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  • Necro - Necro
    "My shit's straight bile You're mild, you've got no style I won't be impressed or you possessed by baliel I make beats like surgeons resume To stitch up your wounds Inside the emergency room They must work"
  • Necro - Caroline's Spine
    "Oh, I'm a necrophiliac and I'm alrightI work it all day and I sleep it all nightI'm a necrophiliac, looking for reactionMy deviance lies at the core of attractionI'm a necrophiliac, close your eyesNo more"
  • Necro-Transvestite - Exhumed
    "(musick - Matt Harvey; lyrixxx - Ross Sewage, Matt Harvey, 1995) Brutally raped and hacked, Vagina torn ripped in half , Slash and rend, mutilate, Garrote the bitch, decapitate, Face ripped off, disfigurement, Bodily"
  • Hendrix Necro - Sonic Youth
    "[100% CD5] you think cuz I'm a girl you think you can't ignore you think i'm just a girl girl, who knows the score I want to be free I want to be free I want to be free it ain't on my tv i go walking"
  • Red Necro - Tech N9ne
    "Follow me to the world of racism (Verse 1:) we're on the highway rolling to californ-i-a seven of us heaven love us cuz it's evil in front of us we must trust that g-o-d got our backs on this t-r-i-p in"
  • Necro-Voyeur - Exhumed
    "Observing the forensic dissection, Espying the splayed chest cavity, His abberant sexual stimuli, The grotesquely displayed anatomy... Organs displaced with steel forceps, By the morbid anatomy technician,"
  • Necro-fellatio - Broken Hope
    "Most men die with their penis' intact Some land on the chopping block Woman with a fetish it's most fucking obscene She sucks dead mens dicks clean Deep-throating she never gags Slurping on dead dicks"
  • Necro Slut - Abscess
    "Dead and stiff lying in a coffin dead Fell her lips No you don't She gives you head Stiff and cold She writhes on your bloated mass Hear her moan with her finger up her ass Rubbing clit on cadavers genitals Tongue"
  • Necro As Fuck - Cadaver
    "Merciless suicide realm Treacherous antichrist haze Sacrifice your life to me The monarch of inhuman seeds Send your corpse away Rid you all of pride F**king time to die Torture you even when dead Bury"
  • The Necro-Filing Cabinet - Embalmer
    "Resurrect the files of the dead effigy The time to rot is near Looking back into lives we discover We've been doomed for awhile Dismembered visions yet to come We are the rotting ones I want all to die"
  • Exhuming The Infested (Necro-Eroticism Part 2) - Aborted
    "Again I penetrate the graveyard soil my necrotic needs are reborn thrashing my way into the infested I catch a glimpse of the dead Choosing my fuckhole - an adrenaline brush Forcing my pole into her cave,"
  • My Sweet Dreams - Necro
    "Eat My Shit! (Verse 1) A double-head tackle knife Is what I commit death with This bitch and I'ma rip out your heart through ya left tit You'll turn around and see a fuckin fist in ya face You'll stink"
  • Don't Try To Ruin It - Necro
    "(feat. the Kid Joe) Ahahahahahaha (Kid Joe) Wish you knew her It's me and Necro Wish you knew her It's me and Necro, It's Joe Kid We're in the studio With Joe Guido, John Gotti Me and Necro We threw"
  • Reflection Of Children Coming Up In The Grave - Necro
    "Charlie) Reflection of children (echo)...coming up in the grave (echo) (Charlie) Reflection of children (echo)...coming up in the grave (echo) (Necro) My childhood was hood. Shit was real My father was"
  • Stop Being Greedy - Necro
    "(Uncle Howie) Hey, this is Uncle Howie, I'm the master clone, the king of beasts The alpha male, I do not fail When I'm on the prowl, Yeah, I burn my bridges My balls got ridges (Necro) Brand new Necro"
  • I Remain Stiff - Necro
    "(feat. Manson Whore & Dick Nasty) Hi this is dick nasty and your listening to necro the sexorcist. I'm a jolly ol' chap and pussy is my weakness. Chorus (x2) I'll keep your dick hard necro 'cause I'm"
  • Bury You With Satan - Necro
    "The Sexorcist Check it you fuckin' bitches Stinky twats (Necro) I don't kid man I fuck Nicole right in her pink hole Then a pickle light up a nickle Now honeys ready for the meaty stick pole My cum-shot"
  • One Way Or Another - Necro
    "The Sexorcist Check it you fuckin' bitches Stinky twats (Necro) I don't kid man I fuck Nicole right in her pink hole Then a pickle light up a nickle Now honeys ready for the meaty stick pole My cum-shot"
  • Violins Of Violence - Necro
    "(feat. Mr. Hyde) (Sample from the movie - "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc") "Go home! Go now, in peace! If you do not go now, you will be buried in this field! I've seen...enough...blood! But"
  • Insaneology - Necro
    "(John Tardy) Praise me, oh god, things I have done Raise the introspect, wars I have won Rise me, oh god, stand still the end Send in the solace one, wars never end (Necro) My black magic creates tragic"

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