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  • Nightwish - Nightwish
    "Oh, setting Sun, Thy red rays maketh me cry. They remind me of the one Whose love awaits me in the sky. A bridal bed awaits us both After the landscape of death I cross. Before my sorrows I must die, Nightwish"
  • End Of All Hope - Nightwish
    "It is the end of all hope To lose the child, the faith To end all the innocence To be someone like me This is the birth of all hope To have what I once had This life unforgiven It will end with a birth No"
  • Sleeping Sun (Nightwish cover) - MoonSun
    "The sun is sleeping quietly Once upon a century Wistful oceans calm and red Ardent caresses laid to rest For my dreams I hold my life For wishes I behold my nights The truth at the end of time Losing"
  • Hope - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Seven tears Loosing Got a feeling we're holding The wrong end of the line We're dealing day's but we ain't dealing time Go on fake it cause you're not gonna make it tonight Better sit"
  • Hope - Jack Johnson
    "Shadow walks faster than you You dont really know what to do Do you think that youre not alone? You really think that you are immune to It's gonna get that the best of you It's gonna lift you up and let"
  • Hope - Red Animal War
    "their skies turn black their floors fall out it rains for what seems like forever and ever and thicker than water even thicker than blood they press on when the road has ended at the end of the world just"
  • Hope - ATC
    "Surrounded by family and friends A picture what life's like at your end In my dreams i cannot imagine The horror you must have seen If I could tell these words to you I know that probably it won't do I"
  • Hope - Asian Dub Foundation
    "Step forward Youth At the moment of truth Don't be distracted don't be the fool Step forward youth At the moment of truth Go beyond the senses Get a clear view When you're Deafened by the sound of betrayal And"
  • End Of All - 1349
    "I have haunted your soul I have fought your battles I gave you the answers I took your pain away Now is the time to harvest Now is the time to collect To see what you have conquered And to send your soul:"
  • Higher Than Hope - Nightwish
    "Time it took the most of me And left me with no key To unlock the chest of remedy Mother, the pain ain`t hurting me But the love that I feel When you hold me near The hopes were high The choirs were vast Now"
  • The End Of All Things - Wired All Wrong
    "Count your stars in the sky Cross my heart, hope to die In the beginning of what we knew What was true And the girl was dancing Floating through the air Romancing Floating away, floating away Yeah, yeah,"
  • Yours Is an Empty Hope - Nightwish
    "Tear me to bits enjoy the scene of screen name verbal vanity Churning the words imbued infilth Your tongue only water under my bridge You have the world, it's all for you I wish you'd find the lost in"
  • Hope - Emeli Sandé
    "I hope that the world stops raining Stops turning its back on the young See nobody here is blameless I hope that we can fix all that we’ve done I really hope martin can’t see this I hope that we still"
  • Hope - Boy Hits Car
    "Let me come and break the night I wanna come and fuck away the night I can make out the vague screams of trees As they burn and die Will I watch it leave so boundless and so free Drifting carelessly I"
  • Hope - Klaatu
    "'''Hope''' (John Woloschuk) Hope is like a lighthouse keeper's beam Hope the master cobbler of our dreams For Hope believes in desert streams The mightiest of stars The microcosm in a jar Vast or small"
  • Hope - America
    "Theres a clock timing the world as it turnsTheres a man marking the candle as it burnsKeeping track of every minute that remainsStill we hope somehowIts gonna be alrightIts gonna turn out fineTheres a"
  • Hope - Paddy Kelly
    "I remember a state of suicide standing out a window opened wide hold on hold on I heard a voice inside I've come back to my childhood happiness the grace of God has filled my emptiness hold on hold on there"
  • Hope - Kelly Family
    "I remember a state of suicide standing out a window opened wide hold on hold on I heard a voice inside I've come back to my childhood happiness the grace of God has filled my emptiness hold on hold on there"
  • Hope - Paul Brandt
    "I can't believe you found me here You saved me in the nick of time Just when I thought nobody cared You reached out and with your hand took mine You know just how to pull me through Thats what I love"
  • Hope - Apocalyptica
    "Hope is beauty Personified At her feet, the world Hypnotized A million flashes A million smiles And on the catwalk She flaunts her style a long mile An angry sign of darkness Our hope lies lost and torn All"

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