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My hands are cols

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My hands are cols

  • Cola - Lana Del Rey
    "My pussy tastes like pepsi cola My eyes are wide like cherry pies I gots a taste for men who older It's always been so, it's no surprise Harvey's in the sky with diamonds And he's making me crazy (Come"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Dolly Parton
    "To be with you is what I want more than anything But I must share my life with the one who wears my ring And there are tiny places I look into each night I love you but my hands are tied I know how much"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Porter Wagoner
    "To be with you is what I want more than anything But I must share my life with the one who wears my ring And there are tiny places I look into each night I love you but my hands are tied I know how much"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Mesh
    "You could be free You could be free You never tire of reminding me You could be free You've spent some time on your own You're used to living alone In all the space that you find for me You've spent some"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Merle Haggard
    "MY HANDS ARE TIED (Tommy Collins - Merle Haggard - Kay Adams) '67 Tree Publishing, BMI She came her to see me today in prison where I have to stay But this time she came here to tell me goodbye Pretending"
  • Hands - Jewel
    "If I could tell the world just one thing It would be that we're all OK And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful And useless in times like these I won't be made useless I won't be idle with despair I will"
  • Hands - Quindon Tarver
    "If I Could Tell the World Just One Thing It Would Be That We're All Ok and Not to Worry 'cause Worry Is Wasteful and Useless in Times Like These I Won't Be Made Useless I Won't Be Idle With Despair"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Don Gibson
    "Well my hands're tied yeah my hands're tied Baby tonight I like to hold you tight oh but my hands're tied Well my hands're tied yeah my hands're tied Like a well puppy duck it's just my luck and my hands're"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Gyroscope
    "Bore you to no end remembering Glad you brought a friend remembering Scream for blue murder sinking disorder secretly watered down Sleeping disorder sea of new order swim out until you drown Crush your"
  • Hands - Kane
    "HEY HEY YEAH! Oh no no no no no I saw you You stood there I've seen you right there from the start With ev'ry heartbeat closer I've seen you right there where you are And it could have been so fine yeah"
  • Hands - The Rumble Strips
    "Oh no, where are my hands They're in my pockets Away from your hands And that is where they will stay Because you are far away You said you had something to say But while you were talking, my feet started"
  • Hands - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Ooh ... ooh ... Ho ... Ah ho ho ho ah ... Oh ... There's a man outside my door tonight He cries for help, he sings a pleadin' song The times are tough for everyone Gotta hold on to what I got, and just"
  • Hands - Swervedriver
    "I just love this part of the world The food's fine and the sun shines And the people seem so relaxed They ride motorbikes lidless It seems like nobody's ever been anywhere They didn't wanna be I guess"
  • Hands - Karen Lehner
    "It is morning now And he is there beside you But it's different somehow Was last night a big mistake But his eyes were so Kind of heaven like And he was better than he could ever be And his hands 16 years"
  • Hands Are Law - Rusted Root
    "I rode in a boat With concrete women They like their coca-colas plasticine These witches of the rocky shores cast their spells by whipping stones against my skull Makes my days roll like thunder but when"
  • My Dirty Hands Are Mined - Team Dresch
    "Tried to warn my neighbors about my inner plot The girl next door with no conscience what a dreadful thought Now I'm a politician, not smart enough to lie I'll cut the space program, and have your check"
  • Hands Are Tied - Gin Blossoms
    "I've been waiting around all night Your warm kiss is on my mind A piece of you is all I've got But the whole damn thing is what I want I've been waiting around here all night long Holding on to these memories"
  • Coka Cola - Andre Nickatina
    "Im like some coca-cola Better yet a motorola Man time is gettin shorter Or should i say like colda Man cats is gettin bolder From moving banking soda Man bullets dance like clubs on them hot corners I"
  • Coca-Cola - Brand New
    "There are blood and feathers on my dumb paws Now you ain't nothing but a dead duck and I still ain't nothing but a hound-dog. You seep in the windows and vents. I lay in the grass and I lose your scent. Well"
  • Cola - Panda
    "Somos Panda! We're back motherfuckers Gonna kick your ass Gonna pierce your eye Gonna blow your mind Whoou? whoou? Hey! Ho! Somos cuatro de Monterrey, Nuevo León Y traemos este ritmo medio sabrozón Somos"

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