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My Chemical Romance Cancer

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My Chemical Romance Cancer

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My Chemical Romance Cancer
  • My Chemical Romance Cancer
    "Turn away, If you could get me a drink Of water 'cause my lips are chapped and faded Call my aunt Marie Help her gather all my things And bury me in all my favorite colors, My sisters and my brothers,"
  • House of Wolves My chemical Romance
    "I know a thing about contrition 'Cause I got enough to say And I'll be grantin' your permission Cause you haven't got a prayer I said, hey hallelujah Well come on, sing the praise Let the spirit"
  • Cancer C.F.C. (Cancer Fucking Cancer)
    "Gather round all to see, reborn misery Doctors stand in my way, my path to death Ready to die, take your last breath Rotting corpse, cancer fucking cancer Cancered guts spilled out (with) therapy Chemical"
  • Filter Cancer
    "I cross the oceans I corss the seas I cross the mountains Like a new disease I cross the borders I cross the line Never to see the light 'Till the end of time I've seen the canyons I've seen the cities I've"
  • Dogma Cancer
    ""Even its most enthusiastic sponsors can see that the administration of an electric shock through the skull is a comparatively crude assault on the underlying brain." "Yes..." "Yes!" "I just bought your"
  • Sick Puppies Cancer
    "Tell me all your plans And I laugh back in your face Preach me your religion If you're dumb enough to pray I tried to make a change To get a better way To make a little more money I tried to get"
  • Congress Chemical Breakdown
    "Fill your body with junk and filth, then cure it with expensive pills, abcesses impossible to be released, infected inside, pale face to hide. Your health is a disaster, narcotics make your heart beats"
  • Apathy Chemical
    "Creep with me, as I crawl through your bloodstream Dirty as the bathroom in New York club scenes A chemical river that flows through veins of drug fiends Ob-scene, un-clean, love between teens It's chemical,"
  • Start Trouble Chemical
    "(verse 1) Its funny how it all just fades away to soul decay from the things the world can say or can i say everybody needs a little moment of truth when they find a new a new way to live with themselves nobody"
  • No One Chemical
    "It's hard to perceive My mind is at ease It's hard to believe I don't feel a thing Am I wrong to feel Such bliss that ain't real Can I keep it from taking over me Fell into this moment Now this chemical"
  • Lambretta Chemical
    "Chemical ChemicalTry a little honesty, that ain't gonna hurt you Try a little sympathy, hell is what Ive been throughWe cant find no peace of mindI am not the enemy so why you wanna hurt me Sorry I am,"
  • Joseph Arthur Chemical
    "Taking my medicine Changing the way i am I don't know where i been But i was well behaved I don't know who you are Coming out of my scar Driving my crashing car That needs a coat of paint Chemical Up"
  • Trouble Is Chemical
    "Funny how it all just fades away to soul decay from the things the world can say or can i say? everybody needs a little moment of truth when they find a new a new way to live with themselves nobody ever"
  • Kubb Chemical
    "All you're lives are the best I've ever heard and all my time spent with you getting wasted I know and all our tears start to flow when we crash to earth and all our money spent on drugs getting cooked"
  • New Order Chemical
    "Any kind of fool with the will to live Tries to get it right with the one they're with But even though I give you special treatment You keep getting high juvenile delinquent And this is how it feels"
  • Chemical Garage Chemical Garage
    "1. Its a one of many on the street which, Includes half of the town. I had never fought in my dreams It will be my only crown. Its a place where everything can happen I feel goose bumps, swat and buzz And"
  • Sailor Romance
    "Romance, romance, romance You keep me dancing all night long You like to lead me on The chimes of midnight will fade away And I know that nobody else is going to matter until it's day So let the 'boys"
  • David Cassidy Romance
    "(Let your heart go)Romance - she danced into my life one night. Romance - across a crowded room she looked so right. And suddenly the whole world just stood still I knew I had to move or I'd blow my chance"
  • Nylons Romance
    "Romance I'll take romance if I can get it Give me just one night, you won't regret it This old world's not ready for me 'Cause I live inside of my fantasy Romance I'll take romance 'cause it's essential"
  • Gordon Lightfoot Romance
    "You said you were through with romanceWhy take a chance on anyoneYou're so beautiful tooI can tell by the way that you danceThey say that people don't changeWhy rearrange the originalYou do something to"

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