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Mustard Plug So Far To Go

  • So Far To Go - Mustard Plug
    "The other day, walking home, in my sight, caught the hate, turn away, Can't deny Written on the wall. And I thought to myself what could change how'd it start who are they how can I make 'em take a fall So"
  • We Want The Mustard - Mustard Plug
    "We want the mustard, all over our heads...that's what he said. We want the mustard all inside our beds..yeah. We want mustard all over our feet, people want to dance to the mustard beat! We want the mustard,"
  • To Be - Mustard Plug
    "I tied on my boots and strapped on my bracelet to go out and meet some new faces. Went to the store to buy some dark gin, and now I know my night's ready to begin. A dozen friends in my big 'ol car, my"
  • So Far To Go - Common
    "(feat. D'Angelo) Ohhh, ohhhh... I wanna get closerrrrrr to you, baby... Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh... Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh... You have come so far You've got so far to go (Yeah) Say it again! You have come"
  • So Far To Go - Kimya Dawson
    "new york new jersey pennsylvania ohio indiana indiana illinois wisconsin minnesota minnesota north dakota montana idaho washington i gotta go i'm going home washington idaho montana north dakota north"
  • Plug Dat Puss - Insane Clown Posse
    "FULL CLIP, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Hit it from the back and blow out that bush Tappin' nedens, taggin' nedens, that be my thing Know my bitches from they taggles, muthafuck a name In this game, Clip like Boardwalk"
  • Plug Dat Puss - Psychopathic Rydas
    "FULL CLIP, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Hit it from the back and blow out that bush Tappin' nedens, taggin' nedens, that be my thing Know my bitches from they taggles, muthafuck a name In this game, Clip like Boardwalk"
  • MAGIC (FEAT. MUSTARD) - Vince Staples
    "Feeling like I’m floating to the ceiling, is it magic? Baby tell me why you’re disappearing, is it magic? I won’t ever tell ‘em how I did it, it was magic Can you imagine? Money in the mattress Love the"
  • So Far - MU330
    "It's alright so far come down to the show its alright so far and I want you to know sometimes things can change without an excess needless pain sometimes things can change without the pain impossible to"
  • So Far - Chris Garneau
    "Like the touch of my mother's hand on my head I'll miss you, too when I go to bed We've ruined all the new pots And the metal in the egg crate cots But we haven't missed A good day of television yet so"
  • So far - Sofa
    "1. You and I have always tried to treat each other right. Always true, never blue - I've got no clue why you're tellin' me that you wanna stop thinkin' about me just for a while. I can't get you out of"
  • Plug tunin - De La Soul
    "(And now for my next number, I'd like to return to the classics. Perhaps the most famous classic in all the world of music...) DOVE: The first time around, you didn't quite understand our new style of"
  • Mustard & Mayonnaise - E-40
    "Throw me a bone and some crumbs watch me turn it over and flip it Ballatician, man, ballaholic I'm ballerific Stop and listen give me yo undivided attention 40 talk like E.F. Hutton... shhhh, people listen Man"
  • You Can't Go Back - Mustard Plug
    "Slow summer so Rick Johnson booked a show At the Ice Pick, fucked up punk rock club Used to go there way way back in the day I walked in, seemed like nothing had changed You can't go back, you can't go"
  • Yesterday - Mustard Plug
    "I know you're happy when you smile I know it's taken me awhile I know I'm going out of style 10,000 miles from you But everything is still O.K. 'Cause I'm closer everyday Which is more than I would have"
  • Go - Mustard Plug
    "Spent too much time alone, just sitting by the telephone now I've gotta find a place to go I've got a right, I've got a dream, I gotta know Why can't you see I need to find this place to go? The wrong"
  • You've Got So Far To Go - Alkaline Trio
    "Soon ends our stay here and it's been fun. So tonight I'll raise my glass to us 'cause we've talked so much I think we filled this ashtray twice, and I'm pretty sure we emptied every bottle in the place,"
  • Far Far - Yael Na?m
    "Far far, there's this little girl she was praying for something to happen to her everyday she writes words and more words just to speak out the thoughts that keep floating inside and she's strong when"
  • So far away - Israel Vibration
    "They took us away, so far away So far away So far away With guns and ships and deadly whips So far away So far away So far away Far...far...far...far away We slaved so hard in the burning sun So far away"
  • So Far, So Pleased - Prince
    "So far, so pleased I like the way U touch me I like the way U tease No car, no keys I had 2 get us stranded If U know what I mean Big scar on my knee Begging 4 a kiss is such a dull routine Still I'm... So"

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