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My favorite toy

  • Toy - Murmurs
    "Stranger licks, but this hurts better Slimy tickles on my bones I'm having a thrill with my jet setter I just don't want to be alone I just don't want to be alone If you decide what makes up my mind Then"
  • My Favorite Color - Sesame Street
    "(spoken) Grover: Elmo, Elmo, Elmo! Elmo: Yeah, Grover? Grover: Hey, hey, it is time for me to tell you about my favorite color. Elmo: Oh, Elmo would be happy to hear about Grover's favorite color. Grover:"
  • Toy - Lauren Jauregui
    "I'm holding it to the side and fucking playing every day Tell me [?], [?] you're questioning Told him "even though I'm small, I'll take you to the space" Wait for me, side of [?] on the other play Sometimes"
  • TOY - Netta
    "Look at me I’m a beautiful creature I don’t care about your modern time preacher welcome boys to my show I will teach ya drum drum, ah oh /2x Hay, I think you forgot how to play my teddy bear’s running"
  • Favorite - Audio Learning Center
    "I bought your album You're my new favorite band I love that third song - yeah Let's hear that one again And I learned all your words So I can sing along You're my favorite band You write my favorite songs I"
  • Favorite - Neko Case
    "Oh lie I thought you were golden I thought you were wise Caught you returning To the house you caught fire But I know that I was your favorite And I said Amen Wise, found favorin' heaven And I at your"
  • Favorite - LIZ PHAIR
    "Don't look sexy but it just feels right Not too dirty and it's not too tight Why I never threw it out, I'll never know exactly why Keep it in the drawer beside my bed It's faded pink now, but it used to"
  • Toy Soldiers - My Vitriol
    "It wasn't my intention to mislead you It never should have been this way What can I say? It's true, I did extend the invitation I never knew how long you'd stay When you hear temptation call It's your"
  • My favorite - Twiztid
    "Man Ive Been Smokeing This Shit For Some Long (So Long)I Smoke Shit You Cant Even Pronounce Shit Like ?You Ever Smoke ? You Aint Never Smoked That Shit First Time I Snatched You Up I Took You In My Lungs"
  • My Favorite - Leo Sayer
    "the first time I met youI knew that I was gonna fallyou took me you shook meyou put me higher on the wall but I love it you're my favoritewon't change it for anything at allI can't do I won't do won't"
  • Toy Boy - Sinitta
    "Everbody's talking when ther see me walking with this little boy of mine He's my play thing and I love him I dress him up looking fine. He ain't got money people think it's funny he gives me everything"
  • Toy Boy - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Toy boy, toy boy .. Everybody's talking, when they see me walking, with this little boy of mine. He's my play thing and I love him, I dress him up looking fine. He ain't got no money, people think he's"
  • My Toy Soldiers - 50 Cent
    "''You Ready? Ok let me wind you up Do it exactly the way I said do it man These Niggas is pussy you heard me? Get up nice and close Ya!!'' (Chours) I put that battery in his back Im the reason why he"
  • Toy Heart - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Darling, you toyed with toy heart I think you played the game right from the start This toy heart was broken When parting words were spoken Darling, you toyed with a toy heart You played with my poor"
  • Another Toy - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous Another Toy When I'm gone and you are broke, you will find another toy When I'm broke and you have gone, you will find another toy The wind was cutting in so well, I covered up"
  • Love Toy - Gloria Estefan
    "Doo wop bop When it comes to boys Mama always said Never let any temptation Go to your head Doo wop bop Oh but it's so tempting so delicious When I kiss your lips When I feel your fingertips 'Cause ooh,"
  • Toy boy - Daze
    "Dum dum di da di da di , Dum dum di da, Diga dum dum di da di da di , Ooh oow ooh, Diga dum dum di da di da di . Dum dum di da, Every night I'll be calling my toy boy (Toy boy) Be my toy boy , be my"
  • Black Toy - Flangers
    "N.T Welcome By N.T. Welcome by And there it's welcome by And it sees me cry do you see girl ? Soon there is emptyness in everything you seem to know I'm in outerspace Soon there is emptyness in everything"
  • My Toy Soldier - 50 Cent
    "You ready? OK let me wind you up Do it exactly the way i say do it man, these niggas are pussy, you heard me? Get up nice and close (yeah!) I put that battery in his back I'm the reason why he move"
  • Toy box - Soundgarden
    "Eyes to sun, she lays in peace Eyes bear complacence Brown, the meadow grows tall to the sun Seasons have come, they have gone Buried in dirt, her torso lays One limb dangles Brown, the meadow grows tall"

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