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  • Sage the Gemini Good Thing (feat. Nick Jonas)
    "They be speaking on what they don’t know Thye don’t know because I keep it low When I go low she tell me “way to go” I make her act up, when I come back up She says her feelings too strong, make her wanna"
  • Jonas Brothers Crank dat Jonas boy
    "onas Brothers tell'emAy I got a new band for ya'll called the Jonas BrothersYouuuYou gotta be a real fan if you wanna learn this danceAhhhhhNick, Joe, Kevin up in dis ohhhWatch them crank it, watch them"
  • Venetian Princess Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem
    "There's a virus Spreading over the whole nation And to my mom's dismay There isn't a vaccination. Every morning I wake up and need my fix Of Kevin and Joe Jonas, But my heart belongs to Nick. CHORUS: I'm Not"
  • Weezer My Name Is Jonas
    "My name is Jonas. I'm carrying the wheel. Thanks for all you've shown us. This is how we feel. Come sit next to me. Pour yourself some tea. Just like Grandma made When we couldn't find sleep. Things were"
  • Nick Cave Henry Lee (Nick Cave version)
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Henry Lee (Nick Cave version) Get down, get down, little Henry Lee And stay all night with me You won't find a girl in this damn world That will compare with me And the wind did"
  • Nick Jonas Home (piosenka z filmu "Fernando")
    ""Not let them go coz I’m happy calling home I go for it side for side" *Data premiery singla nie jest jeszcze znana. Film "Fernando" trafi na ekrany 15 grudnia 2017 roku."
  • Backstreet Boys Open Arms (Nick Carter)
    "Lying beside you Here in the dark Feeling your heartbeat With mine Softly you whisper You're so sincere How could our love Be so blind We sailed out together We drifted apart And here you are by my side (Chorus) So"
  • Styx Jonas Psalter
    "(Dennis DeYoung) When Captain Jonas Psalter Sailed his ship to sea Anne Bonny kept him company The skull and crossbones flew Above the ocean blue The captain's men where a pirate's crew The ships they"
  • Indigo Girls Jonas & Ezekial
    "I left my anger in a river running highway five new hampshire vermont border by college farms hubcaps and falling rocks voices in the woods and the mountaintops i used to search for reservations and native"
  • Jonas Brothers Joe Jonas rap
    "Uh Uh Uh Uh Go JoeGo JoeGo JoeGo JoeGoGoGo Joe Yo Listen I'm Joe Jonas I'm your best friendOpen the fridge,Eat a chickenWassup oh7/11 might be down the streetBeatboxin' with my two feetBrand new feetWhen"
  • Nick Jonas Crazy Kind Of Crush On You
    "Woo! C'mon! You ready? Here we go! First day at school I was trying to play it cool Chillin' with my friends trying to pretend That I didn't notice you Three rows down, second to the left Your"
  • Nick Jonas Appreciate
    "There's a man dying on the side of the road, Won't make it home tonight. He was driving fast on his cell phone, That's how he lived his life. While he was hangin' by a thread These were the final"
  • Nick Jonas When You Look Me In The Eyes
    "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah If the heart is always searching Can you ever find a home? I've been looking for that someone I never make it on my own Dreams can't take The place of loving you There's gotta be a"
  • Nick Jonas Take Over, Nothing Would Be Better
    "Nothing's forever, nothing will be better In the love you're giving me I just gotta have you Wish you didn't have to win You're gonna set me free Like it or not We were doomed from the start I know that"
  • Jonas Brothers Nick J Is Off The Chain
    "Yo I'm so hot Just like a tamale So destructive Just like a tsunami Every time I'm near The red cross is there Cause that's how I'll be doing things Because... Nick J is off the chain Whenever he's"
  • Leevi And The Leavings Nigger Jonas (Palkkionmets
    "Hei Jonas, me luotamme sun aseeseen Tuli yhdeksn miest ja yksi nainen Saaden kaupunkimme kaaokseen Hei Jonas, taas apuasi tarvitaan Ne rystivt pankin ja saluunankin Eik kukaan niit kiinni saa refrain: Ne"
  • Goldfinger Free Kevin Jonas
    "Yeah, that man is innocent How can they see the truth when they're all blind? So, let him go Your jail is only four walls Your jail won't take his resolve Yeah, I know this man will change the world"
  • Indigo Girls Jonas And Ezekial
    "i left my anger in a river running highway 5 new hampshire, vermont, bordered by college farms, hubcaps, and falling rocks voices in the woods and the mountaintops i used to search for reservations and"
  • Trey Songz Touchin, Lovin (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    "Woo Yoo, Money Trigga Trey Let’s get it No, I ain’t tryna flex, no ceilings you can see who’s in it If we’re talking about sex, girl, you know that I invented that And I’m onto the next, that’s unless"
  • Bebe Rexha Broken Heatrs (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    "Oh baby, oh baby I know that you’ve been hurting (This is a star studded collaboration) Oh baby, oh baby I know that you’ve been hurting (I’m Nicki Minaj, that’s Bebe, let’s go) No broken hearts in the"

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