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My heard

  • Heard - Kanye West
    "*Intro* (Kanye West) And I heard 'em say nothin's ever promised tomorrow, today From the Chi, Like Tim, it's a Hardaway till this is in the name of love, like robert say Before you ask me to go get a job"
  • Heard Enough - The Rembrandts
    "It's all too much, for you You've spent the whole day cryin' So out of touch, it's true Lookin' for the little king inside of you I've read that book before A million times or more I've heard enough And"
  • Be heard - Jasmine Guy
    "Explain it allLet me be heardDon't shake meAnd say no wayCause i love to singAnd i love to danceAnd if that is a matter to youJust close your earsAnd pretend i am not thereSo go to your sweet dreamsDon't"
  • Ya Heard - The Game
    "You see that cherry red Phantom on them big ass wheels, You see I be playing with them cars, I'm like a big ass kid, Crazy with that cap gun, so if we play cops and robbers, I'll show you how to pop revolvers, Fitted"
  • Vagitarian-Never Heard Of It - Never Heard Of It
    "i like her and she likes her and i think that she likes her too i contemplate that we can date but i never have a clue until one day when i was waking up with her she said this is weird cuz i'm a lesbian and"
  • I Heard My Dog Bark - Sesame Street
    "I was lying in my bed on a quiet night Went down to the kitchen to get myself a bite I reached for the light as I walked in the door But I tripped and knocked a big old pot Down on the floor And then I"
  • I Heard My Saviour Call - Kitty Wells
    "I heard my Saviour calling me he save my soul he set me free I know he'll never let me fall praise out I heard my Saviour call I was a sinner traveling on a weary road so far from home But now sweet"
  • Heard It On My Radio - Brother Firetribe
    "I heard the sound I heard the sound in the air that night The same sound gets me through tonight I heard it on my radio I remember back in '84 Still hadn't learned the wicked ways of the world We needed"
  • Haven't You Heard - Patrice Rushen
    "Have you heard that theres an ad Listed in the classifieds Kind of brief, it only says Im lookin for the perfect guy Dont you know that Ive been lookin for you {Havent you heard} Ive been lookin for you"
  • Ya Heard Me - Soulja Slim
    "Gimme a cigarette mane Gimme a hump. An ol' penitentary hump Camou'd Down. Ya know I'm penitentary Look I'm A real nigga you love to soulja hate, ya heard me I beat the game and balled in '98, ya heard"
  • Haven't You Heard - George Strait
    "Haven't you heard Haven't you heard Daddy's gone crazy Haven't you heard momma is gone Here I stand with my finger on his door bell My mind goes back to what I did last night, You see I finally talked"
  • Haven't You Heard - Porter Wagoner
    "Haven't you heard there's a new love for me Haven't you heard you're just my used to be She held out her hand said haven't you heard I saw gold wedding band I was lost forward I wanted to cry I wanted"
  • Have You Heard - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
    "Have you heard about my baby? Yes, how i love her you don't know Have you heard about my baby? How i love, how i love her you don't know I declare it hurt me so bad, Yes, when i heard she'd got to go Have"
  • U Heard Me - 50 Cent
    "[50 Cent] Uh huh...yea Verse 1 Shorty the Henny got me feeling right Ya heard me? My momma gone you could spend the night Ya heard me? I'm not playing I'm trying to fuck tonight Ya heard me? Clothes off"
  • You Heard Me - 50 Cent
    "(50 Cent) Uh huh...yea Verse 1 Shorty the Henny got me feeling right Ya heard me? My momma gone you could spend the night Ya heard me? I'm not playing I'm trying to fuck tonight Ya heard me? Clothes off"
  • Heard It All - Emilie Autumn
    "I heard a story It's too hard to mention I heard a thing once I can't even say I had a moment Of doubtful suspension But it's almost forgotten It's been pulled away Chorus: By too many hands Touching"
  • You Haven't Heard - Stonewall Jackson
    "That last time I called you on the phone You said you thought that I had really gone You thought that I'd forgotten you Oh how can I forget You haven't heard about me dying have you yet You haven't"
  • Until I Heard - Rachael Yamagata
    "all my life nothing seems to last just some names i'll soon forget and in the past i never take the chance to lead with my heart and not my head all my life i heard them but to hear those words from you just"
  • Heard That Sound - MxPx
    "Without a window to see through, I did my time, in here without you, Slept on the floor down in LBC, Meet me back home under the marquee It seems like misery loves misery, My favorite songs they keep"
  • Have You Heard - The Duprees
    "Have you heard Who's kissing her now Do you think she's blue Did she say we're through Has she found someone new Have you seen The way she looks now Does she act the same When she hears my name Does she"

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