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    "•Ej dobra, na to życie patrzę z lotu ptaka Naruto bo problemy prawie już od dzieciaka Zawsze jeden z drugim coś tam za plecami, o mnie gadał Tacy kumple, ale żaden z nich się kurwa nie nadawał Zaangażowany"
    "•Siedze na dupie, oglądam Boruto Odcinki wstrzymane, no trudno Lecę sobie dalej niczym Uchiha Madara Mam już takie same włosy, alesiara W nowym hotage coś tam kiedyś nawinolem Chciałem nosić maskę i byc"
  • Naruto ondo - Naruto
    "Naruto, rasengan kage bunshin Sakura sha-n naro Sasuke wa chidori sharingan Ino shinten Shikamaru kagemane Chouji nikudan sensha de gorogoro Kiba, Akamaru gatsuuga Hinata, Shino Neji byakugan Tenten"
  • Bluebird - Paul McCartney
    "Late at night when the wind is still I`ll come flying through your door And you`ll know what love is for, I`m a bluebird I`m a bluebird I`m a bluebird Touch your lips with a magic kiss, And you`ll be a"
  • Bluebird - J.J. Cale
    "Bluebird, bluebird where you been Man it's been a while since I've seen you friend Looking out my window all I ever see My reflection, bluebird and me Bluebird, bluebird sing your song Waiting on nobody"
  • Bluebird - ELO
    "The streets, the signs are pointing all one way But you don't realise just what they say You may fight (you may fight), you may run (you may run), You may know (you may know) what you've done (what you've"
  • Bluebird - Swan Lake
    "bluebird brave in the night bluebird brave in the night drew the red circle drew the red circle so fire away bluebird brave in the night bluebird is mine until my heart stops bleeding and fire away 'cause"
  • Bluebird - John Lee Hooker
    "(John Lee Hooker) Bluebird, please take this letter down south for me Oh, bluebird take this letter down south for me Don't you two start flyin', 'til you find little Liza Belle for me Lord, she way"
  • Bluebird - Alan Jackson
    "I'm lost in the night The icy wind is howling out your name And desolation wanes Like a fog The fires rolling in In the wind I'm out in the rain The moon is gone behind the clouds again And I can't stand"
  • Bluebird - Leon Russell
    "Yeah, I'm Lost in the night the icy wind is howlin out your name and desolation lingers like a fog the fire is growing dimmer in the wind I'm out in the rain the moon has gone behind the cloud again and"
  • Bluebird - Kasey Chambers
    "If I fall like rainWill you still feel the sameWill you hold me and call out my nameIf I'm lost in the crowdWill you shout out loudWill you take me to the other side of townWhen that sun beats downWill"
  • Bluebird - Robin Trower
    "Sittin' in the wood alone, On silver tree that turned to stone - Make your house and feather bed. Branches growin' overhead; Join the winter paradise. Shiny beak and shiny eyes, Singin' to the settin'"
  • Bluebird - 10CC
    "Bluebird take me on your wingTeach me how to flyTeach me how to singBluebird, guardian of my soulInside everybodyIs a story to be toldI came in from the coldWhen I found someoneStrong enough to bearThe"
  • Bluebird - Devendra Banhart
    "My baby is a redbird Flying across the sky My baby is a bluebird Learning how to fly Your feathers want to Your feathers want to tickle me In the shower she swims right by me Freezing water so she's swimming"
  • Bluebird - Boilermaker
    "They cleared out of the warren All the fields were covered up in blood They escaped from the warren and have finally arrived I am afraid that i'm about to lose my mind this time I am afraid that i'm about"
  • Bluebird - Jim White
    "Bluebird on a telephone line. How are you? I'm feeling fine. Sweetly do I whisper your name. Lonely solo taxi ride to a cheap motel on the wrong side of the tracks. The facts are tricky to explain. Cold"
  • Bluebird - Buffalo Springfield
    "Listen to my bluebird laugh. She can't tell you why. Deep within her heart, you see, She knows only crying. Just crying. There she sits, aloft at perch.(?) Strangest color blue. Flying is forgotten now. Thinks"
  • Bluebird - Toto
    "Listen to my bluebird sing. she can tell you why. deep within her heart you see. she knows I must cry. yeah, cry. here she sits aloft that bird. strangest color blue. flying is forgotten now. sh T thinks"
  • Bluebird - Steve Lukather
    "Listen to my bluebird sing She can tell you why Deep within her heart you see She knows I must cry Yeah, cry Here she sits aloft that bird Strangest color blue Flying is forgotten now She thinks of you Yeah,"
  • Bluebird - James Gang
    "Listen to my bluebird sing She can't tell you why Deep within her heart, you see She knows I must cry Yeah, cry If she sits, a lofty perch Strangest color blue Flying is forgotten now She just thinks"

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