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My heard is stereo

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My heard is stereo

  • Stereo - John Legend
    "She's a, fast love professional, crafty bold and beautiful, Stage right, locked eyes, I swear it's magical, Her name is Melanie, says she digs my melody Likes how I move, thinks I'm cool that's what she"
  • Stereo - Paulina Rubio
    "(feat. Pretty Willie) It's very clear to me, just like it's in 3d When total empathy sounds like it's ringing on my stereo I'm bouncing off the wall, the way you turn me on I think I like this song, sounds"
  • Stereo Soldier - Little Mix
    "1)Boy step a little closer 'Cause I don't think you've heard these words before (Yeah) Lay me left and rock me right, baby lift me up so high Take me to another world(Y-Yeah) 'Cause no one else will"
  • In Stereo - Aceyalone
    "What is that.. in the stereo That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control What is that.. in the stereo AHHH!That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control I can leap over a buildin with the greatest of ease Get up"
  • Heard - Kanye West
    "*Intro* (Kanye West) And I heard 'em say nothin's ever promised tomorrow, today From the Chi, Like Tim, it's a Hardaway till this is in the name of love, like robert say Before you ask me to go get a job"
  • Stereo World - Feeder
    "Staring at the ideal world my bubble begins to break gazing at the ceiling cracks The more the picture fades It's just that I can't see when I'm down like this I just feel the weight as I try to resist It"
  • Stereo Speakers - The Pink Spiders
    "I can't tell you So I'll scream it through the stereo Speakers, come on and turn me on I can't tell you So I'll scream it through the stereo Speakers, come on and turn me on They say that love is"
  • Stereo Madness - Dalbello
    "Chaos in mission control I'm being followed wherever I go Somebody's wearing my clothes My mirror image is starting to show I've been in and out Had my turnabouts Baiting the hook that broke on... On"
  • In stereo - Bomfunk Mc
    "When i listen to my stereo, all i hear is a funky flow it really makes me loose control bomfunk mc's in stereo, in stereo, in stereo but how right? cannot hide it, can't deny it it's so obvious you"
  • In Stereo - Bomfunk MC's
    "When I listen to my stereo, All I hear is a funky flow It really makes me loose control Bomfunk MC's in stereo, in stereo, in stereo But how right? Cannot hide it, can't deny it It's so obvious you hope"
  • In stereo - Lil Eddie
    "Oh yeah One foot in the door, the whole room paused, like I was in slow motion Had the girls & more, and I was so sure, where my night was going There were different flavours, all in my favour, down"
  • Stereo Child - Dead Poetic
    "(Your tradition) I'm getting so sick of creating this music to please you The way it used to be is the very thing that blinds you. That's why you can't see my God move 'Cause this is not then, and I'm"
  • Stereo Glow - Henning Ohlenbusch
    "What I was thinking, While you were drinking, Is how this nation lacks conversation. What I was joking, While you were smoking, Was that the fear in my heart was a terrible, terrible start. The glow"
  • English Stereo - Support Lesbiens
    "Starting the day, I couldnt be balanced Want it all to feel the same Starting alone, then I see a crowd, thats making me wonder Do you want to be the same I know that you know, keep burning I know that"
  • Stereo Sanctity - Sonic Youth
    "Seven Seven I'm keeping my commission to faith's transmission Two speakers dream the same and skies turn red Satellites flashing down orchard and delancey I can't get laid cuz everyone is dead Hey - gold"
  • Stereo Love - Edward Maya
    "When you gonna stop breaking my heart I don't wanna be another one Paying for the things I never done Don't let go Don't let go ...to my love Can I get to your soul Can you get to my thoughts Can you promise"
  • Personal stereo - Flunk
    "This one goes out to the one I loveThis one goes out to the one I loveThis one goes out to the one I loveComing to you, on your personal stereoI'm coming back to playBut I don't know the rulesAnd I'm nobody's"
  • Stereo - Unklejam
    "Oh oh yeah Oh yeah yeah I-I-I-I got a special walk, everybody stare I-I-I-I got a way with words, are you listening? (Come on, come on) We gotta please your imagination (Come on, come on) The only sound"
  • Stereo - Kid Alex
    "I feel the Colors in my head They're running yellow blue and red I hear the Colors in my head Those changing faces everyday Erasing Colors in my Brain Would like to have you near me know To kiss you Chorus:"
  • Stereo - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Make you choice and that is that Live with her and don't look back Easy, simple, tidy, ultra-clean Not with me, I don't know why To the left and to the right Good things come from"

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