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Mystic - Neptune's Jewels

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Mystic - Neptune's Jewels

  • Neptune's Jewels - Mystic
    "When I met you boy you was the sweetest thing Like a Sade tape in the coldest spring When I saw your eyes I thought they shined for me Just being in your space was divine me Gave you true smiles and a"
  • Jewels - Black Atlass
    "(W klipie do Jewels gościnnie wystąpiła jedna z najpopularniejszych modelek świata – Polka Anja Rubik.)"
  • Jewels - Alison Krauss
    "When He cometh, when He cometh To take up his jewels All his jewels, precious jewels His Loved and His own. Like the stars of the morning His bright crown adorning They will shine in their beauty Bright"
  • Jewels - Alice Nine
    "Kimi no kureta haru no hibi wa kaori wo sono mama de mawaru yo ienai kotoba wo oite Shizukani yasashiku yorisoi futari dake no houseki wo miteta kokoro wa doushite itande nakushita mono bakari hoshigaru? Aishikata"
  • Neptune's Air - Flangers
    "And it's overwhelming I've been there before The air has been inhaled around I'm getting neurotic A way of being sick About the way we are all falling down But there still an access Out to a place out"
  • Neptune's Daughter - The Divine Comedy
    "When the last course has been consumed They withdraw to the drawing room Where the Schubert she plays with style Keeps her friends happy for the while But the memories are a burden, So she draws back both"
  • Neptune's Revenge - Spheric Universe Experience
    "Darkness on the sea - a cyclone on a ship Damned navigators this faith you won't keep ... Terror in the sky - lightning strikes the men Who challenge my traps, my force and my brain! The eye of the"
  • Neptune's Convoy - Fu Manchu
    "Knock-down loaded Asphalt rollin' Can you do me one better With a magnified header I feel nothin'-I feel it all the time I feel nothin'-doin' just fine Ya knew all along Pushed out of that arm"
  • Mystic - Pectus
    "I know exactly what you want and there aren't any clouds I'd like to fly every day I'd like to fly every day when I'm whispering to you I wish I remembered there aren't any clouds there aren't any clouds let's"
  • Mystic - Killah Priest
    "Beyond divine intellect Yeah, spotted The almighty Priest Body, it's Priest that's gave body, thirteen Priest the goblin, the yellow, streets be robbin' I'm throbbin', into my head, we move in cobwebs You"
  • Mystic - Embraze
    "I want to see the brighter moon Where the stars are the bridge Between the mountains and the sky Away from the low windows Veiling the sky You touch nothing with your hand You can only feel the"
  • Mystic Charms - Mystic Charm
    "Foggy church yards Neglected tombstones Dejected wreaths Sepulchral smell Morbid tales Inner feelings Perverse lust Supress it whole your life Melancholy beauty Mystic charms Sick mind Mystic charms Follow"
  • Mystic Spot - Urban Mystic
    "Well, oh well, lady alright, listen Oh my God what a day should have heard what my mom had to say Never been one to play by the rules take off the shirt and tie and put on my dancing shoes ain't trying"
  • Indiscreet Jewels - Pain Teens
    "Let me whisper to you, tell you all that I know of my pleasure and fantasy, give you a show An invisible frenzy or machines of desire Do you want to hear more of my perpetual fire? The jewels will speak"
  • Electric Jewels - April Wine
    "April Wine Electric Jewels Electric Jewels (myles goodwyn/jim clench) Published by summerlea music, ltd. - bmi Ah, ah, ah, ah You've been had by a fool, he's been all over you And you've been seen in"
  • Jewels And Gold - Angus & Julia Stone
    "Im going round, Im going round to my friends house, To get myself high. It takes me to a different place where nothing leaves my mind. But men in blue knocked on my door, and said Ive come to kill off"
  • Jewels And Bullets - You Am I
    "Every word they sling you hits like your folks have never been kind And the jewels on your apron could use some calomine Ugly girls and pit faced boys all hunch and join in the line Got the shoe that you"
  • North Star (Jewels) - Raekwon
    "Intro: Raekwon, talking to Poppa Wu Ol Dirty Bastard singing in the background You know God, I just been, youknowhatI'msayin? Doin my regular thing man So I'ma get back up with you though baby KnowhatI'msayin?"
  • Mystic Knights - Kelly Family
    "Mystic knights have come to save our lives mystic knights are here now Long ago in ancient times there was a scroll of magic rhymes it prophesied the mystic knights, the true young heroes brave and"
  • Mystic knights - The Kelly Family
    "Mystic knights have come to save our lives Mystic knights are here now Long ago in ancient times The world was full of magic rhymes the prophets of the Mystic Knights The true young heroes brave"

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