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My indiego Sharan den adel

  • Adele - Cold Shoulder
    "You say it's all in my head And the things I think Just don't make sense So where you been then? Don't go all coy Don't turn it round on me Like it's my fault See I can see That look in your eyes The one"
  • DNA. - Kendrick Lamar
    "- Kendrick Lamar - Two first names, he? - What the fuck is with that? - You know what DNA stands for? - DEAD NIGGER ASSOCIATION I got /4x Loyalty Got royalty inside my DNA Cocaine quarter Piece Got war"
  • DNA - Anna F.
    "It's OK I'm just gonna clap my hands It's OK I just wanna fuck your friends Somewhere there's a fly in the spiderweb I feel like Pinocchio Creating lies in the waiting room But there's help on the way Somewhere"
  • DNA - Little Mix
    "Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck No scientist, or biology It's obvious, when he's holding me It's only natural that i'm so affected And"
  • DNA - Years & Years
    "what I say about dreams that my father believe aberrations can steal you childe away and the summer won’t end young enough to forget did the big boys beat it out from you? and you’re reaching for your"
  • DNA - Empire Of The Sun
    "Oh, it don't matter where we lie Back in spring of '79 There were no rules to feel sublime Let's trek down the path We slept to the radio Gentle as my heart beats now Turn up the fuse all over again,"
  • DNA - Derdian
    "I'm waking up, I am alive but I feel so strange Something is wrong, I can't recall what they've done but inside I ‘m changed All I remind is the invincible line of the enemies I see my fall as if I'm"
  • dna - LANY
    "my reputation says that i fall too fast they try to twist it try to make it sound bad but i don’t care no, i don’t care I’ve broke some hearts And had my heart broken too And that’s the risk I took When"
  • DNA - The Kills
    "When it came to pass, Loaded, pass me by Fate, with a single blow, Has clustered by me now True, I had my chance, True, true, true I had those wild charms for you Oh, oh... My fire burned them out But"
  • DNA - Zwei
    "Zutto hitomi tojite Negatte kita omoi wo Ima naraba kono ude ni Tsutsunde mamotte yuku Furishikiru ame ni mi wo makase Kasuka na kizashi ni me wo korashi Im yours Yogoreta yume kuchiru saki ni I heard"
  • Lion's Den - Albert Collins, Robert Cray And Johnny Copeland
    "(Copeland on vocals throughout) Well I like what I like and what I like I found it all in this girl Well I like what I like and what I like I found it all in this girl She have the quickness of a tractor"
  • Lion's Den - Bruce Springsteen
    "You broke my heart, tore it apart Thought it was cute, thought it was smart But now I'm back and I've got the strength of ten So I got a message for you my friend CHORUS I'm Daniel waitin' in the lion's"
  • Lion's Den - Believable Picnic
    "When inspiration's flown away And I've got nowhere to go If I try to think too deep and lose My shovel it gets me out of a hole Red and yellow apple corner Rainbows hang from the door Mr. Happy studies"
  • Lion's Den - Gentleman
    "Intro: Yes me bredda Badmind we pass And the righteous ago last And stick to your task Nuh badda live too fast Chorus: The righteous Jah defend Like how him rescue daniel from the lion's den A lot of blessings"
  • Lucifer's Den - Tyrant of Death
    "From the tongueless caverns of the earth She gave birth to the one who gave death And, by the glorious worth of my decent This arm shall do it, or this life be spent... With Cain I wander through shades"
  • Hello (from the Inside) Parodia Adele - Chris Mann
    "Hello (from the Inside) it's just me , myself and I and i stay home order that's breaking my heart but it's clearly what we should have done from the start"
  • I Love It (ft. Adele Givens) - Kanye West & Lil Pump
    "you’re such a fucking hoe i love it you’re such a fucking hoe i love it you’re such a fucking hoe i love it I;ma fuck a butch tell her cousin your boyfriend is a dork mcLovin Dork Mc Lovin I just pulled"
  • Den Of Thieves - Armored Saint
    "These living quarters are off limits to you These guarded borders are all subject to choose Passive not my tone of voice no way Not my choice, here to make a point Inside - you will find all that you"
  • The Lion's Den - Guardian
    "Once upon a time in churches of old The velcro age had yet to unfold Flannel was king and Sunday School knew How to make those Bible heroes stick like glue How to make 'em stick with you Flannelgraph lions,"
  • Human Bondage Den - Adam & The Ants
    "Adam ant/marco pirroni 0 lucky lucky me I can live here in luxury Can't answer your simplicity You've got to stop your grumbling And all that human bondage den And try to make a man of me Oh never never"

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