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My lights my show

  • Lights - We Are Forever
    "I had a way then losing it all on my own I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown And I'm not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat And I'm not keeping up the strength I need to push me You"
  • Lights - Ellie Goulding
    "I had a way then losing it all on my own I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown And I'm not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat And I'm not keeping up the strength I need to push"
  • Lights - wifisfuneral
    "Bad yellow bitch Ride me just like Kawasaki Okay deuce up in my Faygo Red drop that kept me drowsy I just need a rack in the sack Throwing hundreds change the climate Okay I'm the weatherman Aye Flexing"
  • Lights - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "i am not in the mood for anything though not very often I feel sick of it I feel a little helpless right now but I still feel like I can save someone I hear your voice within the noise, time stops we"
  • Show - Method Man
    ""Wanna see the world, ain't scared to do it Even if, your shocked by it Me and you, lost when you do it By myself, better off bein' you" Smoke cess nigga, smokin' that A.K Norther lights, yeah.. stick"
  • MY LIGHTS - Conchita Wurst
    "My lights are brighter when I feel right, It’s my right to stand here in the spotlight, Long nights of longing for salvation, They’re all gone cause I found my own solution, I was trapped in a spiral moving"
  • Welcome To My Show - Tyrant Tea Club
    "Lurking shadows all arround, the curtain's up the lights are on there's a figure in the shades. White face, red nose but dark, sad eyes He has to go out now and smile, staring empty at the stage. But he's"
  • Drive My Soul - Lights
    "Seems somebody put out the moon Now the road is a minefield I can't follow the way she moves I can't see past the shadows You make the darkness disappear I feel found when you stay near I know where I"
  • Lights - Marc Almond
    "Walking down the street Taking in the sights and pleasures Sometimes it feels so good to be alive From theatre to bar From cabaret to car I forget to cry Forget the reasons why Lights City lights In my"
  • Lights - Galleon
    "The sandmans on the run and the night is white as milk yet entering into a dream to a surface soft as silk You are talking in my dream silently but still I feel youre looking for a place to hide and this"
  • Lights - Styx
    "(Tommy Shaw) I heard the knock on my door I heard the ring of the bell I got the letter but I couldn't go So many thoughts in my head So many places to be So many faces that I long to see Standing in"
  • Lights - Scissor Sisters
    "No pussyfootin' or that look of surprise Can't hide the holes in your eyes or cover up that bitter smile All the birds can see that you're heading south That mirror deep in your mouth reflects you running"
  • Lights - Journey
    "(Perry/Schon) When the lights go down in the City And the sun shines on the bay I want to be there in my City Ooh, ooh So you think you're lonely Well my friend I'm lonely too I want to get back to"
  • Lights - Bruno Mars
    "Eyy-eh-eh-ehh You said that I was so not afraid You said that I was just a [?] But I'm not trying my best to owe it You told me that I'm not to follow And you only knew what you do, babe If you only saw"
  • Lights - Archive
    "It hurts to feel It hurts to hear It hurts to face it It hurts to hide It hurts to touch It hurts to wake up It hurts to remember It hurts to hold on Turn my head The hurt's relentless The hurt of emptiness The"
  • Flashing Lights - Kanye West
    "Flashing lights, lights Flashing lights, lights Flashing lights, lights Flashing lights, lights She don't believe in shootin' stars, but she believe in shoes & cars Wood floors in the new apartment, couture"
  • Bright lights - The Kinks
    "Time's running out just as fast as it can She's leaving me cold I don't understand Hearts beating hard on the edge of the floor Gotta kill this pain 'cause I can't take no more Bright Lights on a cold"
  • Lights Out - P.O.D.
    "It goes one for the money homie, two for the show. We tore the roof off this mother now it's time to blow. Like we don't need no water, don't bother, we let it burn. We keep the fire just a little bit"
  • Lights off - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. International Jones) The Daddy Dollas (Dollas) HahaGet Nasty,Come OnStig,Stig,Stig,Stig,Stig... Stigstigstigstigstig Who Told You To Put The Lights OnIm Ready For Ya Im Ready For YaWho Told You"
  • Disco Lights - Emm Gryner
    "Give me disco lights while I've got dishes on repeat You're forgettable like 1993 Do you think of me when the girl is like a weight And all the future's running late My phsycic says I have till december"

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