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My mother she tell me Twisted MISIO

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My mother she tell me Twisted MISIO

  • Twisted - Tela
    "Uh, ahhh yeah, right right now Let's drop, dedication to the kings of hip-hop Shit, thank you ha It was this bitch named LaQueesha, met her on the Eastside Rollin' in my boat while pullin' her over"
  • Twisted - Sita
    "You got a nerve showing up here - You turn around and call me crazy Standing my ground - shedding no tears - Hate to tell ya but I'm not your baby Cant believe I waited this long Your not the one who's"
  • Twisted - Sandy Denny
    "It's been raining for a long time and I can't seem to stand She left about an hour ago and so did the band I'm sitting at the bar, my face in the jar And something tells me I'm twisted Whoa ho, sitting"
  • Twisted - Rachel Stamp
    "I got myself a brand new box of matches I got myself a stack of dirty magazines I don't know why they call me Anastacia? I'm gonna torch those fuckers- You better call the Police! Cos I'm twisted... Push"
  • Twisted - Chantelle
    "It's a crazy, twisted world...and you can enter IF YOU DARE! Enter into my world, I'll be flirtin it up Ima make your head swirl This fantastical feeling Well it comes about when your tummies turning"
  • Twisted - Angel
    "She wants a button down boy She wants to cut your hair She wants a wind up toy I won't go there I'm not out to change you baby Or make you something that you're not (Chorus) I connect with everything"
  • Twisted - Tech N9ne
    "(1st Verse) I gets More trips than a Little bit I smoked More dips than a Little bit I'm not that regular When stepping I can't wait Till I can fly Away from My competitor Yeah Santana Can die My psychosis Hopeless Focus Notice My"
  • Twisted - Pretty Maids
    "People think I'm carzy in a schizophrenic state of mind mother Mary save me from my darkest hour come alive In decline beyond this tortured mind I feel intoxicated desolated Images of evil scenes of"
  • Twisted - Primal Fear
    "People think I'm carzy in a schizophrenic state of mind mother Mary save me from my darkest hour come alive In decline beyond this tortured mind I feel intoxicated desolated Images of evil scenes of suffering"
  • Twisted - Keith Sweat
    "Oh yeah baby You got to make your mind up Yeah, Kut Klose, help me out [1]-You know you are my lover You got me twisted over you I know i got what you need So what you wanna do Baby, baby I know Baby"
  • Twisted - Santana
    "(feat. Anthony Hamilton) Twisted Woke up this morning with this pain inside my heart Never felt that they would go and now leave you in the dark You told me that you needed me and I showed you I'd be"
  • Twisted - Bette Midler
    ""How ya doin' girls? Long time, no see. Listen, I've been to the doctor lately. Honey, I just spent forty dollars to hear that from that guy?" My analyst told me that I was right out of my head. The"
  • Twisted - Annie Lennox
    "I didn't want to know you. I didn't mean to be your friend. But now it seems I'd run through burnin' fire Just to see your face again. I didn't want to hurt you Or be hurt by you At the closing of the"
  • She Got Me Twisted - Seeed
    "Seeed - She Got Me Twisted she call me and she weep she was cryin on the phone says she couldnt sleep and she couldnt stay alone well, anytime the phone a ring she come up with some other thing next"
  • Twisted - Sleeper
    "She's seen one and it looks funny It made her cry said boo to her She captured one all hairy Stuck needles in it's eyes he cries He's reading a thin book It's got no words just pictures She sent him away"
  • Twisted - Absynthe Minded
    "I want to know What you got in your tiny little minds right now? On rare occasions I find myself troubled over that Is it true That youre all a bunch of scared weasels Youre maybe right Im so fucked up"
  • Twisted - Jacob Young
    "Black blue broken in two I'm a victim of passion You don't know what I've been through And I'm fallin', fallin' down So deep that I can't breathe Well I'm a slave to attraction I run from the mirror Because"
  • Twisted - Christina Milian
    "oh,oh,oh oh,ooh,oh (ahh....ooohhh) so crazy boy (so crazy boy) so crazy boy (so crazy boy) I dont know if i done told you but you got me going so crazy boy it's the things that you do when you doin'"
  • Twisted - Carrie Underwood
    "Baby you're a wrecking ball Crashing into me Nothing I can do but fall Piece by piece You broke down every part of me That ever thought I'd never need you, baby It's twisted, messed up And the more I"
  • Twisted - Xymox
    "I think it started The way you twist my words This world can get so shallow I feel so tired I still loose myself in other voices I can't help myself The mirror must fall It's falling to pieces And I feel"

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