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My own life kill me

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My own life kill me

  • Kill Life - Forgotten Tomb
    "Die for me - I'll swallow all your pain Kill me - Release me from this strain Feel it - You are going to be forgotten Taste it - The hand of unforgiveness I injure myself Searching for a way out"
  • Life On My Own - 3 Doors Down
    "Living risky, never scared, wander Closer to the edge Nothing valued think no fear, Always wondering why youre here All your purposes are gone, nothings Right and nothings wrong Nothing ventured, nothing"
  • Life of my own - Three Doors Down
    "Living risky, never scared, wander closer to the edge Nothing valued think no fear, always wondering why you`re here All your purposes are gone, nothing`s right and nothing`s wrong Nothing ventured,"
  • My Own Life - Long Beach Dub Allstars
    "World is spinning round, sun is shinin' bright Pierces through my curtains, and the sun light burns my eyes Telephone is ringing, but i've got nothin' to say I wish that things would all just go away The"
  • Own life - B3
    "Own life Who is it there Be scared Another face in the mirror is it right, this time It's the face on the other site I don't know What's wrong I gotta get it out of here To a place where I belong Today's"
  • What Doesn't Kill Me - Kill Your Idols
    "Some nights I'd cry myself to sleep, when teenage life was fast and cheap and suicidal thoughts ran deep, alone and in the dark... but it's nowhere I ain't been before, I've tasted high school hallway"
  • Kill - The Cookies
    "someday I'm gonna kill you all 'cause I'm going insane living with y'all someday I'm gonna kill you all 'cause I'm going insane 'cause I'm going insane yeah some day gonna kill you babe gonna leave your"
  • Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? What if I fell to the floor? Couldnt take this anymore What would you do, do, do? Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished"
  • My Own Hell - Tech N9ne
    "(Intro 1 (Taken from Freaky)) I really don't have to tell you much about this one because the song is like the song is like self-explanatory. You know what I mean? It's called My Own Hell. Story about"
  • Come Kill Me - Cam'ron
    "Yo Weez wasup man Yo word man, you hear them niggas man, them niggas is pussy man, word man What happened? What happened? Yo them niggas is dead man, we gon kill them niggas man T-Today, I... Straight"
  • Kill Me - Secret Discovery
    "The dust is darkening the sun, all around is bathed in grey the air is dry and warm, the silence's swallowing my steps the day is slipping away while my fear grows up and I wish I could leave but I don't"
  • Kill Me - The Pretty Reckless
    "Every day I wake up Every day I wake up alone Every day I wake up Every day I wake up alone Let me open up the discussion with I'm not impressed with any mother fuckin word I say See I didn't cry when"
  • I Live My Own Life - Dreamaker
    "Music: Albert Maroto Lyrics: Elisa C.Martin If you tell me that I can't I will, I will, I'll try... If I say that I will do it I'll do it when I want... I control... I control my world I live beyond"
  • Kill Me Back to Life - Bebe Rexha
    "Break my fall for oh so many reason, you've saved my life Falling angel playing me like seasons, I try to fight You're pulling me out of the dark, baby You knew that my heart was a light that shines You"
  • Legal kill - King's X
    "I only know what I believe The rest is so absurd to me I close my eyes so I can't see But the picture just gets clearer everyday I read somewhere to learn is to remember And I've learned we all forgot"
  • Kill Yourself - Timbaland
    "''Get out..Get out! You can't be in here!'' ''You have to get out!'' ''I implore you...Please?'' ''Please?'' ''You're all going to die down here..'' '''Timbaland''' It's life or death Either one The king"
  • In My Own Backyard - Joe Diffie
    "I thought that life was runnin' off, leavin' me behind. So like a fool I jumped the fence, just to see what I could find. But love kept disappearing like children chasing fire flies in the dark. And"
  • Living My Life On My Own - Harmony
    "I saw you from afar You smiled at me But nothing then prepared me For what was to be I regret not having told you How I felt But now it's no use at all It's just too late And I'm living my life on my own Nobody"
  • Don't Make Me Kill - Three 6 Mafia
    "What you boys gon' do (x6) Wha Wha What you (Lord Infamous) I keep seeing images man it's like I'm locked in a simulator Apocalypse slayer, I'm the street nigga terminator Is it in my nature to be another"
  • My Life - David Banner
    "Chorus -- David Banner I can hear it in the cold of the night, ya'll niggas wanna take ma life (oh) I been tryin ta do right, but they still wanna take ma life (oh) I can hear it in the cold fo the night,"

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