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Mythos N' Watergate - A Neverending Dream

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Mythos N' Watergate - A Neverending Dream

  • Neverending Dream - 3 Feet Smaller
    "No one know's how hard it is to be alone . Why are you gone? Cuz it's not even easy to think about you . I'm missing you My neverending dream . I'm sorry but you in my neverending dream Me and I don't"
  • Neverending dream - Cascada
    "I'm waiting for the night, drifting away on the waves of my dreams to another day I'm standing on a hill and beyond the clouds The wind's blowing still and catching my doubts I'm hunting all the night"
  • Neverending Dream - Crown Of Thorns
    "My destiny have been schosen by an Absurd religion They call themselves a sect of light With their own reality they think they are above humanity With fear they turn their back on us With re-creation they"
  • A neverending dream - X-PERIENCE
    "I'm waiting for the night drifting away on the waves of my dreams to another day Im standing on the hill and beyond the clouds the wind is blowing still and eatching my doubts Refr.: A neverending"
  • Neverending Story - Erasure
    "Turn around, look at what you see, in her face, the mirror of your dreams Make believe I'm everywhere, hidden in the lines written on the pages is the answer to a neverending story, neverending story. Reach"
  • Neverending Story - Dragonland
    "Turn around, look at what you see... In her face, the mirror of your dreams... Make believe I'm everywhere Hidden in the lines Written on the pages Is the answer to a Neverending Story Neverending Story Reach"
  • Neverending story - Dragon Land
    "Turn around,and look at what you seeIn her face,the mirror of your dreamsMake belive i'm everywhere,living in your eyesWritten on pagesis the answer to ourNeverending storyReach the stars,fly a fantasyDream"
  • Neverending Nightmare - Wardance
    "Midnight's coming I see devils running And I feel it's not only a dream I know what they want I know it now - They want to get me and take my soul away The hell is open and earth's vibrating I see the"
  • Neverending Melancholy - Solitude
    "As forever emptiness embraces me A neverending melancholy begins How could it get so wrong? Every dream I had is gone Why did you leave me when I need you the most Even the purest ocean froze Was"
  • Neverending Story - Catch 22
    "Neverending story but the lesson went untold. She knew it all along If she just could take control of the situation. Investigation. Try to tell the story even though she couldn't take it. as it suicide?"
  • Gestation: Mythos - Maxwell
    "She became filled earlier As the late of destiny carved her creation To the unsuspecting few Holding in and hiding the pregnancy She continued the dance, she moved A year before now the dance would"
  • Neverending - Murmurs
    "Neverending Hear the joyous song I'm singing In the spirit of the earth Distant voices they will call me Sing of love and rebirth Oh this road is neverending And my journey has a goal So cry your"
  • Neverending - Frozen Crown
    "Our night, a trace that lasts forever Don't tell me lies, our voices burn together In this ghostly white Leave out no legacy, no time to say goodbye When dreams meet reality And I know this tale is everlong But"
  • Neverending - Peel
    "Feels like the universe Like some forgotten curse Sleepwalking through the night Dream's cold - this life Sun is up now, face the world Someone's nailed a cryin' girl Exposed in black and white World's"
  • Neverending - Finding Westerly
    "So listen up, its how the story goes.. you take what you can get than leave it You give your all, just to be shot back down, appreciation isn't much these days When nights are long, you cant help but"
  • Neverending Dream - Bass Fun feat. Mikelo
    "pretty baby show me what you got to me air is hot oh can't you see pretty baby yes it's desire what I feel when you're close I can't stand still My heart goes into spin right up to extreme you're my"
  • Neverending Story - Neverending Story
    "Turn aroundAnd look at what you seeIn her face the mirror of your dreamsMake believe I'm everywhereHidden in the linesWritten on the pagesIs the answer to a Neverending Story .... Reach the starsFly a"
  • The Neverending Story - The Birthday Massacre
    "Turn around Look at what you see In her face The mirror of your dreams Make believe I'm everywhere I'm hidden in your eyes Written on the pages Is the answer to our neverending story Reach the sky Fly"
  • Neverending cloudy day - No Motiv
    "I wish I could say how I feel for you just one last time Iwish I could hear the beautiful sound of your heartbeetnext to mine but that's a dream that I'll always hold dearsince you'll never be here with"
  • The Neverending Story - Lunatica
    "Wandering around here, I wish to be near you Heaven help me, I'm on my own I feel you, in my heart, you've never left me Where can I find you, keeper of love It felt like heaven, what tore us apart? A"

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