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Mystery jets

  • Jets - Blur
    "Jets are like comets at sunset Jets are like comets at sunset Jets are like comets at sunset Jets are like comets at sunset Jets are like comets at sunset Jets are like comets at sunset Jets are like comets"
  • Mystery Man - DJ Jazzy Jeff
    "(feat. The Last Emperor) Bounce wit me y'all (LE) Bounce wit em y'all Now check it Who get it live when the party dies down Mysterious man showing up in your town Lyrics like lightning, vocals like thunder Neighborhood"
  • Ageless - Mystery Jets
    "I come from here and everywhere And I'm still in search for somewhere And I'm going back to nowhere, my friend I lead a life of mystery I branch out from the tallest tree I count my blessings with each"
  • Mystery - Dime Store Prophets
    "My ship was lost, taking on water The fog so thick, couldn't see my rings There you broke, uncharted island Enchanted, I was wild with chase Sailed into you I am in love with a mystery The mystery is you I"
  • Mystery - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "We're so presumptious Presuming that we all Exist at all. Marvelling at our own mystery. We're so presumptious Presuming that this all Means anything at all Marvelling at our own Marvelling at our own"
  • Mystery - Jeanette
    "Danger - baby you're my saviour soft night will fall, our guardian angel I feel mystery all in the air (I feel mystery in the air) that's why I always have to have u here Chorus: The mystery of u and me"
  • Mystery - Butterfingers
    "Guess I once was strange Silence waiting game Should have it to dawn What I faces is were #Think i'll stay on over #Gotta move a little closer #Think of what I should and shouldn't have #And still I haven't"
  • Mystery - Carlos Silva feat. Nelson Freitas & Eddie Parker
    "... reality loving fells taking over me I'm going crazy but I like the fact she has a firm hold on me Feels like I'm running all the time, you are in my vein you are chasing me My brain goes numb when"
  • Mystery - Melissa Dori Dye
    "well i i don't even know why you said you wouldn't leave and now we've lost our way don't see is that how you want it to be everything you took from me and if this don't seem right then why are you in"
  • Mystery - Modern Talking
    "Oh - love is a mystery Oh - love is a mystery She was the sister of Margarita, it was long long ago And I told her that I need her, so much she would'nt know And her brother was Juanito, he was a friend"
  • Mystery - Willy Porter
    "Rollin' through my mind Like a carnival Cotton candy The queen of the fair The moon burned through your fabric Like a gypsy moth You dance drunk On the air On the air I said What I love about"
  • Mystery - Dio
    "Can you hear me Can you see There's a storm on the edge of the sky Does it matter It does to me, I can tell you why When there's thunder, there should be rain But it don't always follow the rule And is"
  • Mystery - Inspirial Carpets
    "Watching her fall is fun Shes the girl in the torn red dress Standing in the doorway The light catches on her face The kaleidoscope spins Theres another one to take her place Shes a mystery Such a mystery"
  • Mystery - Gordon Downie
    "Somewhere there's a soccer game. I can hear the wild crowd moan. It's not that life here's distasteful to me It's just that I'm all alone. I wanted what took a lifetime to learn. And that determined"
  • Mystery - Hugh Laurie
    "Mystery All my life has been a mystery You and I were never ever meant to be That's why I call my love for you a mystery Different country You and I have always lived in a different country And I know"
  • Mystery - Live
    "My ammunition won't load into my gun My inhibitions, they fall like the weight from a stone You lead my heart away like a homeless, dusted fool Somehow this dime store ring still shines like a diamond"
  • Mystery - Alesha Dixon
    "Listen up Little girls gather round let me tell you all about my day I got blown around by a big bad wolfs games As I took a little trip to town, took the merry-go-round again (ha-ha) At first I was sippin'"
  • Mystery - Stage Dolls
    "(T. Flakne/B. Icon) Cruisin' low in a Cadillac two hearts runnin' wild she was the first girl I ever wanted set my soul on fire I keep this memory about you girl how it used to be she whispered boy this"
  • Mystery - Anita Baker
    "Turning back the hands of time Holding on to misty memories Chasing shadows throught the night Trying to find my happy ending Reaching out for another chance at heaven We could still find a way if we"
  • Mystery - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Turnin' back the hands of time Holdin' on to misty memories Chasin' shadows thru the night Tryin' to find that happy ending Reaching out for another chance at heaven We can still find the way if we try You"

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