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My Ordinary life

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My Ordinary life

  • Ordinary Life - The Weeknd
    "Heaven in her mouth, got a hell of a tongue I can feel her teeth when I drive on a bump Fingers letting go of the wheel when I cum Whe-wheel when I cum, whe-wheel when I cum David Carradine, I'ma die when"
  • Ordinary Life - Liquido
    "What has come of you Fadin into gloom Blackening everything that we achieved Thought I felt kill An underrated skill Catching but heavily quite a disease Givin some crap It is to show you where my head"
  • Ordinary life - The Exies
    "Sinking fast, hold tightJust remember ordinary lifeMore trouble, than it's worthKnow it when you see the signNothing feels right, step out of lineJust remember ordinary mind Nagging wife, starts a fightTrying"
  • Ordinary life - Van Morrison
    "Sinking fast, hold tight Just remember ordinary life More trouble, than it's worth Know it when you see the sign Nothing feels right, step out of line Just remember ordinary mind Nagging wife, starts a"
  • Ordinary Life - Lostprophets
    "I wake up feeling asleep I'm tired of being a sheep I'm sick of running around a rat race I wanna play in the sun Turn off the television Stop rotting my brain with your stupid programes All the girls"
  • Ordinary Life - Semisonic
    "Well I looked for the life fantastic Cos I read it in a magazine What I got was myself as a plastic figurine And the happily ever after I traded everything to see Now my scene is the snow on a static"
  • Ordinary Life - Samiam
    "She's always restless, she's over-medicated with the kind of emmotion that feels out of place. Never give your opinion they've got all the answers follow the leader but remember where you've been.. So"
  • Ordinary Life - Starfield
    "Verse 1 Take me an invade me, make me someone new. Wake me from the dead and break me with the truth. Move me and disturb me, interupt my peace, tear open my heart, and pul me to my knees. There's a"
  • Ordinary Life - Cruel Intentions
    "And I shed my soul, feel it kneeling down... I'm clutching my faith, pull it tightly round... You're moving your mouth but you don't make a sound... But I feel the walls slowly tearing down... Heel"
  • Ordinary Life - Kristen Barry
    "And I shed my soul, feel it kneeling down I'm clutching my faith, pull it tightly around you're moving your mouth, but you don't make a sound but I feel the walls sowly tearing down heel to toe take you"
  • Ordinary Life - Chad Brock
    "Shelly's at the kitchen table, cup of coffee the morning paper When he walks in she's so surprised to see the tears in his eyes He says, "I love you, I'm so sorry, but bigger dreams are waiting for me But"
  • Ordinary - Wayne Brady
    "All of our friends keep saying we should be more social Cuz we keep to ourselves most of the time They just don't understand what we got going on Cause a love like this is so hard to find Don't wanna live"
  • This Ordinary Life - Matthew West
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Well I've been thinkin' about my life It seems I never take a chance But I talk about it all the time But it's just the same ol' song and"
  • An Ordinary Life - Clark Anne
    "------------------ The madman looked inside the eyes of the face upon the mirror - "It seems I'm losing my way again" - he sighed . And once again the tell-tale tears begin their journey down an ever"
  • Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf
    "Live a life less ordinary Live a life extraordinary with me Live a life less sedentary Live a life evolutionary with me Well I hate to be a bother, But it's you and there's no other, I do believe You can"
  • My Ordinary World - The Exies
    "A life less ordinary A second chance to believe Spending my time wishing Something would fall into reach There's no use in pretending I've wasted unspoken words There's comfort in knowing In knowing just"
  • A Life Less Ordinary - Ash
    "I smoke myself to a haze in the afternoon Enveloped heart and the air is cool, Put on your dress, white goddess. And settle in as the weather folds, in the slow haze of the afternoon, swaying hips made"
  • Ordinary Song - First Degree
    "All I need to get along Just an ordinary song What brings me through the night Is an ordinary song to feel allright I sing along Just an ordinary song Gives me the drive In this ordinary life All I need"
  • Ordinary Day - Ace Of Base
    "Aaaaaah Ahahahahahaaaaa I wanna kiss you Just not ordinary miss you It's an ordinary day I would like to do the same tomorrow I wanna kiss you Just not ordinary miss you But you're sleeping on my arm I'm"
  • Ordinary Day - BLIND
    "blood and hate and pain, Im through it separate, expose and turn away and you leave me broken suffocation finally loosing determined to convince and calculate but Im sick of myself its an ordinary world and"

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