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Nae nae waiting for me nae nae

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Nae nae waiting for me nae nae

  • Nae Gaen - Fly To The Sky
    "Baby, I've waited so long to tell you how I feel inside And I think you should know I'll be here for you Whenever you call me I'll be loving you, till my last day comes Ee ruh kae eet neun nuhl bah rah"
  • Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silentó
    "You already know who it is Silentó Silentó Silentó Gonna do it for me Now watch me whip (Kill it!) Now watch me nae nae (Okay!) Now watch me whip whip Watch me nae nae (Want me do it?) Now watch me whip"
  • Oh Na Nae - Master P
    "Yo como aqui, tambien el dineros Yo quiero la pesos I say ooooh nah nae I got to get the money 'fore I play (dineros) I say ooooh nah nae I got to get the money 'fore I play (pesos) I started"
  • Bahm Ee Nae - Fly To The Sky
    "bahm ee nae rin juhk mahk sok ae hwoor ro nam ah buh rin na kil ir hweun chun sa chuh rum na reul bae shin hahn nuh neun sarang eul geu ae gae da ga jyuh ga chuh eum ee la mal ha gaet ji uhn jae na kat"
  • Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget - The Magnetic Fields
    "Wi' nae wee bairn ye'll me beget and twink a little dee my only pain will be regret and made a novelty but ill turn into a nightengale and song will warm my heart well ill turn nto a threshing machine"
  • Dashi Nae Gyeoteuro (duet With Son Ho Young) - As One
    "Shiganeun inneundaneun geon noryeokaedo andoeneun geol deo-isang dagagal su eomneun sutan chu-eoktteulman nama.. Geureoke neoreul bonaego sel su eopsshi apahaettteon sseurin gi-eoktteulgwa hamkke naebeoryeojin maneun"
  • Waiting - Me And My
    "My friends keep telling me the same But in the night I call your name And then I turn around just to find An empty space Where you used to be thinking of me Chorus: I've been waiting so long Just to show"
  • Waiting - There For Tomorrow
    "We're staring down constantly With palms open and resting feet Glancing up once and a while To find some sense of reconcile Open our eyes to see what's left Looking for just one sign of breath As soon"
  • Coji De Portocale - Simona Nae Si Cristian Nistor
    "I: Acolo unde esti as vrea sa fiu si eu Si nu duc lipsa de nimic atunci cand sunt cu tine Eu vad doar ochii tai in vise tot mereu De cand te am in viata mea eu plang de fericire II: Daca nu zambesti nu"
  • One For Me - Shinee
    "Banggeum geunyuh junhwareul badgo saenggakee cham manha jyussuh ujeh saranghadun aeinehgeh burimbadattdae Jigeum oolmugeedun geunyul dallaejooruh gajiman nan naeshim gibbujineun maeumeum chameum sooga"
  • Waiting for me - Da Buzz
    "I can't take it no moreI've been down on the floor Standing on my knees Where did you go?I will go my own way There's no reason to stayI will find my strength And smile again I can feel it And I can see"
  • Waiting For Me - Rhubarb
    "Walking out on another day In control take me anyway I want to find out All alone at another door Got a taste but I wanted more I want to find out I wouldn't lie now I want to find out I'm older but I"
  • Waiting For Me - Joe Bonamassa
    "Maybe I was wishin, for a little bit more Even though I didnt want to be the one to kick down that door Baby I was prayin, a prayin to believe There was something for - something more - out there waiting"
  • Waiting For - Remady & Manu-L
    "Think of all times we get through We’re kings and queens when I met you Made a promise never say goodbye You gave me wings so I can fly I’ve been waiting for I’ve been waiting for Don’t you know That"
  • Waiting - Ministry
    "I'm still waiting I'm still waiting I'm still waiting I'm still waiting Waiting for Christ in the USA Waiting for Christ in the USA Waiting for Christ in the USA Waiting til I die Waiting for the day Waiting"
  • Waiting - Kevin Gilbert
    "I'm waiting for the apple, I'm waiting for the fall I'm waiting for a renaissance to electrify us all I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me news of friends I'm waiting through the middle just to see"
  • Waiting - Ringo Starr
  • Waiting - Jay Sean
    "You got me waiting Waiting Waiting Baby baby you're so damn fly I woulda given you a billion chances And everything that you'd like You coulda had my undivided attention With the keys to my crib and to"
  • Waiting - Sugarbomb
    "Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring And I hope it will be you Hope it will be you Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting"
  • Waiting - Spinfire
    "Today you leave I hope you come back to me Please don't forget to say goodbye Chorus: I'll be there for you forever don't be gone to long Cuz you're going away but I'll still be here waiting for"

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