cause I deserve it In my bed, tossing and turning In my head, fire still burning, like the first,"
  • Insomnia - Nightwatchers
    "Deep in the bosom of the gentle night is when I search for the light pick up my pen and start to write I struggle and fight dark forces in the clear moonlight without fear Insomnia I can't get no sleep"
  • INSOMNIA - Pawbeats
    "Utwór ”INSOMNIA” pochodzi z albumu zatytułowanego "OUT”, który Marcin Pawłowski - producent, multiinstrumentalista i kompozytor znany jako Pawbeats - przygotował z gościnnym udziałem kilku polskich artystów,"

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