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NEVER - Aga 2014 Official Video

  • 2014 - Tha Alkaholiks
    "The year is 2004, people talk about war I had to hit the floor when the bombs began to pour Ten minutes ago I was mad cause my stomach was grumbling Now the whole world is crumbling I hear people scream"
  • 30 KMH (OFFICIAL V8T VIDEO) - Kali
    "Kali, Kali Flow jest, flow jest! V8T Ganja Mafia Wiozę się pomału V8 na legalu rozjebałem znowu płytą – to jedyny zarzut Dobrym mordom salut Dobrym mordom salut szanuje mnie ulica bo szanuje tych chłopaków Rodzę"
  • Vida (The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup) - Ricky Martin
    "Finally the time has come Let's just dance in the sun Everybody grab someone And let rhythym make us one It's a celebration Every time we get together All people in every nation Put your [?] in the sky *"
  • Video age - Templars
    "Conspiracy theories are all the rage Now we're living in a video age Not safe at work, not safe at school Even at home they're watching over you CHORUS We're living in a video age There's no privacy with"
  • Banana (New York City Video 2014) - Dogbite
    "Bananowy jest mój świat Świat dookoła Bananowy jest mój Bananowa szkoła Na bananowej tacy dostaje obiad Babinami pachnie też moja Moja mamona Mam lato Mam tez swój prywatny jacht Bo w Monako nie da się"
    "I had a feeling that I wanna go loud Make my move and let it all get out I got a feeling that I wanna go wild Take my hand, Baby I got all night Take me now, you know I want you Hold me now, cause I can't"
  • Thank God It's Christmas (Official Lyric Video) - Queen
    "Oh my love we've had our share of tears Oh my friend we've had our hopes and fears Oh my friends it's been a long hard year But now it's Christmas Yes it's Christmas Thank God it's Christmas The moon"
  • CHEATZ x KOZAKPOLV - 5 GRAM (Official Video) - cheatz x kozakpolv
  • Mobscene (Official) - Marilyn Manson
    "Ladies and Gentlemen We are the things of shapes to come Your freedoms not free and dumn This depression is great The deformation age They'll know my name Waltz into scum and base a marriage to the pain Bang"
  • Dilemma (Video Version) - Nelly
    "(Nelly) Welcome to Nellyville where all the newborns get half-a-mill Sons get the tan Deville, soon as they can reach the wheel And daughters, get diamonds the size of their age- help me out now One year"
  • 2014 - God Dethroned
    "In 2014 they take the world by storm.We don't know who they are, but they'll come that's for sure.2014The dawning of a new day.Take the world by storm.All is lost and gone.There's story in the bible, it's"
  • Warriors (2014 World Championship) - Imagine Dragons
    "As a child, you would wait And watch from far away. But you always knew that you'll be the one that work while they all play. In youth, you’d lay, awake at night and scheme of all the things you that"
  • Video Phone - Beyonce
    "Shawty what your name is Them hustlas keep on talkin They like the way Im walkin You sayin that you want me So press record, Ill let you film me Video phone, like a cameo Take me on your video phone, I"
  • Video Phone - Beyonce
    "Shawty, what yo name is?Uh uhhhThem hustlas keep on talkin'Uh uhhhThe like the way I'm walkingUh uhhhYou saying that you want B?So press record and let you film meOn your video phoneMake a cameoTape me"
  • Video Idol - Meredith Brooks
    "I hear a knock on my door I hear the telephone ring But I can't break away I'm just ignoring all those things My eyes are glued to my TV You're up there making love to me I fell in love with you I'm watching"
  • Video Girl - Jonas Brothers
    "Girl: OMG, did you hear I'm dating a Jonas Brother It's SOO hot That didn't work you shoulda known better It's gonna suck when the camera stops rolling And you find out soon That the treatment wasn't"
  • Video blues - Hank Williams
    "Well the latest craze going aroundIs called the video cassete recorder.And I was the first one in my townTo send off my money order.Well I thought that thing would never get hereBut old UPS came through.I"
  • Video Blues - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Well the latest craze going around Is called the video cassete recorder. And I was the first one in my town To send off my money order. Well I thought that thing would never get here But old UPS came"
  • Video Girl - Grits
    "you a video girl (you must be kidding me girl) you a video girl (you must be kidding me girl) video girl create your own world the only one in existence is you no one's resistant to you you and only"
  • Video monster - Olsen Twins
    "It started out so innocently.A game of skill, a little fantasy.But it's alive now like never before.And Toto I don't think we are in control anymore.Chorus:Video Monster, he's the friendly kind,But the"

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