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My Psychosis

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My Psychosis

  • Psychosis - Poets Of The Fall
    "Well it's a different man in your face And so out of place That you can see anything there that you wish Kiss my bliss It's like i'm a welcoming freakshow doormat Held in awe while growing fat in the head This"
  • Psychosis - Tricky
    "Tricky : I confide to anything So I have to hide from everything. Everybody wants a piece of me. You see origin and cease to be. Sit back and let it happen, Let us take your time away. I don't understand"
  • Latent Psychosis - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Waiting for the bus, on a cold windy day, staring around something strange underway. Heart beats wild going blind, I can't walk I try to fly. Latent psychosis, latent, it's back again. Brought down"
  • Compulsive Psychosis - Hypocrisy
    "I am still on the loose, with vengeance of hate Thirsty for your blood They have examined my brain but I'm still insane Nothing can cure my hunger for your flesh I see your face You're getting pale"
  • 4.48 Psychosis - Tindersticks
    "But you have friends What do you offer your friends to make them so supportive? What do you offer? 100, 91, 84, 81, 72, 69, 58, 44, 37, 38, 42, 21, 28, 12, 7 Hatch opens Stark light The television"
  • Psychosis (ft. Sean Price) - Dope D.O.D.
    "I gotta I gotta I gotta, psychosis I'm going mental, I'm stuck in the melody Call me instrumental, hip hop felony Down with the gentle, gotta analyze what I've been through Fuck you To rap one of my disorders,"
  • Psychosis - UK Subs
    "Trade in your sanity for a new reality. A psycho walk. A psycho talk.You're a psycho, psycho - Psychosis.Your mind has gone without a trace.Ejected into hyperspace.You're a psycho, psycho - Psychosis.Little"
  • Pax Psychosis - Grendel
    "Unity constructing isolation Conformity constructing tyranny Bureaucracy and administration A new cold wave of anxiety Head high March forth Don't ask Don't talk Kneel down Conform Decay Forlorn Pax"
  • Succubi - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "Succubi In darkest night In cold moonlight While I'm asleep They visit me Hypnotized by dreams of sin Darkness like fingers Carress my skin Their kisses drain away my life My blood leaps out Into the"
  • Galatea - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "You're my little girl Your little dress Your little curls I place your hand On my beating heart I whisper to you We must never part You look at me With your big blue eyes Always hiding behind A synthetic"
  • October - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "OCTOBER I'm running through dark twisted trees You're laughing and one step behind me But this game has begun to scare me A cold wind rushes through me And I sense your presence in me You're breathing"
  • As Leaves Fell - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "As Leaves Fell A grey and heavy sky Brings the cold I knew would come Now everything speaks to me of you And the old wound never heals I chase your whispering shadow Through the falling autumn leaves To"
  • Solace Of The Shadows - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "I require the solace of the shadows So the night can be redeemed As the winds of darkness whispers my name A kiss of death I receive Nocturnal enchanter to thy art I yield Within the candlelight a rapture"
  • Wandering Of The Womb - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "Life was given to me It is mine I want to live it out Wandering through time Wandering through lives Senses like miles Emotions like knives Neither right Nor wrong A page once turned is gone Time is"
  • My War - My Ruin
    "You're one of them You say that you're my friend But you're one of them You don't want to see me live You don't want me to give Cos you're one of them My war You're one of them You say that you're my"
  • My Indigo - My Indigo
    "I call what we have indigo Unclear what we are but what we know And though you never take my hand even when I rais your shiprack from the sand. And though you never count the cost, of the innocence you've"
  • In My Tears - Emigrate
    "My sickness slips inside you Drowning in my poison Desperately I hide too from heaven Now we'll be together I can make you better Siphon your pain in me, so I bleed Feed your dreams to fishes Lie about"
  • My Sister Sam - Suburban Rhythm
    "I need a message! I need a clue! I want to know the things you say and things you do! I need attention, for my own good! They say I'm crazy, and should be locked up for good. My doctor told me, the"
  • My Way - Black My Heart
    "i think i might be beat i watch my blood hit the ground it's only been one round beat down broken you can break my bones but you'll never get a word outta me my life my way this is me fight for your life i"
  • My Sunshine - My Black Sky
    "I sought you all night 'cause i cant fight i looked my tears sink it's so hard to think that i could of keeped you i cant understand you you sliped out of my hand and now it's the end (chorus): ilove"

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