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My Kind hillary duff

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My Kind hillary duff

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My Kind hillary duff
  • Piebald Hillary Dresser
    "once upon a time. when i just stood still. your eyes pierced my skin/i've lost what i knew. can i scratch them out yet? lost it lost it. scratch it scratch it. do not even blink. am i invisible? what's"
  • Dean Friedman Hey, Hey, Hillary
    "by Dean Friedman I met my love Hillary at the local distillery. She was leaning so languidly, on the window sillery. And I was glued to my seat as I gazed at her feat. Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary. My"
  • Hilary Duff My Kind
    "Moment of clarity You're leading me where I follow And all my insanity You're real, for now So I keep telling me You take the weight off my shoulders You're every missing piece You're real, for now I"
  • Normals Hillary
    "Hillary says she found Jesus in her closet Hillary said it didn't fit.. Hillary is scared of nothing At least nothing she'll admit.. Hillary has a lovely smile Through the haze of hillary's cigarettes Jesus"
  • Haylie Duff Same Old Christmas (Featuring Hilary Duff)
    "(Verse one) Rows of angels in the snow Hugs and kisses by the mistletoe Sugarplum fairies everywhere,must be that time of year Stars that shine on christmas trees Smoke that curls from chimineys Rednose"
  • Tony Lucca Kind
    "You could look me in the eye And see the invitation Ive addressed to you And gladly I would share with you The beauty of my vivid point of view To see a stranger with a smile Man its been awhile but"
  • Paul Carrack My Kind
    "Blue eyes that are open wide As warn as the sun She's my girl Any fool can see 'Cause one smile would melt the snow Where she goes I want to go She stays on my wind Because she's my kind Her hair falling"
  • Kim Sozzi My Kind
    "I get the feeling I'm insane Cause I've been crying Nothing about me feels the same But I've been trying I don't know whats been going on I guess I'm hard to please Don't save me, Don't change me"
  • Josh Kelley My Kind
    "What am I a liar Wanna play your game You think I'm crazy I just wanna complain You know, you know, you know, you know You're killin' me Didn't wanna say it but, you got no shame You say you can't remember"
  • Pitchshifter My Kind
    "You knock me down take the shirt from our backs, kick me round but you will never stop me, drag me down take the words from my mouth, kick me round round but you will never stop me. He said no man could"
  • Lil' Romeo Tell Me A Story(Feat.Hilary Duff)
    "YO YO This Romeo And You Know What We Gonna Make Them Dance This Christmas (Hilary) Tell Me A Story,I Belive Oh I Belive All Things Are Possible On Christmas Eve (LiL Romeo) It was the night before"
  • Royal Hunt Not My Kind
    "Time is running out, you’re left behind Can’t you see, you’re not my kind? Somebody’s gain’s built on somebody’s loss Friendship of ours was a beautiful ghost Better run home, put up a hell of a race Get"
  • Howlin' Wolf Just My Kind
    "Just my color, oooh you're just my kind Well you're just my color, ooh you're just my kind Well you keep me worried darlin', bothered all the time. Well I told my baby, cried all night long I told my"
  • Teenage Fanclub You're My Kind
    "I don't mind If flops don't climb 'Cause you're my kind I've got a message I send to myself, that tells me your name I've got a message I send to myself, that tells me your name Clocks need time Like"
  • Icehouse Not My Kind
    "Inside this city, on this empty train hoping that the late night never lets me go I travel to the station, to the underground Where the dark is a friend to me we race along the subways he's a cold hand"
  • My Insanity Kind Of Light
    "Your words in my skull Just hypocrisy Only a living forgery In your eyes I see the real picture Shows me the mortal creature The darkness in my mind Is just a kind of light The lightning in my eyes Tells"
  • Shelby Lynne Killin' Kind
    "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings It was so careless of me I guess I've gone and done it It's just a matter of time Nothin' I can do but tell you I'm sorry And that's the hardest part of all 'Cause"
  • Devendra Banhart Be Kind
    "Be kind, baby be kind Be kind, baby be kind The light of this might Align your legs to time They give me up as I got mine Oh and that's too many times Baby be kind And my eyelids are fine Don't let your"
  • Jars Of Clay Jealous Kind
    "I built another temple to a stranger I gave away my heart to the rushing wind I set my course to run right into danger Sought the company of fools instead of friends (Chorus:) You know I've been unfaithful Lovers"
  • Travis Tritt Restless Kind
    "Well I was born the restless kind Settlin' down never crossed my mind Wild and wooly I guess that's me People sure get nervous when a man is free I can hold my tongue and I can hold my wine I can hold"

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