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Nando Fortunato - Waiting For You

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Nando Fortunato - Waiting For You

  • Fortunate - Fat Amy
    "(R.J. Johnson/Guiney/Reedy) Staring down the walls, with your empty hands never forced you to feel anything stealing back the time and all the innocence of everything has finally made you see... it's finally"
  • Fortunate - Common Rotation
    "I guess I'm fortunate For you to be on my mind I guess I'm fortunate For you to be so kind but every time I feel that way I laugh out loud uneasily We tremble in quiet dismay then we dance to the tempo"
  • Fortunate - Bob Guiney
    "Staring down the walls, with your empty hands Never forced you to feel anything Stealing back the time and all the innocence of everything Has finally made you see'it's finally made you believe We seem"
  • Fortunate - The Game
    "Yo, Ye Yo Yo, I'm at the London, I need you to swing by, pick me up On my way Aight Look, let me tell you why they call it Lambchop 'Cause I'm a G.O.A.T. in the roaster, sandlot Big dawg, baseball, sniffin'"
  • The Fortunate - Cartel
    "Hey Hey don't pay no mind, We are the second, you're minutes behind So you say, Yea I'm alright You are the fortunate all the time Yea, you are the fortunate... I've been looking for a way out Something"
  • So Fortunate - Adema
    "I never thought I was strong enough To handle raising my own son You'll always feel what you've never done. I hope he'll know me when I come home Nothing's gonna change my love for you. I love my child He's"
  • Fortunate Smile - George
    "On silent summer evenings, a certain sunlight in her eyes I walk through the pavement of life again I've got a warm feeling I can't escape It could last forever into our own world where everyone"
  • Fortunate Son - Pearl Jam
    "Some folks are born Made to wave that flag Ooh that red, white 'n blue And when they play 'Hail to the Cheif' Ooh they point the cannon at you, lord It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no fortunate son It"
  • Fortunate Sons - Boo Radleys
    "You're pretty and you know it You're stupid and you show it If there's a soul behind your face at all I'm struggling to see it Now smile for the camera You've got what they're after Yes it's all you wanted But"
  • Fortunate - Maxwell
    "Never seen a sun shine like this Never seen the moon glow like this Never seen the waterfalls like this Never seen the lights off like this Never dug anyone like this Never had tasty lips to kiss"
  • Waiting - There For Tomorrow
    "We're staring down constantly With palms open and resting feet Glancing up once and a while To find some sense of reconcile Open our eyes to see what's left Looking for just one sign of breath As soon"
  • Waiting For - Remady & Manu-L
    "Think of all times we get through We’re kings and queens when I met you Made a promise never say goodbye You gave me wings so I can fly I’ve been waiting for I’ve been waiting for Don’t you know That"
  • Fortunate and Holding - Knapsack
    "Take a second, think of everything you've done You're getting warmer, while your former Blocks out the sun Standing close to the ground, a lucky charm he found To wish this away Pressing deep in his palm"
  • A Fortunate Mistake - Weezer
    "I tried and I failed I tried and I failed It was the best thing that could have happened There's nothing left here Nothing to care for No one to talk with No one to listen I tried and I failed I tried"
  • Waiting For You - Finley Quaye
    "Waiting for you I'm searching for you, But you're not here today. I'm looking for you but you're not near. Is distance, time? I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting and I, I'm looking You're something else"
  • Waiting for you - Blutengel
    "I touched your skin and you touched mine.I lick your blood from your lips and i hear you cry.Waiting for youIt's gettin' colder day by day - waiting for youAnd there's nothing left to say - waiting for"
  • Waiting For You - Ian Van Dahl
    "People tell my one day I'll learn Someone will give me love in return But all I can see, this picture of you I pick up the phone but you're not home I cannot believe I'm all alone I'm here calling you"
  • Waiting For You - Showoff
    "When I think of your smile It makes me smile too I cant believe how far away you really are Did you ever think of anyone else Did you ever think of yourself One wish I had I used on you Ill be right here"
  • Waiting for you - Narcotic Thrust
    "Do you ever cry like somethings gone? Do you ever walk these streets alone? Do you ache like I do? I need to feel the music of your soul Are you out there real love? I only want to find you And be surrounded"
  • Waiting For You - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The Everything Waiting For You (s. hoffs/b. steinberg/t. kelly) Susanna I get so restless here alone That's why i call you on the phone I get nervous, over-anxious, lose control Waiting for you,"

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