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NF- You're special

  • Special - Violent Femmes
    ""You smile, because you know. You smile, because you know. You smile, I told you so. Come on give me a smile, I'm gonna let you know. You're something special, You're something special, You're something"
  • Special - Vitamin C
    "I been trying for so long To get you where I stand Feel like I been climbing all my life Everybody told me I'd never ever get this far I know I can make it if I try There's the special things that come"
  • Special - As Fast As
    "Woman seeking man Who's interested in dating Who enjoys the beach and skating Must have good intentions Please no drunks or smokers Have a job and did I mention? That I am very down to earth in all the"
  • Special - Mew
    "You're special You're like rocket through me Ohh, you're special You're a rocket to me And I cannot this time Agarina You can't say no Agarina This time you will go You're special You're like a rocket"
  • Special - Boris
    "uhuh.. yeahh.. mmmm.. ohhhhh I'd never thought we would be here tonight After the fall, After it all Now could we fly I'd never thought I'd be here to find Sometimes the best can come as the last surprise Shaddered"
  • Special - Better Than Ezra
    "Are you real? Are you real or just a dream? It's been so long, I don't know. I can feel. I can feel you with me now. Even though you're far away. Some are special. They come back, racing through your mind. You"
  • Special - Shifty
    "(Chorus:) Everything I do, I do for you, And I could never live my life without, And late at night when I dream about you, I've heard of special, nothin special like you, And everything I do, I do"
  • Special - Charlie Landsborough
    "There never was anyone quite like me I'm the only me that you'll ever see From the top of my head to the tip of my toe Oh, oh, oh I'm special you know ------- There never was anyone like me or you"
  • Special - Brown Boy
    "You're so special, (you're so special) To me And let me tell you, you're so fine (you're so fine) I'm gonna make you mine girl. You're so special and so fine (you're so fine) You're so special I'm gonna"
  • Special - Garbage
    "I'm living without you I know all about you I have run you down into the ground Spread disease about you over town I used to adore you I couldn't control you There was nothing that I wouldn't do To keep"
  • Special - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Spoken: Anybody every told you That you're so special 1 - You're so special Girl, has anybody told you that lately You're so special Lady, that's what you are to me Special When I wake up, I"
  • Special - Richie Kotzen
    "You said to me I'm not what your looking for You're movin' on somebody else can give you more So I let you go thinking will never meet again Buy here you are and baby I wanna know Did you wanna be rich"
  • Special - Musiq Soulchild
    "Thinkin' bout what we are Thinkin' bout what we do What do you mean to me? What do I mean to you? How many times have we Felt the necessity To be together girl Cept for it never works You're like the rib"
  • Special - Avenue Q
    "LUCY I can make you feel special. When it sucks to be you. Let me make you feel special. For an hour or two. Your life's a routine that repeats each day. No one cares who you are or what you say. And"
  • Special - New Order
    "It isn't what it used to be I wake up every night On the stairs Waiting for the dawn to come Every drop of wine You can be my time Only tomorrow knows Why do we beg when we can borrow This time we knew No"
  • Special - Jana Kirschner
    "Did I say something wrong How can we carry on anymore Why should I stay alone I feel like a little child When you're not by my side It's something That I can't describe Let me tell you one thing That"
  • Special - Janet
    "Hey J It's been a long time since I've seen you last A half and twenty-six years (how time goes fast) I'm well Though I've gone through some deep changes in my life It hasn't been easy Oh no not for me It's"
  • Special - Janet Jackson
    "Hey J It's been a long time since I've seen you last A half and twenty-six years (how time goes fast) I'm well Though I've gone through some deep changes in my life It hasn't been easy Oh no not for me It's"
  • Special - Splender
    "Better be good, I've saidBetter be bad, I've doneBetter be told what you wantBetter believe in what?Better to think about itBetter to live without itBetter to be told what you wantBetter believe in what?You"
  • You're Special Today - Toast Freak
    "You're Special Today Watching closely your every move, And listening to how you prove yourself. And now as we fall into this trap, Our lips are closed and eyes elapsed. Time comes without break. Often"

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