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My essence

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My essence

  • Essence - Lucinda Williams
    "Baby, sweet baby, you're my drug Come on and let me taste your stuff Baby, sweet baby, bring me your gift What surprise you gonna hit me with I am waiting here for more I am waiting by your door I"
  • Essence - Nightfall
    "Essence Time to believe to the essence of the meanings Time to come back to the roots of human learning I call the winds to stand by me Isolate my weak feelings no more to bleed Hide the morning star,"
  • Essence - Enslaved
    "The question is this By will alone Does my heart carry the strength To see you burn? When I do not wish to part To see them farewell Does my heart carry the strength to leave you behind? The eternal"
  • Essence - Extol
    "Here we go again Feeling so small inside I could implode Humiliated By my own ways of weakness Wash me white as snow Let me start again Oh, let your warm breeze blow away all this filth in my soul Reaching"
  • Essence - Cocteau Twins
    "I don't have to be specific when I wanna hug you You had a natural right to be born to become Yes having my small niece(heaven must at least) becomes (so) acceptable to me I'd feel angry had I lost you"
  • The Essence - Firewind
    "The more I know, the more I hear It only makes me think Uncertain is our time, and dear And what is to remain? You walked through fire You carried your own cross And you can't deny it The sickness has"
  • Bleakest Essence - Noumena
    "Seek the truth from my eyes Can you see into the depths of my soul? Can you see the eternal sin? The morning embracing the sunset Hold your tears in my heart Lay my arms enchanted tonight Enslave your"
  • Sweet Essence - Divine
    "Verse 1: Somebody asked me how I knew Oh you were the one for me baby And I was the one for you I never had to ask myself that question Why? Chorus: Your love is something that I know is mine Your love"
  • Handmade Essence - Mechanical Poet
    "At candlelight I've left the Buried Town My father has no might To keep me down Some foreign scents Infesting clammy shade Induce me to repent Of my gambade I'm not a creature - I'm a doll... ...With"
  • The Essence - Az
    "(feat. Nas) Aiyyo God, yo meet me at the Denice Williams concert tonight man E'rybody there, Stacy Lattisaw, Teena Marie, e'rybody man Yeah yeah no doubt I'ma bring one of my baddest stallions"
  • Essence of Me - Leona Lewis
    "Let me take these clothes off, throw them in the fire Blowing hair in the wind, let spirit guide me No limitations, it's a brand new day It's a new horizon, this is who I am This is what I want I'm breaking"
  • Essence of loss - Rain Delay
    "Restrospection, the deep felt times,Like heavy teardrops evaporate.The strenght, held in meaningless words,I must reveal to feel levitation in this body.Understanding the essence of lossEnds this dreadful"
  • Enthralled In Essence - Atheist
    "I've scaled over the walls of morality Not quite sure what I'd find There on the other side Waiting in a common stance Relieve me of my duty As keeper of this body Just leave me with my mind And I assure"
  • Essence Of Creation - Dead Blue Sky
    "It haunts me that my pain pours out in symphony When measures and harmony can rip my insides out My passion is the blood that drips from open wounds Best friend's creation captures the essence of my sorrow I"
  • Drained of Essence - Burning Inside
    "Would you follow me into dark Even though you are as scared as you are? Look into the past To retrieve vivid thoughts Scars from youth Reflect unwanted memories Dark corners of my mind Unfolds the pain"
  • Essence Of Life - Sylvan
    "Hey, did I ever tell 'bout cute tick called Pete He lived his life quite well, Though he was a complete freak You should believe me, he's the kind of tick you wanna meet Led a lone life in peace oh yeah He"
  • The Essence of Silence - Epica
    "Something is wrong My strength has gone Thoughts are corrupting my mind I can see I perceive This ain't me Something so strong My mood has swung I can't get it out of my head I believe That my mind"
  • Essence (feat. Super Computer) - Oliver Tree
    "Baby you’re my essence, you make me lose my mind I can’t live a day here without you by my side I won’t ever leave you, I need you in my life Without you I’m nothing What would I do without you here Life"
  • Essence - Marillion
    "Tell you what I want Essence 'Tell you what I need Essence What I'm looking for Essence Sit in silence close your eyes, feel the magic everywhere inside you Fingers toes head heart and soul, connected"
  • Back To The Essence - Blackalicious
    "(feat. Lateef) When I'm on the mic I stand tall with gall Style worth more than anything you goin find in mall The treasure of the mutiny is what keeps you all enthralled I lively up the people with"

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