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My heart it's for love it

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My heart it's for love it

  • It's Only My Heart - Michael Bolton
    "I've been down, I've been weak And I've lost enough sleep over you It's gonna take me some time But I've made up my mind I'll get through I'm gonna learn to carry on now 'Cause I'm determined to be strong"
  • It's Out Of My Heart - Party
    "Take the time, girl, to look me in the eye. C'mon and let me in on what's on your mind. I need to know before you turn away. I lost my heart deep in your soul. Will your love leave me hanging cold? Baby,"
  • My Heart - Jennifer Hudson
    "Whoa Whoa 1234 What's up girl? let me holler at you for a second. I just want you to know all of those other girls they never meant anything to me, your the only one for me You turned me on, sounds"
  • My Heart - Lizz Wright
    "My heart my head my mind my soul My feelings over you My tears my touch remember all that I am to you My heart my mind my soul My feelings over you My tears my touch remember all that I am When you're"
  • It's Time For A Change Of Heart - Tina Charles
    "Its Time For A Change of Heart Sometimes I wish that Id never got out of bed Facing another day chasing the pain away from my head cause here we go again, with words we shouldnt say Hurting one another"
  • Explain It To My Heart - Chicago
    "I understand there's no future for us here Guess I fooled myself into thinking there was Now you've make it clear I'll never be right Now we've got to say good-bye and I've got to be strong So tell me"
  • Tell it to my heart - 2 Alive
    "Tell it to my heart tonight. Baby hold me tight Tell it to my heart tonight. Baby hold me tight Get up and moving around Would you, would you step by my side I can't go on like that So what, so what, we'll"
  • Horrible Pain (Within My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke Him, and He comes to me, in my dreams Dressed in black He speaks in a language only I can understand His hands are warm, His breath is hot He is the horrible pain, within my heart My religion,"
  • Horrible Pain (In My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke him... And he comes to me in my dreams dressed in black. He speak in a language only I can understand. His hands are warm, his breath is hot He is the horrible pain within my heart My religion,"
  • It's For You - Blue System
    "It's for you - my baby It's for you - I'll give it all back to you It's for you - and maybe It's for you - I know that my heart is true Oh, with you - Oh, with you Baby all my dreams come true Oh, with"
  • It's For You - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion Gold / For You It's For You Quelques fois je dis des mots bizarres Quelques fois je parle trop Et tu me regardes et mon coeur tombe l'eau Sometimes i say strange words Sometimes"
  • Did It For Love - Claude Kelly
    "Wooow Wooow Oo oo Lookin back in the rearview mirror of my life I see sum memories that bring a tear to my eye Some were good Some were bad But yet there all mine And I own it And I ain't afriad to show"
  • Do It For Love - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "Does anyone know what love can cost It'll take you so high then leave you lost Is it a mystery that runs too deep for such a simple heart Can anyone stop the hands of time and put back the loving in your"
  • Heart - Diana Ross
    "(diane warren/robbie buchanan) We said we'd try again But trying's not enough Acting like strangers Ain't no way of making love It's never gonna work It's time we stop pretending It's time to turn the"
  • Heart - Leo Sayer
    "We giving up on all the emptinessI fill it up with your sweet love beside me.Ain't no fun to be a rolling stone insideYou buy the feeling and you pay with tears.For what it matters you flow with the motionThen"
  • Heart - Stars
    "Time can take its toll on the best of us Look at you, you're growing old so young Traffic lights blink at you in the evening You tilt your head and turn it to the sun Sometimes the TV is like a lover Singing"
  • Please Becareful With My Heart - Heart Evangelista
    "If you love me like you tell me Please be careful with my heart You can take it just don't break it Or my world will fall apart You are my first romance And i'm willing to take a chance That till life"
  • Heart Of It - Mo Thugs
    "Commotion in background Layzie Bone/Scant: We thuggish ruggish niggas always, always, always Straight from the heart Hey, na, na, na, na, na, na Scant: Everybody wanna piece of our click, even"
  • Doctor For My Heart - Modern Talking
    "Babe, how can you mend a broken heart? Oh, you're tearing me apart Thousand drums play in my mind Take, it off him put it on me Oh, I'm feeling so lonely And I'm holding back my tears I don't wanna a"
  • It's My Way - Don Gibson
    "I'll live every day for you I'll breath ever breath for you So if I'm mean and make you blue it's my way of loving you If I say that you're untrue and it breaks your heart in two I can't help these things"

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