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My heart was broken couple times

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My heart was broken couple times

  • Broken Heart - Axel Rudi Pell
    "I'm lost in a dream, with a mind's full of sadness I remember the good times, that we had in our madness Frozen tears with illusions of fire All of my life was filled with desire Oh I wish we could go"
  • Broken - Elisa
    "Hard times flowing and my eyes couldn't see stars shining my heart couldn't feel the beauty of the rising sun and I'm lost like a bottle that floats in the sea forever will somebody pick up my hope? will"
  • Favorite Broken Heart - Tiffany Evans
    "I was in my closet diggin Ran across some picutres And a couple letters you wrote Kinda had me remincing Bout when it was diffrent Right before you let me go Cause even though we had to finish (Baby I"
  • I Was Born With A Broken Heart - Aaron Tippin
    "If you're lost and you're alone Let me sing you a song Oh, you're not the only lonely one tonight I know what you're goin' through I can sympathize with you I've been wakin' in your shoes all my life"
  • Broken Heart - Lil' Mo
    "Hmmm... Can you fix this? Hmmm... There's been a accident. Please call 911. I need a ambulance. It's been a hit and run. I can't think right. I can't see straight. Ain't got no appetite. Been having"
  • Broken Heart - Falling Up
    "In this moment synchronized inside, Words that paint a legacy of life. A different picture will unfold, A healing finds its way through. Sifted times, I take another breath, With an ambience of nothing"
  • Broken Heart - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Ill start this broken heart Ill fix it up so it will work again Better than before Then Ill star in a mystery A tragic tale of all thats yet to come Fingers crossed there will be love But I get carried"
  • Broken Heart - Silencer
    "Summertime... we use to walk and hold hands... (Shuuuuuuuu)Baby what you do to me baby... (Ahhhhhhhh)... what you do to me I was a sunny day and it was Fourth of July I was at the beach when I saw you"
  • Odd Couple - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Cappadonna) Yo yo word up! Look who's back in the joint It's The Odd Couple in the spot Ghostface and C-Don, for real! It's like that y'all Niggas'll crack y'all, attack y'all W.T.C. kid,"
  • Odd Couple - Digital Underground
    "(Humpty Hump) Good googily goo Look what the cat dragged in The mack's back in, we snap-crack in We got the jokes for you Uh, look who the Hump bumped into The old one-two, rhyme sayer, the paper"
  • Couple Of The Month - Face First
    "Could you ever forgive me for all those times I said I'm sorry, and all the times I was never there for you? I wanted to but something held me back from holding you. And I know that things won't be the"
  • Times - Jack Bruce
    "Times make me lonely Tides turn so fast Days make me wonder Who will come last My name was Runnin Wild My heart was Fancy Free Now Im like a cryin child Lost in a mystery... Back in the old times Used"
  • Times - Tenth Avenue North
    "I know I need You I need to love You I love to see You, but it's been so long I long to feel You I feel this need for You And I need to hear You, is that so wrong? Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh."
  • Cross My Broken Heart - The Jets
    "Cross my broken heart, boy Cross my broken heart for you Im going to stay this time Cross my broken heart, boy Swear Ill never part from you I want you to be mine I know you think Im not Your picture"
  • Cross my broken heart - Sinitta
    "It look like I was a fool about him My friend told me he would break my heart I just kept thinking that he really loved me And hed never wanna see us break apart But last night I was talking with my best"
  • You've broken my heart - Gloria Estefan
    "La la la la laLa la la la laLa la la la laYouve broken my heartYou left meAnd now Im tearing apartYou hurt my feelingsYouve broken my heartYou left meNow Im tearing apartBroken my heartYou left meAnd now"
  • My Broken Scottish Heart - Huntwork Hewitt
    "This is the tree where we used to play And in its shade she promised me we'd marry one day But Scotland is small, and I'm smaller still And if she gets the chance to leave I fear that she will And I'm"
  • Cross My Broken Heart - Nelson
    "It's a good day for a sad song 'Cause the rain is fallin' and someone is saying "Good-bye" Close the door when you leave 'Cause there's a cold wind blowin' and it's bringin' tears to my eyes"
  • Cross my broken heart - Ricky Nelson
    "It's a good day for a sad song 'Cause the rain is fallin' and someone is saying "Good-bye" Close the door when you leave 'Cause there's a cold wind blowin' and it's bringin' tears to my eyes After you"
  • Broken - Amal Michel
    "In my mind I know You care In my mind I know You still love me But your words are cold Your actions they hurt At times I feel like running away. CHORUS: My heart and soul (heart and soul) Are broken my"

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