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Mute Math

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Mute Math

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Mute Math
  • Ookla The Mok Math
    "An ant crawls at a rate of one foot per minute on a rubber band The band is one yard long and stretched at a rate of one yard per minute If the ant begins at one end of the band will it ever reach the"
  • Bo Stakka Mute
    "Stains, all around I try to count and give them numbers Stains, without sound Soaked in long deserted wonders Remains, of fired rounds They keep a secret in their slumber Remains, lost and found We told"
  • Monet Monico Mute
    "TV show I used to watch is on mute I see the picture, but hear no sound from you I try to change the channel But I can't get over you Radio only plays sad songs And I can't seem to turn it off And no"
  • Moonspell Mute
    "Approach and try to live me backwards then without looking behind surviving is somewhat confusing although I never mind if only silence could ever talk how loud will be the voice of this sincerily yours,"
  • dEUS Mute
    "I, I knew a girl and she was a joker Her hair was nicotine-brown and eyes of a joker Her grass has a pale ginger green Whatever that means Together we saw they were building a building Alone I see the"
  • Blaqk Audio Mute
    "Kiss or kill Like cry or cut Like the virgin ice Of an early winter Waiting to drown With just one step Wiht just one misstep I go under Such a beautiful mess Pretend That you're appalled In a sin tight"
  • Scars Of Life Mute
    "All these years you turned your back on me It took time but I know just what this means And I feel so small when you take it all you push me away when its said and done all this shit aint fun I'll still"
  • Drowning Pool Mute
    "Shouldn't have that far to go The less you think the more you know It seems the dream is impossible (3) Never made a difference so why should you Promise me you won't look at me There's nothing left here"
  • For Felix Mute
    "Cause I'm lost without you here And though I try so hard I can't be on my own I've always had your hand to put in mine And all my walls are falling down And I'm not gonna hold back anything I feel"
  • Adjusted Mute
    "Swallowed down another sip of cold coffee She'd spent three hours by the phone when she got into bed Voices through her bedroom wall stir up the past Feelings that she can't control don't seem to find"
  • Youth Lagoon Mute
    "Looking in a 3D world Where the crowd is in control You said some small, talked some rubbish.. The devil ... to take my mind But I can't quite get inside A place I try any other guy Why we... looking for"
  • Alexz Johnson New math
    "Dear party of the first part, its time to draw the line Its time to make the list and divide up the broken heart Dear mother of my daughter, dear father of my son Its time to face the problem and find"
  • Jimmy Buffett Math Suks
    "If necessity is the mother of invention Then I'd like to kill the guy who invented this The numbers come together in some kind of a third dimension A regular algebraic bliss. Let's start with something"
  • Crime in Stereo Slow Math
    "Unhinge all hearts with speed. If you need something to believe, we can bury them deep. We'll put our faith in new machines. Once we've exhausted all the oil and pornography there will be so much to teach"
  • Hilary Duff The Math
    "You're always trying to figure out What I am all about If you don't know what the answer is Then just shut up and kiss It shouldn't take forever To put it all together If you can't do the math Then"
  • Tom Lehrer New Math
    "Some of you who have small children may have perhaps been put in the embarrassing position of being unable to do your child's arithmetic homework because of the current revolution in mathematics teaching"
  • Bo Burnham New math
    "What's a pirate minus the ship? just a creative homeless guy, And an anteater plus a large hungry mutant ant? an ironic way to die And what's domain, domain, range (xxy) a kid with too much in his pants And"
  • Quo Vadis Mute Requiem
    "Over there lies the body Of false hopes and Unfulfilled desires It inspires only loathing Silence, irony Becomes it's only testimony Contrary to the envisioned outcome And the desired result Pity,"
  • Jars Of Clay New Math
    "Lost inside another arguement But that's not what I meant Equals complement And what I said just wasn't right So I brought it to your attention (Chorus) I'll be there when we finally make sense When we"
  • Acumen Nation Remedial Math
    "If heightened eloquence is not your thing and if your only scholastic is the nursery When something stupid and elementary as fixing flaws simple as ignorance is cursory I stand to defy theocracy but that's"

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