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My sowianie dona tan cleo

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My sowianie dona tan cleo

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My sowianie dona tan cleo
  • John Cale Cleo
    "Cleo, Cleo, won't you come around and play girl Cleo, Cleo, won't you come around and stay girl You can find the lines to say, if you try Someone else has just confessed To drinking up all your wine. Cleo,"
  • Built To Spill Cleo
    "Wiggly days wiggly nights When it's dark bring in lights so you can see What a sound straight through my spine Bounced off me Makes me round 3-D sound Push it down move it around see I'm fine Ain't it"
  • Don Omar Ran tan tan
    "Sientan el rantantan de los rifles reventando caraYo por voz cargo un AK y por letra balaSientan el rantantan reventando caraBambino,Matalo en la rayaSientan el rantantan de los rifles reventando caraYo"
  • Flexa Lyndo Cleo
    "I'm sinking down, held by your charms You come to me and I feel like naked I don't have that much time to crawl to run outside this force all around me Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo"
  • The Raveonettes Red Tan
    "Valentine I adore you Her eyes tearing when I say I love you My brass knuckles you know them well The pale moon licks my valentine Uh, uh, honey it's all mine You'll always remember the very first time Walking"
  • Limbeck Tan Blue
    "I hit hard. You know you never think you're going to, until the people stop: Good Samaritans I'm writing to you. And he's the only one that would think to tell it that way. And I appreciate it, even"
  • Blue Tan cerca
    "Cuando estamos juntos me excitas No sabes como me gusta pero Por mas que lo intento no puedo hacerlo Bailas demasiado cerca y demasiado despacio Me lo pones muy dificil Todas esas canciones lentas las"
  • Enej Brać (ft. Cleo, prod. Donatan)
    "To jest ta słowiańska brać Lubi dużo pić i spać To jest ta słowiańska brać Lubi pić i spać Niemiec nie rozumie nas gdy pijemy wódkę Anglik chciałby tak jak my ale z marnym skutkiem Grek nie lubi robić"
  • Fat Joe Don Cartagena
    "(Nobody said it would be easy, ha hah (Puff)What y'all wanna do hah? (2X) Nobody wanna handle it (Puff)AS WE PROCEED, TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED (Puff)What y'all wanna do hah? (2X) (Puff)NINE-EIGHT, IT'S"
  • My rugbystki Lechii Gdańsk My rugbystki Lechii Gdańsk (parodia "My Słowianie" Donatan - Cleo)
    "My, rugbystki, wiemy, jak jajo na nas działa, Wygramy też kolejny młyn, Lechia będzie pchała To jest biało-zielona krew, to jest nasz do walki zew. My, Lechistki, wiemy, jak atak u nas działa, na boisku"
  • Gipsy Kings La Dona
    "For the love a lady Without knowing, you understand. I don't want to think about our love. For the love a lady Which in all my life I'll never fully understand. Everything in life seems dreamy. Everything"
  • Miranda Don
    "Quiero saber que me pasaTe pregunto que me pasa y no sabesQue contestarme, porque claro, de seguro te mareCon mis idas y vueltasTe cans con mi camara lentaY aunque trato nunca puedoApurar mi decision.En"
  • Room 2012 Don
    "I woke up with my head in the clouds I got a big fine smile And Im ready to ride Its just a good day (good day) Its gonna be a hot day (hot day, yeah) Head down town just to check out the vibe See"
  • Akon Don
    "Akon Miscellaneous Don "don't matter" Konvict Konvict Oh Ohoohwooe Oooh Ooohhwooe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no Cause I got you babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter"
  • H-Blockx Don
    "Time has come just to say what I think and reveal, reveal all the things that kept inside and that I feel, you like to talk to the people of the higher class, what have I done, to make you treat me like"
  • Capercaillie Don
    "The army and the navy. They never will agree Til all the men and all the boys Are gone from my country. Don't you go Don't you go my son Don't you go Don't you go my son. The proud and the powerful In"
  • Ashley Tisdale Don
    "Zoom zoom in under my skin Gotta slow down now to begin Baby don't rush you can look but don't touch You think u know When u see me in my videos How the story goes But that's just the side that I expose Look"
  • Babyface Don
    "(don't take it...take it I was wrong I was out of line I didnt' meant to lead you on But there was something in your eyes Yuor look so fly Reminds me of my girl back home Had it been another"
  • Porter Wagoner Don
    "DON'T THIS ROAD LOOK ROUGH AND ROCKY Writers Lester Flatt, earl Scruggs Darling I have come to tell you Though it almost break my heart But before the morning, darling We'll be many miles apart (Chorus)"
  • Mike Jones Don
    "(*talking*) Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones, Ballin Underground From H-Town, to Funky Town Dick, don't fail me now I gotta turn shorty out She don't want, nobody else But me, and only"

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